Chapter 2: Want to hit me? You are not yet qualified!

Seeing Mu Yingxue humming, she didn’t even snorted, but looked at her with a frightening look. Mu Xiangqin’s heart suddenly rose in fear. How could this fool have such a look. This ↘Book↘First↘issue↘chasing.Book.Help↘

Mu Xiangqin took a deep breath and held the long whip tightly in his hand, as if to give himself courage: “You…you little bitch, you still have the strength to stare at me. It seems that I want to eat the whip, saying, besides you, there is Does anyone else come to Houshan?”

Unexpectedly, Mu Yingxue didn’t answer, nor did she show any fear, a cold smile was raised from the corner of her pale lips.

With a snap of the long whip, he remembered that the whip fell on his body. At the same time, his ribs snapped and snapped, followed by Mu Xiangqin’s cry of killing a pig.

But in the blink of an eye, Song Qingyun couldn’t believe her eyes. Mu Yingxue who was dying, moved her arms slightly, and broke free of the twine rope that bound her hands with a slap, and took away Mu Xiangqin’s hands like lightning. The whip was slammed on Mu Xiangqin’s body fiercely, everything was incredible fast.

“Want to hit me? You are not qualified yet!” A voice that was colder than this winter came out from Mu Yingxue’s pale lips, like contempt and mockery.

Mu Xiangqin’s eyes widened, and he didn’t dare to say anything: “Mu Yingxue, you dare to hit me!”

Mu Yingxue condescendingly looked down at Mu Xiangqin lying on the ground, raised her foot on Mu Xiangqin’s chest, and sneered at the corners of her mouth: “What if I hit you?”

Immediately, he raised his hand and waved fiercely again, and Mu Xiangqin screamed like a pig again.

“Mu Yingxue, you idiot, are you crazy? Don’t hurry up and stop.”

“Mu Yingxue, you bitch, do you know who I am? Do you dare to beat me, father and mother will not let you go.”

Ignoring Mu Xiangqin’s roar, Mu Yingxue seemed to vent her tormented soul. The long whip left a trail of shadows in the air, and she struck Mu Xiangqin desperately. The piano rolled on the ground.

Mu Yingxue is not good at whiplash, but her identity is destined to be a weapon for her to kill.

“This is what you owe her.”

Seeing that Mu Yingxue had no intention of stopping at all, Mu Xiangqin had to beg for mercy: “Quickly…stop, I was wrong… Fourth Sister, Sister will never dare anymore. Just forgive Sister.”

“Four sister, sister will never hit you again, sister will be nice to you.”

Even if Mu Xiangqin knows how to whip, it can’t change the common problem of wealthy daughters who are delicate and weak. He has long been beaten out of breath and has less air intake. This begging for mercy spread to Mu Ying’s snow ears, as thin as a mosquito.

“Now talk about sisterhood? Then you are even more damn.”

Mu Xiangqin was thinking of playing the family card, but when Mu Yingxue heard this name, her face with a sneer was instantly full of bloodthirsty and cruelty, and her skinny hands were violent, and her eyes were fast. A trace of blood red on the vine.

How could she forget, how could she die if it wasn’t for her biological sister, how could her mother die? How could his father die? How could TU be destroyed? How could that man who is aloft, like an emperor die without a corpse?

Mu Yingxue bit her teeth desperately and waved her whip. This whip contained her hatred and blood, betrayed and deceived, and with an endless vengeance, she swept past Mu Xiangqin with her long whip. His left shoulder spread all the way to his right waist, and his left shoulder creaked and dislocated, followed by the sound of broken bones. After the long whip, the blood spread, leaving a hideous wound, which soon became like a stream, and Mu Xiangqin didn’t even have time to hum. With a grunt, it was just a twitch, a spout of blood, and he died.

Seeing all this, Song Qingyun was scared to pee and wanted to run, so how could Mu Yingxue let him go.

“Want to run?”

Song Qingyun didn’t run a few steps, and the long whip chased after him, wrapped it around his neck, pulled with great force, and his body rose back into the air and hit Mu Yingxue’s feet.

When Song Qingyun was about to stand up and beg for mercy, Mu Yingxue stomped on his chest.

Mu Yingxue tightened the long whip around his neck inch by inch, so that Song Qingyun hurriedly begged for mercy: “Cough cough, forgive me, sister Yinger forgive me… I will definitely not say anything about today.”

“Heh, aren’t you the best at killing people? Didn’t you say that only the dead can keep secrets?”

“I, I can swear, I swear if I tell today’s affairs, I…I must not die.”

Mu Yingxue smiled and slowly let go of the killing intent: “I believe…”

“Thank you sister Yinger, I will be tight-lipped.”

“I believe that only the dead will keep the secret.” Mu Yingxue snapped Song Qingyun’s neck with a click, and Song Qingyun died in hope.

With strong arms and feet, the body rose into the air, and the whip whizzed from Song Qingyun’s neck straight to the thatched roof. The sound of breaking through the sky directly punched a hole in the roof of the thatched house. It was to an uninvited guest. The miserable Song Qingyun not only had her neck broken, but her body became a stepping stone for Mu Yingxue, and her heart and lungs were broken.

The thatch flew down with the snow, and a red figure instantly fell behind Mu Yingxue.

The man wears a silver mask on the upper side of his face, and only the lower right side of his face is left, with a bad smile on his mouth: “Don’t fight, this lord is just passing by, passing by…”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

Mu Yingxue didn’t care whether he was passing by or not, the lashing tiger greeted this person. The man’s martial arts is very good. I don’t know how long he has been hiding here, but he didn’t show any breath, if it wasn’t for Mu Yingxue. Negative perspective ability, wide field of vision, can’t find him at all.

“Ah, help… Disfigured…”

“It’s so noisy.”

“You are so cruel at a young age, do your parents know…”


The man only defended, not attacked, and was extremely light-hearted. No matter how tricky Mu Yingxue’s angle was, he could easily avoid it.

The man soared into the sky and landed on a tree, and Mu Yingxue stepped forward to chase her. With her body with too much blood loss and exhaustion, her eyes suddenly went dark and she passed out.

When Nong Yue saw her fainting, she hugged Mu Yingxue’s slender waist. Mu Yingxue closed her eyes and her face was pale, so she stretched out her hands and sniffed.

Feeling her faint breathing, the man breathed a sigh of relief unconsciously.

The fourth lady with low intelligence in Muhou Mansion turned out to be a master with stunts. She was not taller than his chest, and she was as thin as bean sprouts, with such explosive power.

After a while, a black figure rushed from a distance, leaving behind a snowy shadow.

“Clean up these two choppy first to cover up the traces.”

Phantom turned around, picked up Mu Xiangqin in one hand, and Song Qingyun in the other, walked into the hut. After a while, the inside was packed up, but Phantom’s expression was not at all relaxed, but rather solemn.

“what happened?”

“My Lord, the injuries on Mu Xiangqin’s body are very strange, but her internal organs are all broken, her ribs are all broken, and her left arm is also broken. It looks like she has been severely flogged, but there is only one wound on her body, the man’s internal organs. Rupture, but the fatal wound is a sprained throat, which is really strange…”

Phantom didn’t see the process, so he didn’t know it, but he saw it clearly from beginning to end, and he couldn’t even do this.

Nong Yue had already withdrawn her ridiculous expression, her sculpted side face was actually with a hint of frosty indifference: “It seems that some things in Beijing are no longer under the control of the owner.”

“Lord, are you except her?”

This naturally refers to Mu Yingxue in Nongyue’s arms. If she is not as simple as it seems on the surface, then the consequences…

“Don’t rush for a while, arrange for more people to pay attention to the movement of Muhou Mansion.”

“Yes, Lord.”

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