My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 8 Plot

Jin Enxi repeatedly emphasized that he regarded Pu Canha as a lifelong friend, so he asked him to help take care of his sister, and even reminded him not to be enamored with her sister. Jin Enxi said everything in his heart in one breath and drove away in a hurry. Ruiying guessed that Jin Eunxi would come to Park Canha, and also bet 10,000 yuan with Jin Jiyu. The two of them came downstairs to verify. Sure enough, when they saw Kim Eunxi, Jin Zhiyu obediently gave Ruiying 10,000 yuan, and also revealed that Ruiying was against Park Canha. Mind, Park Canhe disagreed, and instead brought them together. Jin Zhiyu made it clear that he already had a girlfriend.

When Kim Eun-xi was waiting for the winter in the coffee shop, she accidentally saw someone nearby celebrating her birthday. She opened the memo on her mobile phone and found that her sister was celebrating her birthday soon. She pinched her fingers and calculated that her parents were married on October 13, 1982. Sister Kim Eun Joo was born on June 13, 1983. She suspected that her father had misremembered the time, otherwise Kim Eun Joo would not be his child.

Jeon Ha Na took the initiative to say hello to Kim Eun Hee, Jing Yu came afterwards, and Kim Eun Hee knew that Jeon Ha Na was Jing Yu’s personal stylist. Jing Yu tried her best to recommend Jeon Ha Na to Kim Eun Hee and explained that she had been with Lin Jian Zhou for nine years. Girlfriend, Kim Eun-hee was stunned. She tried to conceal her nervousness, but Jeon Ha Na didn’t care and wanted to take her to change her look. Kim Eun-joo politely declined, Jeon He-na casually said that Kim Eun-joo had stepped into her relationship with Lin Jianzhou, and Kim Eun-he insisted. Go with the scalp.

Kim Eun-joo gave Kim Sang-sik the passbook he had saved her money for so many years to Lee Jin-suk, and accused her of being cruel to Kim Sang-sik and asked her to rent a house for Kim Sang-sik and could not always sleep on the truck. Kim Eun-joo felt that she wanted to die with Kim Sang-sik a long time ago. The marriage was a fatal blow to Kim Sang-sik. Lee Jin-sook didn’t want to explain too much, so he hurriedly hid in the room. After Kim Eun-joo left, Lee Jin-sook cried out sadly.

Jeon Ha Na took Jin Eun Hee and Jing Yu on a shopping spree and bought a lot of clothes in one go. The three of them were going to eat. Unexpectedly, Lin Jian Zhou was waiting at the hotel entrance. He wanted to have a talk with Jeon Eun Hee and Jing Yu alone. Hurrying to avoid, Quan Ha Na exposed the scandal between Lin Jianzhou and Jin Enxi in person. Lin Jianzhou was very angry, suspecting that she had peeped at her email, Quan Ha Na left without looking back in anger. Kim Eun-hee complained that Jingyu didn’t say that Quan Ha Na would come beforehand, and Jing Yu repeatedly explained that Jeon Ha Na was like a big enemy to the female staff around Lin Jianzhou.

Wan Ho accompanied Kim Sang-sik to the construction site to find Young-sik. He learned that he had gone to work elsewhere. Suddenly, Kim Sang-sik found graffiti on the dormitory wall on the construction site. Just thinking about it, he suddenly felt a severe headache. Wan Ho hurriedly helped him. After leaving, Ying Zhi hid aside and saw clearly. Yoon Tae-hyung went home and saw Kim Eun-joo crying so hard, he repeatedly apologized to her. Kim Eun-joo regretted letting Kim Eun-hee come to live in the house, otherwise the two of them would live in peace and harmony. Kim Eun-joo warned Yoon Tae-hyung not to confess this to her parents at this time. thing.

Wan Ho asked Kim Sang-sik to play a guitar in the car. Kim Sang-sik couldn’t remember that he could still play the guitar. Lee Jin-sook called Kim Sang-suk. He didn’t want to affect Lee Jin-suk’s life anymore, so he didn’t answer it. Quan Ha Na drank a lot of wine and slept on the sofa. The wine bottle was thrown on the ground and broke. Lin Jianzhou came out to clean up. Quan Ha Na suddenly picked up his phone and called Jin Eun Joo, condemning her for not getting involved in their feelings. Lin Jianzhou hurriedly stopped Quan Ha Na, Quan Ha Na stepped barefoot on the floor and was injured by the broken glass of the wine bottle. Lin Jianzhou hurried to help her bandage.

Jin Enxi has been waiting for Lin Jianzhou’s phone call, but he didn’t expect to wait for Quan Ha Na’s question. Jin Enxi turned out her chat history with Lin Jianzhou, feeling mixed. Yoon Tae-hyung and Kim Eun-joo came to find her mother-in-law for a showdown. The mother-in-law admitted that she had chosen Kim Eun-joo, who was from a poor family. She thought she could accept this kind of marriage and allowed Kim Eun-joo to continue her current life. Yoon Tae-hyung and his mother fought hard, and he didn’t want to see Kim Eun-joo. Suffering, she took the initiative to ask for a divorce from her. When her mother-in-law introduced her to have a blind date with Yoon Taehyung, Kim Eun-joo fell in love with Yoon Taehyung unknowingly.

Jin Jiyu came to Jin Eun-hee early in the morning and complained that she shouldn’t be too close to Park Can-ha. The relationship between Park Can-ha and Ruiying is unusual. Jin Ji-woo thinks she’s doing a little too much. Park Can-ha has never answered the phone, just to keep the bottom line between them. But Kim Eun-hee went directly to the office to break this balance. Kim Eun-hee repeatedly emphasized that he and Park Canha are friends, but Kim Ji-woo doesn’t believe it at all. Kim Eun-hee sent Kim Ji-woo to work.

It happened to see Park Can-ha and Rui-young go out together. Kim E-N-hee drove away without saying any greetings. Park Can-ha called and questioned her. Kim E-N-xi sneered at him and said that he was going to see Lin Jian-ju. The photo of Zhang’s parents when they were young was packed in a bag and taken away.

Lee Jin-suk came to the factory overnight to deliver clothes to Kim Sang-sik. Seeing him playing and singing by the river from a distance, he couldn’t help but remember the scenes of the past they had just met. Lee Jin-sook sent messages to Kim Sang-sik, Kim Sang-suk hurried over to see her, and Lee Jin-suk returned the passbook. He, agreed to move away from home, and didn’t want the children to hate him. Kim Sang-sik did not remember the origin of his passbook at all, and Li Jinsuk suspected that he had not recovered his memory.

Kim Sang-sik drove Lee Jin-sook home. Lee Jin-sook found that Kim Eun-hee had been waiting for her and confirmed to her whether Kim Eun-joo’s date of birth was wrong. If the date of birth is accurate, then Lee Jin-suk was pregnant when he got married, and Lee Jin-sook was speechless.

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