My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 7 Plot

Jin Eun-joo sent Park Canha back to her studio. Park Can-ha suggested that she go to Kim Eun-hee’s house recently. Kim Eun-joo didn’t even know the address of Meiji’s house. Park Can-ha mustered up the courage to talk to Jin Eun-joo about the first time she saw her. Min often hangs out to play together. Park Canhe accidentally finds that Kim Eun-joo is hiding in the park downstairs and crying, and then if nothing has happened, he will go home with an ice cream. Kim Eun-joo remembers that there were many sad things at that time, and Park Canhe persuaded her to vent something.

Bored in her heart, she was willing to be her trash can, and gave Jin Eun-joo time to look at the wedding photos he took that year. Jin Zhiyu and Ruiying came out of the studio and just saw Park Canha and Jin Eunju talking in the car. Park Canhe was worried about Ruiying’s misunderstanding, so he hurriedly took her to dinner, and Jin Eunzhu asked Jin Zhiyu to lead the way to Jin Enxi’s house.

After Kim Sang-sik got off work, he hesitated for a long time downstairs and did not dare to go up. Lee Jin-suk came out to take out the trash and saw him. Kim Sang-sik insisted that Lee Chun-sook had a love letter in his lunch box. Lee Chun-suk denied it. Kim Sang-sik clearly remembered every word in the letter. Angry and inconvenient to quarrel with him downstairs, the two went home one after the other. Lee Jin-sook asked him hard if he climbed the mountain that night to find death.

Kim Sang-sik remembered that he had written about wanting to die before going up the mountain, but he just refused to admit it. Lee Jin-sook revealed that he had given half of his salary to another woman and child since the age of 22, and used the rest time to take care of them. Kim Sang-sik was immediately dumbfounded. I don’t know how Lee Jin-sook has endured so many years. He decided to move out and promised. I won’t see her again, let Li Jinsuk continue to live here.

Pu Canhe and Ruiying went to dinner, Ruiying saw that he was unhappy at a glance, and forced to ask why. Pu Canhe refused to answer, and sent her away in a few words. Pu Canhe came to Jin Eunxi after eating, and Jin Zhiyu sent Jin Eun to him. Zhu went to Jin Enxi’s house. The three of them saw Jin Enxi and Lin Jianzhou kissing at the same time. Lin Jianzhou hurriedly greeted their sister and brother and left in a hurry.

Kim Ji-woo was curious about the reason why Kim Eun-hee and Park Can-ha went to Deer Island together. Kim Eun-hee refused to answer. Kim Ji-woo had to go home first. Kim Eun-joo asked Kim Eun-hee to conceal Yoon Tae-hyung’s homosexuality. Jin Enxi called Park Canhe early in the morning. He was so angry that he wouldn’t answer. Jin Enxi had to call Jin Zhiyu to ask why he was too busy to answer the phone.

Kim Sang-sik wanted to know if he had done a lot of bastard things before, so he asked Wan-ho to find out. Wan-ho only remembers that he has two homes and often hides in a large truck to write diaries. I found the piece of paper that Lee Jin-sook was holding in the bento box. It was filled with deep love. He has kept it until now. Kim Sang-sik sent a message to Lee Jin-sook. He wanted to explain to each child clearly what happened between them. .

Kim Eun-joo came to the cafe to have a showdown with Hyo-seok early in the morning. Both of them regarded each other as the thief who stole their lover. If they didn’t agree, they quarreled so hard that they broke up. Kim Sang-sik asked Kim Eun-hee to meet and asked her to save the 22-year-old photo of Lee Jin-sook in the living room. She was worried that Lee Jin-sook would throw it away. Kim Eun-hee was very curious about what happened on the day of the photo. They went to take pictures, and then Jin Enxi took his father to visit the company, and met Lin Jianzhou at the gate, and the two exchanged greetings.

Yoon Taehyung came to the beach alone, recalling all the past, he began to reflect on his mistakes, and took the initiative to call Kim Eun Joo to apologize. Kim Eun-hee brought Kim Sang-sik to his sister’s house for dinner. Kim Ji-woo was waiting here early. Kim Sang-sik wanted to confess to the children that he was excited to talk incoherently when he came to Kim Eun-joo’s house for the first time. He couldn’t help but think of the fun of the song festival during college. He told him about moving out of the house and told Jin Ji-woo to take good care of his mother, Lee Jin-sook, and then pretended to speak loudly for dinner.

After the meal, Kim Eun-hee sent Kim Sang-sik away and went straight to the publishing house. Lin Jianzhou was still working overtime and had been waiting for her. Lin Jianzhou couldn’t wait to see her mother, and asked Kim Eun-hee to go to Park Canhe to admit his mistake. Jin Zhiyu returned to the studio early in the morning and saw that Park Canhe was still asleep. Jin Zhiyu told him about his parents’ marriage. Park Canhe woke up immediately. Jin Jiyu asked him to call Jin Eunxi back and ask them again. The reason why he went to Xiaolu Island at the same time was that Park Canhe didn’t allow him to inquire about him. Jin Zhiyu couldn’t help but make fun of him and wanted him to be his brother-in-law.

Jin Eunxi called Park Canha again. He didn’t want to pick it up, so he hurried out to buy lunch. He didn’t expect that Jin Eunxi was waiting for him at the entrance of the studio. Jin Eunxi asked him why he didn’t answer the phone and didn’t respond to messages. Park Canha found all kinds of excuses to cover up. Going down, she has become accustomed to the existence of Park Canhe and does not want to lose this friendship. Park Canhe excuses that she has to take care of Kim Eun-joo recently, and the two of them should not contact for the time being.

Kim Eun-joo went home and saw Lee Jin-sook packing her luggage and told straightforwardly about her marriage to Kim Sang-sik. Lee Jin-sook tried to hide herself, but Kim Eun-joo was reluctant. She clearly remembered that Lee Jin-sook had been cold towards her and Kim Sang-sik since she was a child, and never looked like Other people’s mothers spoiled their children like that, Li Zhensuk felt that she was incompetent and had not given her a good life since she was a child.

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