My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 6 Plot

Kim Eun-hee and Kim Eun-Pearl has looked Yintai Heng Kim Eun-hee afterwards that Lin Jianzhou confidant friends

The seminar was over. Kim Eun-joo couldn’t get through Yoon Tae-hyung’s phone, so she had to come to her mother-in-law to find out the news. Her mother-in-law was not surprised at all, because Yoon Tae-hyung often disappeared for a few days before getting married. Explaining the reason, she hurriedly went to the doctor who replaced Yoon Tae-hyung. Kim Eun-joo asked her mother-in-law about Yoon Tae-hyung’s sexual orientation. The mother-in-law interrupted her and repeatedly claimed that Yoon Tae-hyung was only sensitive and had mild depression. Need medicine, but homosexuality.

Kim Sang-sik and to Li Chen Shu- held soldier marriage ceremony, Li Zhen Shu firmly quit, want to wait to sell the house cents, Kim Sang-sik had no alternative but to Jin Zhiyu Li Zhen Shu room, to refresh his memory of Kim Sang-sik told him, Jin Zhiyu already guessed mother He didn’t want his parents to marry because he was not independent yet and he wanted to stay with his parents. When Kim Eun-joo saw that Hyo-seok was not in the cafe, he sent him a message. Hyo-seok explained that he was in Deer Island. In fact, he came here to find Yoon Tae-hyung. Hyo-seok persuaded him to explain to Kim Eun-joo that Yoon Tae-hyung was hesitant, and the two of them did not agree. Just have a big fight.

Kim Sang-sik packed up his luggage early in the morning and was going to climb the mountain. He went through the boxes and turned to find the letter written by Lee Jin-sook. Lee Chun-sook got angry when he mentioned climbing the mountain, and quarreled with Kim Sang-sik. Kim Ji-woo got up and went to the bathroom, which interrupted their dispute. . Jin Enxi thought of Xiaoshuo’s abnormal behavior and suspected that he was Yoon Tae Hyung’s gay boyfriend. When Jin Enxi was worrying about his sister, Lin Jianzhou came to her and pointed out her heart disease. Kim Eun-hee found out that Yoon Tae-hyung was on Xiaolu Island, so she asked Park Can-ha to accompany her to find Yo-hyung. Kim E-n-hee told Park Can-ha on the road about Yoon Tae-hyung’s homosexuality. Park Chan-ha worried that Kim Eun-joo could not accept this reality.

As always, Kim Eun-joo came to Yoon Tae-hyung’s clinic to clean up the sheets and nurse’s clothes. Her mother-in-law came to take over Yoon Tae-hyung’s treatment. Kim Eun-joo asked her about Yoon Tae-hyung’s whereabouts every time she left home. Her mother-in-law admitted that she would go to Deer Island every time, but when she went to see Yoon Tae-hyung, she didn’t see After another man, Kim Eun-joo remembered that Hyo-seok was also in Xiaoludao, and suddenly understood everything in his heart.

Kim Eun-hee and Park Chan-ha soon came to Oda Island. They came to the highest point and used a telescope to search for Yoon Tae-hyung’s whereabouts. Lee Jin-sook suddenly called Kim Eun-joo. She calculated that Yoon Tae-hyung should be back from New Zealand, and asked Kim Eun-joo to inform Yoon Tae-hyung and Kim Eun-joo. Go home for dinner.

The more Kim Eun-joo thought about it, the more things went wrong, so she called Jin Ji-woo to find out about his parents. After learning that his father had recovered his memory, and his mother again raised the matter of marriage, Kim Eun-joo repeatedly reminded Jin Ji-woo not to call Kim Eun-joo and Yoon Tae-hyung. After the company’s regular meeting, Jingyu approached Lin Jianzhou for a showdown, explaining that she had known Lin Jianzhou’s ex-girlfriend Xia Luo since she was a child. Xia Luo suddenly asked her to talk to her, and Lin Jianzhou asked them to chat casually.

Kim Eun-hee saw Hyo Seok-fa’s church located on Xiaolu Island, and went to the church with Park Can-ha. Park Chan-he said that he did not attend the wedding of the congmin, and then he heard his classmates talk about him and Kim E-n-hee. Kim Eun-hee admitted it was her. She did not want to be the poor person who was abandoned in the eyes of her classmates. She lied that she had known Piao Canhe a long time ago, and praised Piao Canhe as a flower. The students mistakenly thought that Jin Enxi and Piao Canhe had derailed first, and Zongmin was the only one who was in harmony. Jin Enxi proposed to break up, but Jin Enxi didn’t explain it, letting such rumors fly all over her, she found some comfort in her heart.

Kim Eun-hee and Park Chan-ha came to the church, and they saw Yoon Tae-hyung and Hyo-seok when they walked in. Park-Chan-ha reminded her not to be impulsive. Kim Eun-hee suppressed his anger and asked them to ask the two of them. Hyo-seok hurriedly escaped and let Kim Eun-hee and Yoon Tae-hyung talk alone. Screaming, condemning him that he shouldn’t hurt Kim Eun Joo, Yoon Tae Hyung admits that he has long wanted to leave home.

Kim Sang-sik came to Wan-ho to complain. Wan-ho bluntly pointed out his mistakes. After so many years of marriage, Kim Sang-sik has never given his salary to Lee Jin-suk. He only gives a little pocket money every month. Wan-ho doesn’t know how Lee Jin-suk can support him. As the third child, he understood the reason why Lee Jin-sook and the owner of the fruit shop had a good relationship. He wanted the children to eat good fruits for less money. Kim Sang-sik was furious when he heard this. He remembered that he used to eat imported fruits and Lee Jin-sook It made a lot of noise and smashed the glass on the door.

As soon as Kim Eun-joo came to Xiaolu Island, she saw Hyo-seok and Park Can-ha standing on the side of the road. She couldn’t wait to see Yoon Tae-hyung and Hyo-seok showed her the way. Kim E-n-joo saw Kim Eun-hee and Yoon Tae-hyung together from a distance, so she taught Kim Eun-hee severely. She was not allowed to mix with her own affairs and forced her away. Kim Eun-hee wanted to drive Hyo-seok away. By the way, she asked about him and Kim Eun-joo. He left Park Canhe, who could not drive, to protect Kim Eun-joo, and Pu Canhe had to follow suit.

Yoon Taehyung wants to negotiate with Kim Eun Joo in the yard. Kim Eun Joo insists on going to his room. Kim Eun Joo finds a mess in the room and guesses that he has argued with Hyo Seok. Kim Eun Joo admits that he has seen Yoon Tae Hyung and Hyo Seok’s chat records. Yoon Tae Hyung stubbornly pinches Kim Eun Joo. Kim Eun-joo struggled desperately to Yoon Tae-hyung’s neck. She tried every means to get pregnant. Now it seemed like a joke. Yoon Tae-hyung retorted at her and revealed that the purpose of Kim Eun-joo’s marriage with him was to upgrade her own class.

Kim Eun-joo was about to drive away, and saw that Park Can-ha had been waiting for her, only to realize that Kim Eun-hee and Hyo-seok had gone together. After Kim Eun-hee heard Hyo-seok’s secret relationship with Yoon Tae-hyung, although he hated them for cheating on Kim Eun-joo, he understood them. After Kim Eun-hee sent Hyo-seok away, he suddenly received a message from Lin Jianzhou that Lin Jianzhou had something for her. At the cafe downstairs, Kim Eun-xi promised to go back immediately.

Immediately afterwards, Kim Eun-hee called Kim Sang-sik, complaining that he did not abide by the agreement, and did not tell him the first thing about recovering his memory. Kim Eun-hee called Lee Jin-sook and lied that Yoon Tae-hyung had been tired during the trip, and told them to go home for dinner in two days.

Jin Enxi felt exhausted after all this work. She came to the cafe and met Lin Jianzhou. Lin Jianzhou sent her Cui Donghe’s new book “The Place Missing You”. This is what Jin Enxi dreams of. She is grateful to Lin Jianzhou. He offered to drink with him and confided to him the distress in his heart. Lin Jianzhou was willing to help her share her sorrows, admit that she was the person she loved the most, and knew her well. Jin Eunxi never expected Lin Jianzhou to be the netizen who had chatted with her for more than a year. ,

Lin Jianzhou admitted that he had fallen in love with her a long time ago, and came back all the way to find her. Jin Enxi and Lin Jianzhou couldn’t help but kiss each other affectionately, and Jin Eunzhu and Park Canhe happened to see this scene.

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