My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 5 Plot

Seeing that Kim Eun-joo and Kim Eun-hee were talking harmoniously, Pu Can-ha went out and called Kim Ji-woo. Kim Ji-woo reminded him not to be deceived by appearances. He knew that the two older sisters would not talk so peacefully. As expected, Park Can-ha When they returned to the dining table again, Kim Eun-hee and Kim Eun-joo were arguing about their childhood. Lee Jin- sook took Kim Eun-joo away from home. When she came back, she clearly remembered that Kim Eun-hee was eating his father’s meal and smiled brightly.

However, she followed Li Jinsuk to go hungry and cold outside. In Kim Eun-hee’s memory, she came back happily with a bouquet of small wild flowers in her hand. The two of them could not dispute, thinking that their mother was the most partial to each other, and asked Park Canha to testify. Say nothing.

Kim Eun-xi drank too much soon, and Park Chan-ha wanted to take her home, but Kim Eun-joo took her back to his home. Lin Jianzhou hid secretly to call Jin Enxi, she never answered the phone, Lin Jianzhou was anxious. Park Canhe returned to the studio and found that Jin Zhiyu had not yet returned home. Jin Zhiyu did not want to face his family. The relationship between his parents was very strange. Even the eldest sister was not his father’s. Pu Canhe was shocked.

Lee Jin-sook started preparing lunch early in the morning. Kim Sang-sik secretly wrote a note and put it in her canteen lid. The two of them went to Ulsan by car together. On the way, Lee Jin-sook found the note that said “Lee Jin-sook, I love you”. It feels like a lifetime, young kettle, Kim Sang-sik often expresses love to her, and then he is like two people. Kim Eun-xi woke up early in the morning and found himself sleeping at Kim Eun-joo’s house. He was deeply regretful when he remembered the drunkenness last night.

Kim Eun-hee turned on Yoon Tae-hyung’s computer to send an e-mail, and suddenly discovered a great secret. Yoon Tae-hyung turned out to be gay. He fell in love with a man. Kim Eun-hee saw Kim Eun-joo get up and turned off the computer in a panic. Kim Eun-joo wanted to see what happened. Grasping the computer and not letting go, Kim Eun-joo forcibly turned on the computer and was shocked when she saw the chat history between Yoon Tae Hyung and her gay boyfriend.

Suddenly, Kim Sang-sik remembered the first time Yoon Tae-hyung came to the house. Lee Jin-sook made a large table of dishes and bought new clothes for everyone. He specially asked Kim Sang-sik to change into a shirt. Now he feels uncomfortable and insists on changing back to his usual. Wearing T-shirts, the two were quarreling over this. Kim Sang-sik slammed the door in anger and ran into Kim Eun-joo and Yoon Tae-hyung. Kim Sang-sik looked at Lee Jin-sook, who was sleeping next to him. He didn’t dare to confirm whether this was a dream or the past reality, so he sent a message to Kim Eun-hee for confirmation.

Kim Eun-joo learned that Yoon Tae-hyung was gay, she couldn’t accept the reality for a while, she shut herself in the room and was very sad. Kim Eun-hee was very anxious. She received a message from her father and confirmed that his father’s memory was accurate. Staying by her side, Kim Eun-joo didn’t appreciate her and spoke badly towards her. The two sisters had no contact for several years. She felt that Kim Eun-hee’s concern was false.

Kim Eun-hee hugged Kim Eun-joo tightly and cried, and Kim Eun-joo desperately pushed her away. , Kept calling Yoon Taehyung, but he kept not answering, Kim Eun-joo rushed into the kitchen to cut her hair with scissors. Kim Eun-hee desperately stopped her and persuaded her to divorce Yoon Tae-hyung. Kim Eun-joo couldn’t help but remember that Yoon Tae-hyung had hinted at her. Time, but she didn’t care.

Kim Sang-sik took Lee Jung Hoon for a stroll along the beach, and also found out the music in the phone to share with her. Those are Lee Jinsuk’s favorites. He also talked about the past that he and Lee Jeong-sook were crying when he watched movies with Lee Jeong-sook. Lee Jin-sook couldn’t help but urge him to hurry up with Ying. Sik contacted, but Kim Sang-sik couldn’t get through Young-sik’s phone, Lee Jin-sook asked him to find Young-sik’s mother.

Kim Sang-sik brought Lee Jin-suk to the truck team to inquire about Young-sik’s whereabouts. He learned that he had not heard from him for many days, and he also borrowed money from colleagues under the banner of Kim Sang-sik. Kim Sang-sik asked his colleagues about the address of Young-sik’s house, and took Lee Jin-suk. Looking for someone, there is no one at home. Kim Sang-sik decided to stay in Ulsan to work. He sent Lee Jin-sook back to Seoul overnight. Kim Sang-sik came to the hospital for an examination. The doctor judged that his memory would be restored quickly based on the examination results.

Lin Jianzhou found an excuse to call Jin Enxi into the office as soon as he went to work and asked her why she didn’t answer the phone on the weekend. Jin Enxi admitted that he couldn’t get through his phone that day, so he went to the underground garage and saw Lin Jianzhou’s car parked below, guessing that he had a secret. Love affair, there is no going up to bother. Kim Eun-hee was upset, so he came to Pak Chan-ha to complain, and talked about Kim Eun-joo’s first visit to home with Yoon Tae-hyung. Kim Eun-hee saw love in Kim Eun-joo’s eyes, and curiously asked why Yoon Tae-hyung liked Kim Eun-joo.

Yoon Tae-hyung praised Kim Eun-joo as a refreshing person, not a pretentious little woman. Now Kim Eun-joo wants to feel regret, regret not preventing them from continuing their relationship. The investigation revealed from her words that Kim Eun-joo’s marriage encountered a problem, Kim Eun-hee did not answer directly, just changed the topic to explain Kim Zhiyu has been upset recently.

Just as Jin Enzhu drove home, he suddenly received a call from Lin Jianzhou. Lin Jianzhou had been waiting for her early and asked her to walk around. As soon as Lin Jianzhou went to work, he found that Jin Enxi’s eyes were full of hatred and murderousness. He repeatedly explained that he had broken up with his ex-girlfriend, expressed his heart to Jin Enxi, and let her speak freely in front of him, just like to Park Canhe.

Kim Eun-xi was worried about her sister. She came to pick up Kim Eun-joo from get off work early in the morning. After work, she came to pick her up on time. Kim Eun-xi saw Kim Eun-joo and his colleagues talking and laughing from a distance, but she didn’t expect her to have a funny side.

When Kim Sang-sik was out of the car, he took pictures of the scenery along the way and sent it to Li Jinsuk and the children. Li Jinsuk came to the nursing home to visit his mother, but he didn’t expect that the fruit shop owner would also come afterwards. Kim Eun-joo couldn’t get through Yoon Tae-hyung’s phone all the time, and he was uneasy. He soon heard the news of Yoon Tae-hyung’s accident. Hyo-seok came to Yoon Tae-hyung’s hospital early in the morning and shouted at Yoon Tae-hyung’s office that he was a despicable person. Kim Sang-sik asks Man-ho about the whereabouts of Young-sik, and Man-ho accidentally tells him about his marriage to Lee Jin-suk, and Kim Sang-sik can’t help but froze.

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