Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪咤降妖记 Episode 1 Plot

In the land of red flames, a child-like person was chased by a beast. He suddenly woke up from his dream when he was suddenly armored, armed with a flaming spear, and stepped on the hot wheel. This person is Li Jing. Son-Nezha.

At present, the drought in Chentangguan is severe, and the people are miserable. What Li Jing can do is to get the soldiers to fetch water from a distance to relieve the immediate urgent need, but this has caused many lives. Nezha was obviously here to help, but Li Jing was indiscriminate and insisted on slandering and condemning. The relationship between father and son was really bad.

The owner of the land of the Great Emperor’s Devil’s Palace had long allowed his daughter Yuxian to seduce the Dragon King of the East China Sea and obtain the right to rain, which caused the drought in the East China Sea without realizing it. He is plotting to poison at the time of the birthday feast, gathering the blood of golden water, silver water and the dragon king of the four seas to restore mana, practice divine law, and unify the three realms.

At the East China Sea banquet, the Three Seas Dragon King asked each other about the drought in Chentangguan. The three had their own minds, but the East China Sea Dragon King deliberately defended Yuxian with Qingming in his heart. But just a few words, let the Dragon King trust her credulously, as if trusting Yuxian even blindly.

On the way home, Nezha suddenly saw the people’s house on fire, and the infant child was trapped in the fire. Regardless of himself, he immediately rushed into the fire to save the child and was injured accidentally. However, the sky is dry and the hay is very easy to ignite spontaneously. Seeing the fire spread, Nezha intercepted the water and rescued people.

Back home, Nezha was happy and excited because he had saved a life today, but Li Jing knew that Nezha had cut off the water, but he did not ask why, let alone an explanation, and wanted to punish him. In Li Jing’s heart, he seemed to be very disgusted and disgusted with Nezha, and any words and deeds would make him unhappy.

Li Jing even hoped that Nezha could stay in the mansion to study with peace of mind, but Nezha even hoped to save the country and the people and do chivalry. In addition, the two people did not understand each other, and the contradiction deepened. The father and son had a big fight, and Nezha also ran away from home.

Nezha was not touched or regretted by his father’s anger and threats. He sat idly on a tree with a crooked neck and used something that looked like a ring with his tail finger to contact the little dragon girl. He learned that the dragon king will tomorrow. Will give clouds and rain, happy in my heart, the haze born because of my father, and disappear instantly.

At night, Aunt Li came again to look for Nezha under the trees in the suburbs. Whenever he ran away from home, he always went to the same place, so he was waiting for his family to find him. After a lot of bitterness, and the “good temptation” of a candy, he finally coaxed Nezha back home willingly.

On the way back, I suddenly heard a woman crying for help. Nezha and the two heard of their reputation. It turned out that it was a long drought. The people were offering sacrifices to the Dragon King with the life of virgins, hoping to get rain. Aunt Li didn’t seem to be surprised at this kind of thing. She was used to seeing people in desperate situations, such ignorance, and she didn’t intend to be nosy.

However, this kind of life-threatening thing is something that Nezha cannot tolerate. After forcibly saving the child, he heard that it was for the Dragon King to eat. Nezha was even more angry, thinking that the promise of the Dragon Girl was nothing but a deception.

The earth was drought, and it was impossible to delay for a while, Nezha, holding a fire-tip spear, killed the Dragon Palace and disturbed the Dragon King’s birthday feast. Nezha was originally impulsive, and the Dragon King was a high-ranking person for a long time. The two were at odds with each other, and Nezha uttered insulting words, which angered the third prince Ao Bing, who was also very hot.

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