My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 4 Plot

Lee Jin- suk saw Yeong-sik, the son of Kim Sang-sik’s ex-girlfriend from a distance. Scenes from the past came to mind. Back then, after she married Kim Sang-sik, she often received calls from a woman, but the other party hung up without saying anything. Li Jinsook was pregnant at that time, and she could only use work to numb herself. Lee Jin-suk thought twice and decided to get off the car to see Young-sik. Unexpectedly, his colleagues tried their best to defend Kim Sang-sik. They repeatedly claimed that he likes to treat his younger colleagues as his sons. Young-sik also agreed with him and quickly found an excuse to leave.

Yoon Tae-hyung couldn’t stand Kim Eun-joo’s bitter questioning, and revealed to her that there was an empty sleeping pill at the place where Kim Sang-sik’s accident occurred, but no sleeping pill was detected in his body. Yoon Tae-hyung determined that Kim Sang-sik wanted to drink the sleeping pill to commit suicide at night, and asked Kim Eun-joo to commit suicide The mother and sister made it clear that Kim Eun-joo hated her mother’s decision to marry her and she did not want to say.

Jin Eun-hee received photos from Jin Ji-woo during her college years, but she didn’t expect that Park Can-ha would save them. She couldn’t help but think of the past nine years of falling in love with Zongmin. Her heart was mixed, so Jin Eun-hee followed Lin Jianzhou home and said straight to the point. She has been in love with her boyfriend for nine years. As a result, her boyfriend has been with others behind her back for three years. Jin Enxi feels the same way. He can’t help but complain about Lin Jianzhou’s estranged ex-girlfriend. Lin Jianzhou admits that they no longer have feelings, except for mutual hatred. , I just want to know if Jin Enxi will continue to associate with him, Jin Enxi replied that it depends on his mood.

Lin Jianzhou came to see the photos of Jin Enxi at university. He even praised that she was beautiful at that time. He thought that the person who took the photo was also great. He could capture the most beautiful moment of Jin Enxi. He picked up his phone and took pictures of Jin Enxi. After quarreling with her mother, Ruiying was in a bad mood. Jin Zhiyu accompany her to drank her sorrows. After she admitted that her mother knew Park Canha, she introduced her to work at Park Canha’s studio. The two exchanged cups and talked about their distress .

Jin Enxi and Lin Jianzhou were rubbing their ears on the bed. Suddenly heard the sound of opening the door, Lin Enxie was frightened and panicked, thinking that Lin Jianzhou’s ex-girlfriend had suddenly arrived. Lin Jianzhou was calm, put on clothes and went out. Lin Enxie was shocked to see that the person was a property worker , Hurriedly put on his clothes and left, but Lin Jianzhou’s painstaking efforts to stay was no help.

Before leaving, Kim Eun-hee explained that although she was pretty in college, she was not happy at all. In order to be a handsome girlfriend who does not restrain a man, she tried her best to please the other person and wanted to be the most perfect person in their eyes, but the result was counterproductive. Lin Jianzhou persuaded her to vent all these grievances, and then she could change the pleasing personality, but Jin Enxi found it difficult to change her nature.

Kim Sang-sik took Lee Jin-suk’s hand through several alleys to the beach, and wanted to take her to the beach. Lee Jin-suk felt that he was pretending to have amnesia, otherwise he would not remember the way to Ulsan so clearly. Kim Sang-sik had to admit his hometown. In Ulsan, he became an orphan at the age of 14. He lives in hunger every day. He didn’t go to Seoul until he helped the truck driver unload the goods. Because I met Li Jinsook, I admired her as a girl, and I learned the Seoul dialect to please her.

Li Jinsook didn’t want to listen. For these, I wanted to go home as soon as possible. Kim Sang-sik wanted to stay here for one night. Li Jinsuk disagreed and went straight to the bus station. Jin Zhiyu invited Park Canha to drink together. Ruiying saw the photos of Kim Eun-hee in college and believed that Park Can-ha liked Kim Eun-hee, and Jin Ji-woo promised that they would not love each other. Jin Zhiyu drank a lot of alcohol in one breath, and soon became unconscious. Park Canhe called Jin Enxi and asked her to send Jin Zhiyu home.

Yoon Tae-hyung will go to New Zealand for a seminar tomorrow. He comes directly to Kim Eun-hee, advises her to visit Kim Eun-joo often, and tells her about Kim Sang-sik’s suicide attempt. On the way Jin Enxi drove home, she accidentally saw her mother sitting in the car of Mr. Liu from the fruit shop and left. She hurried to the fruit shop to inquire with Mrs. Liu’s daughter. When she learned that Mrs. Liu was on a date, Jin Enxi was dumbfounded. I bought my mother’s favorite cantaloupe and went home, and learned that my mother had gone to the cultural center to learn poetry. Kim Sang-sik personally cut the cantaloupe and waited for Li Jinsuk to come back to eat. The first time Kim Eun-hee saw his father cut fruit, he took his father to KTV to relax.

Kim Sang-sik clicked on a lot of love songs in one breath. He sang very hard. On the way home, Kim Eun-hee persuaded Kim Sang-sik to take this chance of amnesia to completely change her life, but no matter what, she would stand by her mother. Kim Eun-hee agreed with her father. When his father regained his memory, he was the first to tell her that she wanted to surprise his mother. Kim Sang-sik naturally couldn’t ask for it. He agreed to be the first to tell her, and the two agreed.

Kim Sang-sik didn’t go home very late, so Lee Jin-sook was worried, so he called Kim Ji-woo to come out together. Seeing Kim Sang-sik and Kim Eun-hee came back together, Lee Chun-sook was relieved. Kim Sang-sik saw Lee Jin-suk waiting for him from a distance, happily like a child. Jumped over and went home with her. Jin Zhiyu couldn’t help but complain about Jin Enxi. Since his father lost his memory, he watched his father behave like a baby to his mother and felt that he had an extra brother.

The ex-girlfriend suddenly visited the house. Lin Jianzhou wanted her to go out to talk, but the ex-girlfriend not only ordered takeaway and red wine, but also secretly turned off Lin Jianzhou’s mobile phone. Jin Enxi couldn’t get through Lin Jianzhou’s phone, so he came to look for him at home and saw his car in the underground garage. He immediately understood everything. Jin Enxi quietly left. The courier knocked on the door to deliver the food. The ex-girlfriend wanted to open the door, but Lin Jianzhou hurriedly stopped him. she was.

Yoon Tae-hyung went to New Zealand to attend a seminar today. He came to Xiaoshuo’s cafe to buy breakfast early in the morning and left an envelope before leaving. Kim Eun-joo drove Yoon Tae-hyung to the airport, and then went back to his parents’ house. He saw the people who came to buy the house and brought the children to see the house. Kim Eun-joo made an excuse to go shopping with his mother and let Kim Sang-sik stay home alone.

Kim Eun-joo and Lee Jin-sook came to the park downstairs for a showdown. They clearly remembered that Lee Jin-sook wanted to drink poison with her to commit suicide. Lee Jin-sook repeatedly explained that it was not a poison but a poisonous herb. He wanted to get rid of Kim Ji-woo in his stomach. Speaking of the thing about climbing the mountain with sleeping pills, Kim Eun-joo was worried that his father would restore his memory before committing suicide. Lee Jin-sook had no choice but to take one step at a time.

Park Canhe looked at the wedding photos he took for Kim Eun-joo four years ago. He couldn’t help but think of the incident in August 2016. Kim Eun-hee found out that Jongmin had moved and proposed to break up. Jongmin moved away from Park Canhe in anger. Kim Eun-hee and Jongmin were completely cut off, so they asked Park Chanhe to throw away all the things Kim Eun-xi left in Jongmin’s room. Park Chanhe wanted to return the wedding photos to Kim Eun-joo at the time, and Kim Eun-joo didn’t want so many photos.

Kim Eun-hee could not contact Lin Jianzhou, so he had to come to Park Can-ha to complain. Park Can-he suspected Lin Jian-zhou had other girlfriends. Kim Eun-joo rushed to Xiao-seok’s cafe and claimed to be a free man these days. Kim Eun-hee found out that Kim Eun-joo and Xiao-seok had a close relationship. Taking out the wedding photos of Kim Eun-joo and Yoon Tae-hyung, Kim Eun-joo felt as if she had passed away, and Hyo-seok took a peek while delivering coffee. Kim Sang-sik decided to resume work tomorrow and wanted to take Lee Jin-sook to Ulsan, so that she could fully understand herself.

Kim Eun-joo, Kim Eun-hee and Park Chan-ha were drinking together. Kim Eun-hee used the wine to reveal the fact that Park Chan-ha likes Kim Eun-joo, and he also praised Kim Eun-joo as a perfect and handsome woman. Park Chan-ha was embarrassed. Kim Eun-joo quickly interrupted Kim Eun-joo, and then Kim Eun-hee talked about his father. She wanted to drink medicine to commit suicide, and kept fighting for her father. Kim Eun-joo forbids her to mention it and wants to go home to talk about it.

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