My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 3 Plot

Kim Sang-sik pleases Lee Jin- sook in every way, Lin Jian-ju confesses his past to Kim Eun-hee

Lin Jianzhou kept sending messages to Jin Enxi as soon as he went to work, asking her to have dinner together at night, and cooking for her by himself. Jin Enxi learned from Jingyu that Lin Jianzhou had a girlfriend who had lived in the United States for nine years, if not transferred. South Korea, they were married a long time ago, and Kim Eun-hee believes that Lin Jianzhou is a scumbag. Jin Zhiyu came to pick up his father from the hospital, and he was dumbfounded when he overheard his parents saying that Jin Eunju was not his biological person.

Kim Eun-hee and Kim Eun-joo called their parents at the same time. They made an appointment to go home for dinner at night. As soon as Kim Eun-hee hung up the phone, Yoon Taehyung entered the house. Kim Eun-joo could see that he had something on his mind at a glance. answer. When Kim Ji-woo drove to pick up his parents, he saw Lee Jin-sook hiding in the distance and making a phone call. He curiously asked who the other party would be. Lee Jin-sook did not allow him to inquire about him.

Kim Sang-sik kept calling Lee Jin-suk’s nickname like he did when he was young I remembered that she loved to write poems. Lee Jinsook was awkward and reminded him not to shout again. Kim Sang-sik pouted and acted like a baby. Lee Jinsook was so angry that he was habitually pouting.

Park Canho came to the publishing house to find Jin Eunxi for dinner. As soon as they sat down, Lin Jianzhou brought his colleagues to dinner. Jingyu hurried over and sat opposite Park Canhe. He happily followed Park Canhe to order food. Lin Jianzhou smiled at Jin Eunxi. Being close to Park Can Hetao, and wondering if he has a girlfriend, Kim Eun-xi didn’t want to watch Jingyu continue to be idiots, and forced her away.

When approaching the doorway, Kim Sang-sik asked Lee Jin-suk for money to buy oranges at a convenience store. He held Lee Jin-suk’s hand tightly because of fear. The boss knew that Lee Chun-sook liked melons. Kim Sang-sik insisted that Lee Jin-sook likes to eat oranges. He also asked Kim Ji-woo for confirmation. After buying oranges, Kim Sang-sik took Lee Jin-sook’s hand because he was jealous and left in a hurry.

Hyo-seok got his hand stabbed in a fight with his girlfriend. He came to Yoon Tae-hyung’s clinic to get a bandage. Yoon Tae-hyung reminded him to be careful in the future. Instead, Hyo-seok warned him to confess to Kim Eun-joo because his girlfriend knew Yoon Tae-hyung and knew what he did better. When Kim Eun-joo went to work at a Korean university, the male professor molested her in every possible way.

He jokes that her husband is incapable of making her pregnant. Kim Eun-joo retorted and warned him not to hook up with female students. At this moment, Yin Tae-hyung called Jin Eun-joo and took her home for dinner after get off work. Jin Eun-joo asked him to come to school to teach the male professor. The male professor was frightened and begged for mercy.

When Kim Sang-sik returned to his home, he felt strange everywhere. Only the 22-year-old photo of him and Lee Jin-sook was kind. He took the initiative to help Lee Jin-sook peel the oranges and fed them to her. Lee Jin-sook was so scared that he was at a loss and thought of all his previous experiences. , And now are just like two people. Yoon Tae-hyung came to pick up Kim Eun-joo from get off work, indicating that he was going to New Zealand to attend a seminar next week. Kim Eun-joo deliberately tried to follow him. Yoon Tae-hyung was panicked, and Kim Eun-joo explained that he would not follow him, so he was relieved.

The whole family ate barbecue together. If there is no one beside Kim Sang-sik to feed Lee Jin-suk, Kim Ji-woo can’t stand it, so he wrapped the barbecue and fed it to Kim Sang-suk, so that he can remember his little son. When he left, Kim Eun-joo gave Kim Ji-woo a sum of money. , Asked him to buy something for his parents, Kim Eun-xi hurried to the date, but Kim Eun-joo slapped her head and face, and Kim Eun-joo reminded her not to lower herself to a humble level to accommodate each other. If they disagree, they can’t talk about each other. Go down and quickly stop them.

Jin Enxi came to see Lin Jianzhou overnight. Lin Jianzhou invited her to talk at home. Jin Enxi was in the cafe downstairs. Lin Jianzhou suddenly answered a phone call and announced to Jin Enxi that he had a girlfriend who had been dating for nine years. Kim Eun-xi felt very disappointed, but she still smiled. She could imagine that Kim Eun-joo would ask back and ask about the time of the breakup. She couldn’t tell.

Kim Sang-sik took Lee Jin-sook to ride in his large truck and saw that there were a lot of Velcro stickers on the front of the co-pilot, and Lee Jin-sook felt fresh and unfamiliar. Kim Eun-hee and Park Can-ha went to meet with the writer to discuss the shooting arrangements. Kim Eun-hee reported to him what Lin Jian-ju had done. Park Can-ha also felt that she was very humble and praised Kim Eun-joo as perfect and handsome.

Kim Eun-hee accidentally revealed that she and Kim Eun-joo only eased the relationship after four years. Pu Canhe suddenly became furious. She was so awkward that she had been having trouble with her sister for so long, so she gave her a hard time and asked her to find a place to reflect on it.

Kim Sang-sik started to get excited as soon as he got into the car. He sang loudly and happily. Lee Jin-sook advised him to drive carefully. Suddenly, he saw the car in front of him smashing the cloth. Kim Sang-sik hurried to the car to help and skillfully helped the driver cover the car. Jin Enxi moved a large box of books, Lin Jianzhou took the initiative to help, and reminded Jin Enxi not to avoid him deliberately.

Suiying’s mother suddenly came to the studio. When the mother and daughter didn’t agree, they started arguing. Park Canhe hurriedly pulled Jin Zhiyu out. Jin Zhiyu was used to such scenes. He was not surprised at all. Jin Zhiyu accidentally turned to Park Canhe. All the photos taken by Jin Enxi were taken and sent to Jin Enxi.

Kim Eun-joo came to work in the cafe. Hyo-seok peeked at her from time to time. Kim Eun-joo soon found out. He stopped working and came to the bar to ask him for a piece of cake. Yoon Tae-hyung came to take Kim Eun-joo home and saw the two of them kissing and chatting together. Sorrowful in his heart, on the way home, Kim Eun-joo asked Yin Tae-hyung to say what was in his heart, but he kept silent.

Kim Sang-sik drove to Lee Jin-suk and came to the truck team. The colleagues warmly welcomed him and asked him about his injury. They asked him to see Young-sik before leaving. Young-sik limped over to look for Kim Sang-sik. Kim Sang-sik was shocked. Jin Enxi followed Lin Jianzhou home after get off work. When the two of them were kissing in bed, they suddenly heard the sound of opening the door.

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