My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 2 Plot

Kim Sang-sik’s memory of being injured in an accident while climbing a mountain, Kim Sang-sik returns to 22

Kim Eun-hee came to Pak Can- ha to complain early in the morning. Last night, he learned from Zongmin that yesterday was his wedding anniversary. Kim Eun-hee was very depressed. After being called back to the wine table by the new representative, Lin Jianzhou, he drank a lot of wine in one breath, and then with his colleagues. They jumped and jumped and took the opportunity to vent their resentment.

After the welcome banquet was over, the female colleague Jingyu pestered Lin Jianzhou and Jin Eunxi to the bar. Soon after, Jingyu went away on the excuse of being drunk. Jin Eunxi sang college ballads, and Lin Jianzhou and her From the moment his father talked about the song, Jin Enxi and Lin Jianzhou kissed affectionately through Jiu Jin, and then a one-night stand happened. Jin Enxi woke up early in the morning and found that he was sleeping in a special study room.

Lee Jin- suk and Kim Eun-joo came to the police station one after another. Kim Sang-sik’s teammate Wan Hao hurried over and brought the last female team member to see Kim Sang-sik. Lee Jin-sook didn’t want Yoon Tae-hyung to know about her husband, and asked him to go back to the hospital first. The female team member said straightforwardly about Kim Sang-sik’s distress about her marriage. Lee Jin-sook didn’t expect her husband to talk to this woman on such a private topic. Kim Eun-joo only wanted to know what happened. The female team member asked to talk to Lee Jin-suk alone, not wanting their children to hear. Those words.

The female team member revealed to Lee Jin-suk that Kim Sang-sik’s car contained sleeping pills. He was taking sleeping pills secretly. Lee Jin-sook was shocked. At this moment, Wan Ho received a call from his colleague and learned that Kim Sang-sik’s truck was found and the door was unlocked. With wallets and other items in the car, Li Jinsuk hurried to the scene with Kim Eunzhu and Kim Jiwoo. After thinking about it, Jin Eunxi decided that Lin Jianzhou was a romantic ghost. Park Canho was dumbfounded. He suddenly received a call from Kim Ji Woo and learned that Kim Sang-sik had something wrong. Seeing this scene when a friend Ruiying came to deliver the meal, Jin Enxi hurriedly found an excuse to leave, and Pu Canha followed her out, leaving Ruiying puzzled.

Li Zhensuk took his children to the police station in the area under his jurisdiction, called the nearby surveillance, and clearly saw Kim Sangzhi up the mountain. Afterwards, news came from the nearby Suwonsan Hospital that Kim Sang-sik had been sent there for rescue. Lee Jin-suk took the children to the hospital and saw Kim Sang-sik sitting on the bed with gauze tied on his head. Kim Sang-sik seemed to have amnesia. She was scared to hide behind Lee Jinsook.

When Jin Enxi learned that his father was at Suwonsan Hospital, she drove over immediately. She didn’t want Ruiying to worry about it, so she put Park Canhe in the subway station nearby. Kim Sang-sik explained to the doctor that he was 22 years old and today was October 13, 1982. He only remembered Lee Jin-sook and avoided his children. Lee Jin-sook clearly remembered this day. She found out that she was pregnant and Kim Sang-sik took out the ring on the spot. Kneeling to propose to her.

After completing a series of inspections, Kim Sang-sik took Lee Jin-sook’s hand back to the ward and left the three children aside. Kim Eun-joo warned Kim Eun-hee not to go to Park Can-ha at all times. Kim E-n-hee vowed not to have any relationship with Park Can-ha.

Kim Sang-sik wanted to meet the three children. He asked Lee Jin-suk about their names in advance. It was obvious that they had been wrong. Kim Eun-hee took out Kim Sang-sik’s favorite college song. He was very happy. Lee Jin-suk was worried about affecting other patients, so he sent the children away. . When Pu Canhe returned to the office, Ruiying ate the lunch she brought with him. Ruiying saw at a glance that Jin Enxi had no affection for Park Canhe, and advised him to give up as soon as possible. Park Canhe treasured the photos of Jin Enxi and wanted to find time to test her.

Kim Sang-sik was very curious when he saw the cell phone on the desk. He remembered that he had used a public phone to call Lee Jin-sook and told him a lot of secrets. Lee Jin-suk hurriedly blocked his mouth. Kim Eun-joo made an excuse to drink strong coffee and put Kim Ji-woo on the street. Kim Ji-woo walked home and couldn’t help complaining to Kim Eun-xi. The two of them admired their parents’ 22-year-old wedding photos. When Kim Eun Joo came to the cafe, Yoon Tae Hyung rushed to him and saw Kim Eun Joo deliberately alienating Hyo Seok. He found it ridiculous. He casually said that Kim Sang Sang was a symptom of dementia.

Kim Sang-sik wants to play diamond checkers, while Kim Ji-woo is looking for him and wondering, suspecting his father is dementia, he calls Kim Eun-joo to ask Yoon Tae-hyung for advice. Kim Eun-joo is reprimanded, and Kim Eun-xi believes his father is dementia. Kim Eun-joo clearly remembered that his father had told her to live with Yoon Tae-hyung before going out, as if he knew something was going to happen, and his father was the only one who didn’t urge her to have children.

Jin Zhiyu brought diamond checkers and played with his father. Kim Sang-sik was very moved when he saw Lee Jin-sook busy with him. When Jin Enxi came to work early in the morning, he happened to meet Lin Jianzhou head-on. He hurriedly sent a message to Piao Canhe for help. Lin Jianzhou took the initiative to invite her to lunch or dinner. Jingyu came and revealed to Reveal that Lin Jianzhou had a girlfriend who was going to get married.

Kim Sang-sik recovered from his injury and was discharged. Lee Jin-sook packed up and worried about taking him home. Kim Sang-sik worried that the children would not accept him, and was even more afraid that Kim Eun-joo would know that he was not his biological father.

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