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Bone Eruption: Daddy, Mommy ran away again

Bone Eruption: Daddy, Mommy ran away again
Other names: 蚀骨危情:爹地,妈咪又跑了
Author: Ye Ruxi Xie Chicheng
Genre: Novel, romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Framed by a family member and put in jail for the crime, Ye Ruxi became a street mouse that everyone shouted and beaten overnight. The child was born in prison, the flesh and blood were separated, and the step-sister took the child away and became Mr. Xie’s fiancée as a replacement. In the six-year prison, Ye Ruxi hated him and wanted to eat blood and meat. Once released from prison, she discovered that the step-sister and Mr. Xie’s son actually looked exactly like her own daughter…

In the eyes of everyone, the indifferent Mr. Xie announced his resignation and put the mysterious woman in a corner. Ye Ruxi struggled and panted: “Mr. Xie, please take your self-respect!” Xie Chicheng chuckled his lips and his voice was muted: “Hey, I didn’t find the wrong person this time.” A boy and a girl, two adorable babies: “Daddy , Mommy ran away from home with the baby!”


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