My Unfamiliar Family 아는 건 별로 없지만 가족입 Episode 1 Plot

Li Zhen Shu and her husband, Kim Sang-sik proposed marriage and death Kim Eun-hee admit to Park Chan and Kim Eun-Pearl River

Kim Eun-hee is an editor at a publishing house. She got busy early in the morning. As soon as she finished sending emails, the phone started ringing non-stop. She answered the representative phone, but she couldn’t answer the phone from her mother, Lee Jin-sook. Lee Jin-sook kept calling, Kim Eun-hee It was so disturbing that she only picked up her mother’s phone call while driving to work, and she was scolded by her mother.

Jin Enxi had to stop and call his mother. The younger brother Jin Jiyu took the call and told Jin Enxi to go home from get off work. Jin Enxi sent a love to his mother. As a result, he was one minute late for work and clocked in. Kim Eun-joo went to her husband Yoon Tae-hyung’s clinic every day to pack the sheets, pillowcases and nurse’s clothes, and then took them to the coffee shop’s laundry room to wash them. Yoon Tae-hyung heard that she had a close relationship with the cafe’s owner Hyo-seok, and casually asked about Hyo-seok’s situation. Kim Eun-joo knew he was jealous.

Lee Jinsuk has two daughters and a son. Her husband, Kim Sang-sik, is a large truck driver. He participates in mountaineering teams in his spare time and is often away from home. The eldest daughter, Kim Eun-joo, has never had children after marriage. The second daughter, Kim Eun-hee, lives in a rented house.

Only the younger son, Kim Ji-woo, is with them. Lives, Jin Ji-woo works in Park Can-ha’s studio. Park Can-ha and Jin-Eun-hee are both college classmates and good friends. Four years ago, Jin-Eun-hee broke up with his ex-boyfriend, Jong-min. Since then, they have no contact with Park Can-ha. Kim Eun-hee and Kim Eun-joo are also concerned about this. Nian did not speak, and deliberately staggered the time every time I went home.

Kim Eun-joo puts the hospital quilt and nurse uniform in the laundry room. Hyo-seok has been waiting for her here long ago. She complained that Hyo-seok should not talk to Yoon Tae-hyung, but Hyo-seok didn’t take it seriously. Kim Eun-joo rushed home before she finished washing. Kai Jin Jiyu went to the laundry room to stare at, and persuaded Kim Eun-joo to have a baby as soon as possible. Kim Eun-joo and Yoon Tae-hyung had a bad relationship and had been separated.

Lee Jin-sook took Kim Ji-woo and Kim Eun-joo to the cafe downstairs for a meeting, and Yoon Taehyung was late. At the same time, Jin Enxi came home and saw that there was no one in the house. The staff of the real estate agency opened the house and brought two couples to see the house. Only then did Jin Enxi know that her mother had put the house on the agency for sale, and she had no idea about it. ,

Hurriedly called her mother to confirm that her mother announced a major decision in public to marry her husband, and then split the money for selling the house. Jin Zhiyu kept sighing, but Jin Eunju firmly disagreed. Unexpectedly, his father had agreed, and the mother had already agreed. Decided.

Kim Sang-sik and the members of the mountaineering team had a barbecue together, and they told him about the marriage between him and his wife. Everyone was fighting for him, but Kim Sang-sik didn’t take it seriously. He smiled and changed the cup. Kim Eun-xi asked Kim Ji-woo about his parents, and learned that their marriage had already existed in name, and there was nothing to say about each other.

Jin Enxi and his colleagues came to meet a well-known author who wanted to publish a new book by the author. The writer was holding a meditation session, so I asked Jin Enxi to participate. The writer followed the persuasive way and made everyone present to close their eyes and meditate on the most memorable day. Jin Enxi remembered March 10, 2016 It was the longest day in her life. Kim Eun-xi woke up early in the morning and saw her mother crying while cooking, only to realize that her father had gone again.

She took away the lunch her mother had prepared for her father. At lunch, a woman claiming to be Haisuk came to Xingshi and claimed that she had been in love with Zongmin for three years and that Zongmin’s friend Park Canha could testify. Kim Eun-hee was shocked. She and Zongmin had been dating for nine years. Haesuk has never heard of Haishu, and Haishu gave her a detailed introduction to the details of being with Zongmin.

When Kim Eun-hee went out and saw Kim Eun-joo, he cried to her about the derailment of the clan. Kim Eun-joo was not optimistic about the clan. He persuaded Kim Eun-joo to give up as soon as possible. Kim Eun-joo was so angry that he left without looking back. The two sisters have never seen each other. , Later, Kim Eun-hee heard that Kim Eun-joo had just had a miscarriage that day, and Kim Eun-joo was always bored with anything.

Immediately afterwards, Kim Eun-hee came to Piao Canhe to settle the account and complained that he did not tell the matter about Zongmin and Hae-sook. Park Canhe repeatedly stated that he was not obliged to expose the matter, and he also severely criticized Kim Eun-hee, who broke off diplomatic relations with him on the spot. Four years have passed since the incident, and Kim Eun-xi still remembers it vividly. She couldn’t help but burst into tears, and the writer promised to give her the book for publication on the spot.

Park Canhe brought Jin Jiyu to the ancestral house for filming. He saw Kim Eunxi crying like a tearful person. Kim Eunxi wanted to leave quietly, but he still met them. Park Canhe asked Kim Eunxi for dinner. Kim Eunxi took the initiative to apologize to him. Pushing the cup and changing the cup, letting go. On the way home, Kim Eun-hee remembered the past during college. Park Canhe and Zongmin are both her good friends. The three people are inseparable, but they became strangers because of their feelings.

Kim Eun-joo called her father to meet and talk after returning from the car, and her father told her to live with Yoon Tae-hyung. Kim Sang-sik finished his work and went to climb the mountain. He couldn’t help but remembered that his wife proposed to marry him that day. He insisted that the divorce procedure was too cumbersome. He firmly disagreed. His wife repeatedly claimed that seeing him was disgusting and could not breathe, and wanted to sell the house equally. Kim Sang-sik considered repeatedly and agreed to his wife’s request for marriage.

Kim Eun-hee learned from Yoon Tae-hyung that Kim Eun-joo was in the cafe downstairs, so he came to the cafe to reconcile her. Seeing that she was chatting with Hyo-seok in full swing, Kim Eun-hee apologized to Kim Eun-joo, and the two reconciled as before. Today, the company is going to have a new representative from the United States. Kim Eun-hee came to work early. Unexpectedly, his colleagues came earlier.

The company also held a welcome banquet for the new representative. Kim Eun-hee met his ex-boyfriend Zongmin in the hotel, and Zongmin moved greeted her. , And asked her about Pu Canhao’s contact information. The new representative saw this scene and hurried over to call Jin Enxi away.

Lee Jin-suk received a call from the Ulsan factory early in the morning and learned that Kim Sang-sik had not gone to pick up the goods. Soon after, Lee Jin-suk received a notice from the police that Kim Sang-sik accidentally fell down a cliff near Qibo Temple.

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