Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 49 Plot (Recap)

Luo Chen successfully proposed to He Xiaoxi, and the relationship between the two was like glue. While shopping for daily necessities on the street, he accidentally found Zhu Fan passing by. Thinking of the previous explosion accident, Luo Chen didn’t say a word, he caught Zhu Fan after chasing a few streets, and then took him back to Li Ping Pavilion. Although Zhu Fan received money to do things, he was afraid of Hansen. Without asking a few words, he directly confessed all of A Li’s actions. The first time A Li received the call from Zhu Fan, Hua Rong was shocked.

When A Li was kicked out of the house, Lin’s mother also told her son without concealment that Lin Heping thought that A Li had helped him a lot before, which was very inappropriate. However, Mother Lin saw that A Li had ulterior motives and casually mentioned Nan Jianming’s car accident, but when Lin Heping wanted to continue to ask questions, she hurriedly prevarication. Lin Heping realized that his mother was deliberately concealing important information, so he went to the police station to investigate in private, and unexpectedly learned that Xu Zhensheng was the perpetrator who killed Nan’s father.

Qiao Man wanted to explore the cause of Nan Sheng’s death, so he went to the swimming pool to imitate what Xu Ali did to him, trying to drown in the water in exchange for useful memories. However, after trying many times, it was still useless. It was astonishing to learn about Nan Sheng from Qiaoman, but he promised to keep Qiaoman a secret. After leaving the swimming pool, Qiao Man returned to visit Lin’s house, but due to the current situation, even if he met Lin’s mother, there was no way to recognize each other.

Knowing that he couldn’t hide, A Li had to come to the company and confront Zhu Fan calmly. Zhu Fan took the initiative to surrender the bank card and confessed that he wanted to destroy the counterfeit goods, but A Li suddenly came to the door, instead of throwing it away, he was mixed and sold shoddy. Hansen’s heart was like a mirror, and naturally he didn’t listen to A Li’s pale defense anymore. He informed Mo Hui to implement a recovery plan. Even if it would cause a lot of losses to Li Pingge, he had to consider the company’s reputation.

Lin Heping didn’t want to investigate too much about the mistakes made by A Li. He directly asked Xu Zhensheng where he was. At first, A Li wanted to conceal it, but because Lin Heping stepped through it, he simply took him to the old Liping Pavilion store. Xu Zhensheng met Qiao Man in Lin’s family, and he was both surprised and happy. Even though Qiao Man was not Nan Sheng, he couldn’t help but chatted excitedly. Qiao Man was curious to ask about the cause of Nan Sheng’s death. Xu Zhensheng only knew that his sister discovered Nan Sheng was swept away by the sea when she was on a business trip in Barcelona.

Xu Zhensheng was not in the store. Lin Heping asked A Li to call and turned on the speakerphone. When he learned that he was visiting Mama Lin, he drove home immediately. Lin Heping exposed in front of Qiao Man that Xu Zhensheng killed Nan Jianming, and Qiao Man was shocked. Even in the face of Xu Zhensheng’s confession, he still couldn’t hold back tears.

Qiaoman returned home holding his father’s portrait in pain. Although she had lost her father’s love for so many years, the perpetrators also received their due punishment. No matter who it was, they should let go. Lin Heping brought the rice cakes made by Lin’s mother to Qiaoman. Because rice cakes are Nan Sheng’s favorite food, Qiao Man stared at the rice cakes and gradually remembered many things before.

A Li wanted to leave Li Ping Pavilion, so he offered to withdraw shares, and Lin Heping readily agreed. Hansen told Qiaoman about Ali’s guarding and stealing. Although Qiaoman had been mentally prepared before, she was still a little surprised. She asked Hansen if she knew Qiao Fang was not her own sister, and Hansen said that she didn’t care about Qiaoman. Regardless of his status, he will spoil Qiaoman forever.

The next day the board of directors decided to revoke A Li’s position as chairman, and by the way put Lin Heping on top. Seeing Lin Heping’s depression, Hansen sneered at him for not knowing people, but he also expressed concern from the side. If two people didn’t fall in love with Joeman at the same time, he believed they would become good friends now.

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