Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 50 End Plot

Pete followed Joeman to the park, intending to kidnap him and then blackmail Hansen. Fortunately, Hansen arrived in time and was about to take Joeman away. He never expected Pete to pick up the stone and throw it at the two. Qiaoman’s forehead was injured as a result, and the long-lost memories in her mind gradually recovered. That was the time she spent alone in Barcelona, ​​and it was also the picture of Ali causing her to fall into the deep sea.

When Lin Heping’s mobile phone was left at the old Liping Pavilion store, it happened that A Li accidentally saw a text message from Nansheng. A Li worried that Lin Heping would go to Barcelona to find Nansheng, so he hurriedly deleted the news, concealed the facts, and went to Barcelona to force Nansheng to break up with Lin Heping on the pretext of exhibiting. It was during that drag that Nansheng’s life was completely destroyed. change.

Qiao Man asked A Li to meet. She wanted to give A Li a chance to confess. When A Li learned that Qiao Man was Nan Sheng himself, she knelt on the ground in panic and confessed. Seeing A Li crying and running, Qiao Man was also sad. The sadness was not because of the woman in front of him, but because he was sad for himself. Even if he knew that the other party didn’t intend to kill him, no one can erase the facts that happened. Talking about forgiveness.

After returning to the residence, Joman asked Hansen to take her back to Barcelona. Although Hansen was a little surprised, he agreed immediately. On the way to the airport for the two of them, Qiaoman’s cell phone rang frequently, Hansen thought over and over again, and finally parked the car on the side of the road, leaving Qiaoman enough time to check Lin Heping’s retained text messages. Before he left, Qiaoman asked Xiaozhi to transfer the two diaries to Lin Heping. When Xiaozhi saw that he hesitated, he anxiously said that Qiaoman was Nansheng, and the notes in the two diaries were the same.

Lin Heping finally plucked up the courage to drove to the airport under Xiaozhi’s reminder, but he did not catch up with Qiaoman after all, just like Nansheng once left without saying goodbye. Hansen had known Qiaoman’s true identity for a long time, but because he was afraid of losing, he chose to hide it. Now he is willing to let go, and at the same time willing to accompany Nan Sheng, guarding her Barcelona and guarding her lighthouse on the other side.

The injured man withdrew the prosecution and the bar resumed normal business. He Xiaoxi’s life returned to peace, but more came from surprises. He Xiaoxi still loves Luo Chen, and Luo Chen also chooses to completely let go. He no longer entangles the love that did not belong to him in the past, but now learns to embrace a woman who should be cherished.

Faced with Lin Heping, A Li Wuyan decided to surrender to redeem her sins and guard the purest Li Ping Pavilion. Before leaving, A Li sorted out all the books and taught his brother how to operate. Xu Zhensheng didn’t want to suffer loneliness alone, but he couldn’t change the result. The two brothers and sisters looked at each other and burst into tears.

A year later, the film “The Flower of the Other Side” premiered in Barcelona. Lin Heping attended the ceremony on behalf of Li Pingge and confessed Qiaoman to many international media reporters. At the same time, a foreign boy came with flowers in his hand. Lin Heping took the flowers, and his eyes followed the boy’s back. He unexpectedly saw Qiaoman in the crowd.

In the middle of the bustling square in Barcelona, ​​Qiaoman painted a portrait of a young lady. She and Hansen are still talking and laughing as they did in the past. Even if they become good friends again, the relationship remains unchanged. Qiao Man finally drove away the troubled Hansen, when she finished painting the last portrait, Lin Heping suddenly came from the side and sat directly opposite. The two had no words, but looked at each other quietly. All the greetings and affection were all reflected in the setting sun in the distance, and the smiles at the corners of their mouths.

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