Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 48 Plot (Recap)

A Li was driven out of the house by Lin’s mother and was embarrassed. Qiao Man saw the irony and thought that she was self-inflicted. However, A Li took Qiao Man to the swimming pool and rebuked Qiao Man Mingming for marrying Hansen, but always stayed in Lin Lin. Peace around. In A Li’s eyes, Qiaoman is just a substitute for Nansheng. It is useless except for disturbing people’s minds. She asked Qiaoman to stay away from Lin Heping, but Qiaoman bluntly broke A Li for profit by unscrupulous means, including embezzling company property. , Framed He Jianfeng.

Seeing that Qiaoman was about to leave, A Li directly stepped forward to stop him. While mentioning the death of Nansheng in the sea, he approached Qiaoman by the pool, and immediately reached out and pushed her into the water, leaving Qiaoman struggling and calling for help. Still ignored and left. Qiao Man, who sank underwater, gradually lost consciousness, and all Nan Sheng’s memories suddenly appeared in her mind. She saw herself standing in the ethereal world again, while the opposite Nan Sheng admitted that they were actually alone.

Qiao Man walked home unconsciously. At this time, his mood was extremely complicated. Although Nan Sheng’s memories have been recovered, the important part of how he was lost is nowhere to be found. Lin Heping happened to come from the opposite side. He saw that Qiao Man looked wrong and was about to step forward to show concern, but Qiao Man remembered the cruel image of Lin Heping abandoning himself, and directly shut Lin Heping outside.

Hansen went to meet by appointment. Pete didn’t expect 200,000 to be easily obtained, so he opened his mouth and raised it directly to one million yuan, and even threatened to go to Qiao Man to talk in detail. Originally, Hansen was trying hard to restrain his anger. When he heard the words Qiaoman, he kicked over the table and chairs on the spot. After seeing this, Pete was a little scared and didn’t dare to be insatiable anymore, and hurried away with the cash box. Zhu Fan, who had disappeared inexplicably before, suddenly appeared. A Li learned that he wanted money, so he took out a bank card without saying anything, and reminded Zhu Fan to take the money and fly away, not to appear again.

Since Qiao Man regained her memory, she kept herself in the room every day. She decided to call Qiao Fang to ask, who knew Qiao Fang would not tell the truth. Qiao Man was disheartened and hung up the phone directly, but Qiao Fang noticed it and was at a loss for a while, and his thoughts slowly drifted back to the past.

The police failed to find Nansheng’s body because Nansheng was rescued by Hansen after he fell into the sea. Although his life was saved, he also completely lost his memory. It happened that Qiao Man had just passed away, and Qiao Fang, who was a relative, could not accept it. When Hansen heard about it, the moment he saw Nan Sheng, Qiao Fang had an idea in his mind. Qiao Fang persuaded Hansen to agree to take care of Nan Sheng, and Qiao Fang, who was suffering from the loss of his family, poured all his family affection on Nan Sheng and lived in place of his sister Qiao Man. At first Hansen didn’t want Nan Sheng to lose himself, but seeing that Nan Sheng and Qiao Fang were living very happily, they had to make mistakes and wait for Nan Sheng to recover their memories before making plans.

On the other side, Zhuo Yang came to Li Ping Pavilion, persuaded the Lamb to resign and proposed to her. The Lamb was thinking about it and finally chose to submit a resignation letter. A Li was very puzzled. She wanted to stay again and again, but the sheep basket used marriage as an excuse, but actually wanted to surrender.

Lin Heping stood outside the door hesitantly for a long time, until he could see that Lin Heping liked Qiaoman very much, so he told him that Qiaoman and Hansen had not received the certificate. Lin Heping thought that he still had a chance to pursue Qiaoman, but Qiaoman made it clear that he did not want to be a second Nansheng, let alone be abandoned by Lin Heping.

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