Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 47 Plot (Recap)

Qiaoman came to the bar to talk to Xiaoxi about copyright issues, but Xiaoxi was shocked by Qiaoman’s appearance. As a result, the craft vase in the bar suddenly exploded. The guests cut their heads due to the explosion fragments and threatened to expose the matter. Since the vase was sent by Lin Heping as a gift before, Xiaoxi went to Liping Pavilion alone to seek a solution. At this time, Yan Dong was convening a meeting with everyone in the company. He decided to officially launch the Beacon series and wanted Qiaoman to join.

Hansen didn’t want Qiaoman to be involved, and Lin Heping also expressed his own views. While everyone was still in discussions, Mo Hui rushed to inform Pete that he had been released from prison and was now downstairs. Pete has always hated Hansen for betraying himself, so he came here with a purpose, but when he saw Lin Heping next to Hansen, he couldn’t help but sneered. He never expected that the two of them would cooperate.

Xiaoxi told Lin Heping about the vase explosion, while Qiaoman calmed down the injured man’s emotions in the bar. Luo Chen came to understand the situation after hearing the news, and then saw Lin Heping and Xiaoxi appear together. The injured man not only had a bad attitude, but even instigated the crowd to take pictures. The incident was uploaded by some netizens, and gradually attracted a storm of public opinion. Li Pingge naturally became the focus of public opinion and was abused. Lin Heping suspected that the company had concealed ghosts and had stolen from the guard. He asked Mo Hui to re-investigate all production processes. Because of Pete’s appearance, Hansen was not in the mood to deal with these issues for the time being. Pete threatened Hansen with a 200,000 hush fee. Although Hansen agreed, he also demanded that Pete disappear from his eyes and never reappear.

The injured man took advantage of the limelight and insisted on taking Li Pingge and the bar to court. Learning about this from Xiaoxikou, A Li first assured Yan Dong to find out the truth, and then went to discuss with Lin Heping. However, when A Li ran into Qiao Man washing Lin Heping’s clothes, he became jealous and accidentally hit the wall while tearing with her.

After being checked and bandaged by the hospital, A Li’s arms were not serious, but she was worried that Lin Heping and Qiaoman were getting closer, so she confessed again on the way home, and morally kidnapped Lin Heping and forced him to marry herself. Lin Heping was overwhelmed with annoyance, and decisively dismantled A Li’s lie trick, then turned and left. A Li thinks that he has been waiting for Lin Heping infatually for ten years, but after all he can’t get him to face it, and feel a little bit chilly.

Xu Zhensheng had long heard that Qiao Man and Nan Sheng looked similar, especially Qiao Man’s private collection of Nan Jianming’s portrait, and his heart was even more suspicious, but A Li refused to meet Qiao Man, and finally had to visit Lin’s mother at night. Because of nervousness, Xu Zhensheng accidentally knocked over the kettle in the yard. Mother Lin, who was sleeping on the sofa, was suddenly awakened. She got up and went to the yard to check. At this time, there was no Xu Zhensheng and left two boxes alone. Gifts, after Mother Lin took the gifts back to the room, Xu Zhensheng, who was hiding in the corner, walked out slowly, bursting into tears.

Hansen was busy with the company, and finally took a break from his busy schedule and hurried to meet Joeman for dinner in the evening. Qiao Man believes that Zhu Fan is most likely to be related to the vase explosion, because he has copied a batch of fake and inferior artworks. If they were not destroyed at the time, they might be sold on the market. Hansen agreed with this speculation. He felt that someone in Li Pingge had abandoned the company for his own benefit, so he waited in the company lobby early the next morning.

Yan Dong convened an internal meeting. Lin Heping suggested that all products for sale should be withdrawn. A Li objected on the spot, saying that a rash recall would cause great losses. Although Hansen supported Lin Heping’s idea on the side, Yan Dong also believed that the move was unfavorable to the company and rejected it. Wishful thinking started, and Zhu Fan also happened to be missing for no apparent reason. When A Li listened to a call from the sheep basket to report on the situation, she found that Ms. Lin suddenly came to visit her son. A Li hung up the phone hurriedly and got up to greet her. Lin’s mother didn’t like her rebellious attitude, so she ordered to move on the spot and threw all her luggage out of the house without saying anything.

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