Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 46 Plot (Recap)

Qiao Man’s words did not make Lin Heping choose to give up, but he missed the person who made him etched deep in his heart. At first, Nan Sheng chose to leave, but only left the letter and Bian Diary to be forwarded by Xiaoxi. Lin Ping was panicked and looked around. However, when dusk approached, he still found nothing. In the end, only the restaurant that the two of them frequented was left. , The past, as vividly as possible.

As Li Pingge’s career development was fairly smooth, A Li quickly returned the debt to Tuozi. Xu Zhensheng informed his sister that Nan Sheng had left. A Li was worried that Lin Heping could not think about it, so he came to the restaurant in the rain and watched him stay alone in the corner to get drunk. He felt distressed and couldn’t help complaining that Nan Sheng was too impulsive, and then picked up the bottle again. Drink with him.

Since then, Nan Sheng has been missing, and no news has been heard. Now the feelings Lin Heping tried to keep are gradually dissipating. Although Mother Lin once blocked Nansheng from interacting with Lin Heping, after Nansheng left, she also regretted it a bit, so seeing Qiaoman again in the past few days, she had the idea to bring the two together again. It’s just that Lin Heping came home to visit this time and made it clear that Qiaoman is already married. Mother Lin was very sorry, but she insisted that Lin Heping dispel the idea of ​​being with Xu Ali. Lin Heping saw his mother transfer the grievances to the Xu family sister and brother, and suddenly became a little puzzled. Fortunately, Lin’s mother was extremely resilient, and hurriedly changed the subject.

The novel “Meeting Barcelona” has reached the filming stage. Jin Ke asked Qiaoman to explain his creative inspiration to the crew. However, Qiaoman was distracted throughout the process until Luo Chen came to the studio again to struggle with copyright issues. When Jin Ke and Luo Chen were arguing endlessly, Qiao Man couldn’t help but interrupted, saying that as long as Luo Chen was willing to cooperate, she would make every effort to create movies and increase book sales.

Because Qiaoman had the same face as Nan Sheng, Luo Chen followed in a daze, and unconsciously agreed, even Jin Ke felt incredible. After leaving the studio, Luo Chen considered many issues alone. He invited Xiaoxi out and took the initiative to talk about what happened during college. After so many years, Luo Chen slowly realized that his heart was actually distorted by hatred. If Nan Sheng was still alive, he would definitely feel sad for him now.

Xu Zhen was born to worship Nan Jianming at the cemetery, but at the same time he felt guilty for Nansheng. When Nan Sheng left without saying goodbye, Xu Zhensheng often came to take care of Lin’s mother. Although Lin’s mother always disagrees with the relationship between the two, she is still Nan Jianming’s wife after all. Naturally, she hopes that Nan Sheng can return safely and find a good family, at least to comfort her. Southern Father is in the Spirit of Heaven.

At the same time, A Li met Nan Sheng on the way to participate in the painting exhibition in Barcelona. During this period, there was a brief conversation, and then there was the bad news of Nan Sheng’s shipwreck. Even if the police sent manpower to search, he still couldn’t whereabouts. Because Lin Heping knew of this, he didn’t want to live. Everyone held a funeral for Nansheng. Luo Chen also scolded Lin Heping at the funeral, saying that he would never let him go in his life.

Xu Zhensheng thought he was the culprit, knelt in front of the portrait and cried bitterly, and slapped himself severely. A Li was puzzled by his younger brother’s behavior, so he just came back from the funeral and couldn’t help asking why. Xu Zhensheng had been living in pain for a long time, and immediately told the truth that he killed Nan Jianming. This sentence happened to be heard by Lin’s mother. . A Li begged Lin’s mother to let Xu Zhensheng go, but Xu Zhensheng couldn’t pass his own hurdle. He hurriedly left a letter, then surrendered to the police station, and waited for the siblings to meet again, and he was in the visiting cell.

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