Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 45 Plot (Recap)

A Li knew that Lin Heping was traveling with a group, leaving Lin Heping alone at home, so she specially bought vegetables to cook, and when she cleaned the room, she found the invitation card Lin Heping gave to Nansheng. Lin Heping quickly grabbed it and reminded A Li by the way. Don’t interfere with the feelings between two people. Lin Heping was too determined, and A Li decided to start Xiang Nansheng. She wrote to advise Nansheng to break up with Lin Heping. Xiaoxi forwarded the letter on her behalf, but was intercepted by Xu Zhensheng halfway through. He was so angry that he went directly to confront her sister. There was a quarrel in the kitchen until Lin Heping came forward to resolve it.

The old shop was refurbished, and Li Ping Pavilion finally officially opened. Xu Zhensheng brought Nan Sheng to celebrate. However, after the event, Lin Heping was about to send Nan Sheng to work, and finally met the leaders of the TV station. At this time, Lin Heping was still a penniless poor boy. The radio leader thought that Lin Heping was not worthy of Nansheng, and he was naturally ridiculed. A few words left a deep mark on Lin Heping’s heart. Even Xu Zhensheng didn’t know what to do. How to comfort.

Although Nan Sheng is good, in the eyes of A Li, she and Lin Heping are two people in two worlds. Lin Heping strives to maintain everything, but he has to face many difficulties, such as the dangling status, future choices, and even Lin Heping. Mom’s hindrance. Uncle Nansheng changed his mind. He repaid all the money owed before. Lin Heping wanted to inform Nansheng of this, but Xiaoxi said that Nansheng had been taken by Luo Chen for an interview. Since Luo Chen won the Grand Prize of the competition, the reporter was extremely interested in his paintings and the girls around him. Luo Chen did not hide his love at all, but Lin Heping saw all this in his eyes.

At this time, Luo Chen and Nansheng looked like a pair of golden boys and jade girls under the camera. They looked particularly right. Lin Heping was lost and left. Nansheng hurried after seeing this. She just wanted to explain the story, but she heard Lin Heping. Offer to break up. Originally, Lin Heping didn’t believe A Li’s words, but only today did he understand that his relationship with Nansheng is limited to his brothers and sisters. He can provide care and concern from his brother, but he cannot give his lover the dependence and protection. Lin Heping and Nan Sheng broke up, and A Li was in a good mood. Not only did he cook the chicken soup himself, he even took the opportunity to confess at the dinner table. Lin Heping only loves Nansheng, besides, to him, A Li is like an older sister without any other feelings at all.

In a blink of an eye, when Nansheng graduated, after Xiaoxi made suggestions, Xu Zhensheng dragged Lin Heping over on the graduation ceremony. Nan Sheng confessed in public, hoping that the two will resolve their misunderstandings and reunite. However, even if Lin Heping was very moved, he finally refused cruelly. He didn’t want to delay Nan Sheng’s future, but he hurt Nan Sheng invisibly.

Xu Zhensheng was originally guilty for the accident of hitting Nan Jianming to death. He was even more sad when he saw Nansheng in such anguish. He was so angry that he couldn’t help but go to Lin Heping to settle accounts. A Li stopped Xu Zhensheng, believing that the relationship between Lin Heping and Nansheng had no results at all, but Xu Zhensheng was committed to defending it and refused to listen to her sister’s words.

It was at this time that Xu Zhensheng and A Li’s relationship had a rift, but now, with the passage of time, A Li’s career has developed better and better, and Xu Zhensheng has gradually matured. Just when Xu Zhensheng was still looking at the photo in a daze, A Li had come back from the outside and saw his brother whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, and immediately rushed to hold him and cry.

Mother Lin saw Nan Sheng in her dream, so she called Lin Heping and told Lin Heping to bring Qiaoman back home. Lin Heping relayed Ms. Lin’s words to Qiaoman, and by the way expressed her heart to Qiaoman, but Qiaoman was touched. , But she knew Fang Cun, so she still refused with a heavy heart.

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