Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 44 Plot (Recap)

Mother Lin returned from shopping and found that Qiao Man had already left. Although she was regretful that she could not talk a few words, she liked Qiao Man at first sight, so she made dumplings for Lin Heping to take home. Qiao Man felt warm and wanted to know Nan Sheng’s story even more. Just as Lin Heping was about to confess, Hansen suddenly called Qiao Man to participate in the event, and the first conversation between the two was interrupted again.

Li Pingge mobilized and arranged for Hansen. Lin Heping met with the painter upstairs. He never thought it was Dong Yan. Because he had seen all of Lin Heping’s Tibetan paintings, Yan Dong proposed to buy Bi’an Lighthouse together. Although Lin Heping sold the paintings to help A Li repay the tens of millions, he still did not immediately agree.

Qiaoman followed Hansen to the company to attend the welcome party. A Li held flowers in hand to bless the two newlyweds personally, and took the lead to make Qiaoman and Hansen have a drink. Lin Heping didn’t show up, but looked at Qiaoman lonely across the office screen, until his parents made a fuss on the scene and cursed Hansen for stepping on two boats to deceive his daughter’s feelings. Hansen couldn’t tell, and left angrily, as small as he was chasing behind him to apologize, while Hansen hoped to be as small as he could explain clearly in front of everyone, but the result was as small as an immediate expression of his intentions, which really made Hansen froze in place and did not know how to respond .

He Xiaoxi went to Jin Ke to discuss cooperation. Because of a previous misunderstanding, the two of them were more optimistic about the future of the novel. Unexpectedly, Ding Miaomiao received the lawyer’s letter accidentally, and learned that Yifeng magazine had turned back and went to court. Jin Ke was very annoyed. Xiaoxi didn’t know the matter, so he asked Jin Ke to allow her to deal with it for a few days. Facing Xiaoxi’s question, Luo Chen directly and generously admitted that now he has determined that the copyright of the novel is bound to be obtained, and no one can take away what he originally owned.

Qiao Man saw Nan’s diary in Lin Heping’s collection room. She looked at the familiar handwriting on the diary, and her heart grew uneasy. After Xu Zhensheng was released from prison after serving his sentence, he returned to his hometown and looked at the familiar and icy layout of the room, as well as the long group photo on the counter. The five people in the painting are still youthful and youthful.

At that time, Xu Zhensheng was still very impulsive. In order to defend the love between Lin Heping and Nansheng, he did not hesitate to sneak into the studio to destroy Luo Chen’s paintings, thereby preventing Nansheng’s portrait from participating. Although the impulse had just begun, but was caught by Professor Su Shan, Xu Zhensheng refused to apologize to Luo Chen and preferred to be expelled from school. When Nan Sheng heard of this, he hurried over. Luo Chen left in grief because of Nan Sheng’s accusation.

Tuozi knew that Fengshang Crafts was out of business, so he came to A Li to collect his debts. It happened that Xu Zhensheng came back from school. Fortunately, A Li was anxious and sent the Tuozi away. Xu Zhensheng confessed to her sister, and A Li was angry and annoyed, and asked Lin Heping the next day to explain the situation. Lin Heping took the initiative to take responsibility for this incident, so he went to the school to ask Luo Chen to let Xu Zhensheng go, but Luo Chen had no interest in the conditions for designing handicraft patterns, unless Lin Heping could be beaten up, Lin Heping agreed and suffered abruptly. A punch.

After leaving school, Xu Zhensheng visited Lin’s mother as usual. Not only was she smart and sweet, but she also helped with housework. Mother Lin looked satisfied and simply recognized him as her son. During the period, she also urged Xu Zhensheng to persuade Lin Heping to leave Nansheng. Her biggest hope now is to find the perpetrator who killed Nan Jianming.

A Li reopened the old shop and renamed it Li Ping Pavilion according to Lin Heping’s proposal. Because of the destruction of his paintings, Luo Chen naturally planned to close his pen. Professor Su Shan felt a bit regretful, and Nan Sheng felt the same way, so he took the initiative to find Luo Chen, not only to encourage him to re-energize, but even to be his model.

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