Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 43 Plot (Recap)

Fortunately, Hansen arrived in time. Qiaoman was just overwhelmed. There was nothing unusual. It was just because of Anthony’s words that Qiaoman once again questioned the blood relationship between himself and Qiao Fang. Hansen calmly persuaded Qiaoman not to think about it. , But he knew the truth better than anyone else.

The He Xiaoxi Bar opened, and Lin and Ping specially sent handicrafts. During a chat with her, he accidentally learned about the copyright of the novel. While Lin Heping was still worried about Qiaoman, he happened to ran into Hansen and Ben at the door of his home. It turned out that Hansen had already bought the property next door and planned to use it as a wedding house. Lin Heping believed that Hansen kidnapped Qiaoman morally, so he didn’t want to give blessings. He hoped Qiaoman could turn his head back in time, and he would always wait where he was. Qiaoman had already made a decision and would naturally not fail Hansen.

Since the copyright matter has not been properly handled, Hansen dragged Ben directly to the bar. Seeing the culprit who had been missing for a long time, Xiaoxi wanted to rush to curse him. Ben knew that he was at a loss and did not dare to reply, so he had to come up with the cancellation of the copyright agreement and was willing to refund the full amount. However, Xiaoxi’s magazine has contacted the printing and publishing house, and is currently waiting for it to be released. Seeing that things are going out of control, Hansen suggested that Xiaoxi and Director Jin Ke jointly develop “Meeting Barcelona”. The two can retain the copyright without conflict of interest.

After getting Xiaoxi’s consent, Hansen informed Qiao Man about the matter. Although Director Jin Ke has not yet interviewed him, Qiao Man is confident and has his own way to persuade Jin Ke. When she went out, she met Mother Lin who had come to deliver chicken soup to her son. Looking at the “Nan Sheng” in front of her, Mother Lin stayed in a daze, until A Li came to break the scene. After some explanations, Mother Lin finally settled down. She was still wondering why there are such similar people in the world, but in a blink of an eye, she found that A Li was living with her son, and she was so angry that she accused A Li of bad intentions on the spot.

A Li felt resentful, because of Lin’s identity, it was inconvenient to contradict her. Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly fainted, and A Li hurriedly contacted Lin Heping. Lin Heping returned home as soon as he received the call. At this time, Lin’s mother was getting better under A Li’s care. When the mother and the son were alone, Lin Heping mentioned Qiaoman to Lin Heping. Although Lin Heping repeatedly corrected that it was not Nansheng, Lin Heping missed Nansheng too much, so she hoped that Lin Heping would find a chance to meet Qiaoman.

Originally, Dong Yan wanted to organize a ceremony to welcome Hansen’s arrival, but because of Lin’s mother, A Li was late for work, and Lin Heping failed to come forward. Yan Dongzi kept complaining, but fortunately Hansen didn’t go deep into it. He publicly promised to build Yipin Culture and Lipingge into the largest art company, and proposed to develop Bi’an Lighthouse. It’s just that the Beacon Lighthouse is still Lin Heping’s personal belongings. A Li can’t guarantee that Lin Heping can easily hand it over. Hansen sneered and said that he had his own way.

When Yan Dong took Hansen around to visit, Luo Chen came to the door angrily because of the copyright of the novel. Qiao Man is Hansen’s nominal wife, so Hansen must come forward to defend, even willing to pay heavy compensation, Luo Chen was defeated in the argument, and finally had to leave in embarrassment. Xiaoxi persuaded Luo Chen to accept Hansen’s suggestion, only when he saw that Luo Chen was so stubborn, he bluntly said that Luo Chen accepted himself on the surface, but he could not forget Nan Sheng in his heart.

Qiao Man was forcibly taken back to Lin’s house by Lin Heping. Ms. Lin was extremely surprised and took the initiative to open up a meal. Qiao Man saw Nan Jianming’s photo in the restaurant room. The man in the photo actually matched the man in her memory, which made her very much. Distressed, I can’t help but wonder what is the relationship between myself and Nan Sheng.

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