Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman

She is the illegitimate daughter of Gu’s family in N City, and a gloomy and cowardly straw bag in the eyes of everyone. She is a mastermind in the financial world.

She is the descendant of the ancient genius doctor, with a golden needle in one hand, dead bones and flesh. The legend of the ancient martial arts world, the goddess of the entertainment circle, the master of Chinese martial arts…
She is graceful and stunning, but she also has a black belly, alienation and indifference! Her background is a mystery. When the level of identity is revealed, let’s see how she provokes great responsibility and composes a grand age.

In her previous life, she was unclear about people and became an abandoned son of the family. After rebirth, she was positive, while being cool and arrogant, while Su Shuanglei turned the sky, gracious and revengeful.
Title: Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
Alternative name: 豪门重生盛世闲女
Author: Road of Flowers
Genre: Romance
Release: 201X
Page(Chapter): 400
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In the dark room, a figure was faintly visible curled up in the corner.

Suddenly the door was opened, and a white light lit up in the room. The woman **** in the corner moved. She slowly raised her head, revealing a white jade-like face, and her clear ink eyes were slightly narrowed. But it can hook away the soul of the person, and the pale lips are slightly pursed, showing a gentle touch.

After a while, she lowered her long eyelashes and drew a shallow shadow under her eyelids, hiding the indifference in her eyes.

The woman outside the door was walking in slowly, her gentle face looked very strange in the light.

This woman is Gu Xijin, the eldest of the Gu family. She has a keen sense of finance. Every decision she makes can bring Gu family to the next level. After only three years of taking over the Gu family, she has been regarded as a myth by the entire financial world. Let the Gu family of the second-rate family develop into an international first-line family.

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