Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 48 End Recap

Lu Ping just wants to be an ordinary person, Liu Song said that he can meet Lu Ping. At this time, Su Tang and Yan Xifan had already arrived outside the Shanhai Tower. Su Tang never thought that she could come back in her lifetime. She could not leave here without Lu Ping before. Now she is here again for Lu Ping. At this time, the door of the Shanhai Tower was opened, and Liu Song ordered people to invite Su Tang and Yan Xifan to enter.

Yan Xifan claimed to take Lu Ping home as the brother of Fengfengtang. Liu Song slammed his wheelchair into Yan Xifan and Su Tang and was split by Yan Xifan. Lu Ping flew out at this time and stabbed Yan Xifan, and waved a sword and stabbed Su Tang again. This move made Liu Song very happy. Liu Song used Lu Ping’s blood to restore his appearance, and he was able to move freely. Liu Song, with his wishful thinking, wanted to take Lu Ping back to the country of Dan.

Lu Ping suddenly attacked Liu Song, and displayed the heroic spirit of the hero. This is the legendary heroic spirit of the hero. Liu Song was surprised that what was impossible was actually realized here at Lu Ping. Lu Ping told Liu Songying that the soul originated from love, and Liu Song didn’t get it naturally. This is Qin Sang in the illusion of fine spirit. He reminded Lu Ping not to indulge in the illusion and jump out, she will always be a guard. Luping.

The spirit of heroes can make people freely convert the six spirits. Liu Song believes that except this point is useless. Once you do not believe that Lu Ping can win yourself. But Liu Song did not expect Lu Ping and his friends. When the two were in a stalemate, Yan Xifan and Su Tang died holding Liu Song’s legs so that he could not move. Liu Song was too confident to notice that Yan Xifan did not Die.

When Liu Song was in pain, a person came here and took off his veil. The person came from Mo Lin, and Mo Lin hit the ecstasy and penetrated Liu Song’s body. Mo Bu did not save Mo Lin with a blood snake, and hoped that Mo Lin could go out and wander outside after waking up. This has always been Mo Lin’s dream. The day when Mo Lin woke up happened to be the day when Wuyou Valley was overthrown, it would be so easy to kill him if he had to transmit his power to his son.

After Mo Lin buried all the people in Wuyou Valley, he came to Yan Xifan. When Yan Xifan and Lu Ping designed to attack Jincheng, Yan Xi Fan let Mo Lin see Lu Ping, which was also their secret weapon, precisely because of Mo Lin Zai can make so many medicines to control the Soul Eater. Mo Lin happily looked at Su Tang, claiming that as long as she had seen her appearance in a wedding dress, he would be lucky, and Su Tang happily looked at Mo Lin.

Liu Song is controlled by Ecstasy, and this is the reincarnation of Heavenly Dao. The outside has been set on fire by Mo Lin, and the Liu Song inside has become a waste person. Mo Lin urges Lu Ping to leave quickly. Liu Song was dissatisfied with what Lu Ping did today and regretted that Lu Ping should not have been saved. Lu Pingyan is more suitable for this world than Liu Song and Zhai Rong.

The day that Lu Ping Morin and Yan Xifan met, Zhai Rong discovered and also took the initiative to talk to Lu Ping. Lu Ping also said that he could let go, and believed Yan Xifan’s vision, and believed that Zhai Rong was a Mingjun. Lu Ping had already planned to mix into the Shanhai Tower, and Zhai Rong deliberately left Lin Tianyi’s life behind, so that Lu Ping could smoothly enter the Shanhai Tower. Lu Ping left Qiansong Ruler and Yan Xifan to leave. Liu Song reached out and wanted to hold Qiansong Ruler, but after all he failed to hold it.

Shanhailou was also burned, all the people in Shanhailou were scattered as birds and beasts. Lu Ping, Yan Xifan, Su Tang and Mo Lin walked all the way and left. Looking at Mo Lin and Su Tang playing intimately, Lu Ping showed a smiling face. Yan Xifan was stabbed and couldn’t lean on Lu Ping. Lu Ping helped Yan Xi Fan to remind him not to lean on him, because he also had The wound, the two of them simply lay on the ground thinking about Guo Youdao before taking them back to the time when they reunited at the Fengfeng Hall.

Lu Ping knew that he had to take Mo Lin and Su Tang away, and had to say goodbye to Yanxi Fan, because the emperor could not tolerate a person who had assassinated himself alive, which also gave the emperor a reason to pursue the remaining sins of Shanhailou. Lu Ping claimed to fight for the innocent people. Although the temple was a high-ranking Yanxi, galloping the rivers and lakes, Lu Ping was chic. Yan Xifan worried that it would be difficult to meet each other today, but Lu Ping said that as long as the wind is in their hands, the four people’s hands are tightly held together.

After everything was over, Yan Xifan was the commander of the Longjie Army, and his surname was Zhao. Yan Xifan toasted Qin Qi, and toasted the Qin family’s loyalty. Later, it was Yan Xifan who presided over the meeting.

The disciples of Chu Minjiao’s Fifth Academy gave them half a day of exhaustion every day, which made Huo Ying and others cry miserably. Chu Min vaguely remembered those apprentices who had made porridge for her, but he could not remember who it was. Wei Tianqi tried every means to heal Chu Min, but Chu Min punched him. Guo Wushu left Beidou and left Qishentang to Wei Tianqi. He was so angry that Wei Tianqi looked for Guo Wushu everywhere, but he couldn’t find it. Li Yaotian seemed to guess where Guo Wushu was going, but refused to tell Wei Tianqi.

Picking up the wind hall, Jin Ruyu brought wine to Guo Youdao again. Unexpectedly, Guo Wushu came out of the room. At first, Jin Ruyu yelled and thought that he had scammed. But if I think about it carefully, it should be Guo Wushu. Guo Wushu also said that since today, he will reopen the Fengtang Hall. Jin Ruyu asked Guo Wushu instead of Guo Youdao to pay off the debt. Guo Wushu has no money to feel embarrassed. Jin Ruyu didn’t care, but planned to go back and forth in the future and proposed to let Guo Wuzhu call her Ruyu directly.

Since then, Zhai Rong has rapidly expanded its territory, and there is a tendency to unify the world. All this is due to Yan Xifan and Lu Ping. Lu Ping has been helping Yan Xifan in the dark, and the brothers cooperated with each other. Yan Xifan and Ling Ziyan led the team to Chen Qiao, and the people on the street rejoiced. Yan Xifan raised his head and saw a dark shadow across the roof at night. Yan Xifan knew that Lu Pingfei came up and followed the dark shadow to the roof to enjoy the fireworks bloom.

Lu Ping has been wearing Guo Youdao’s clothes as a robbery hero, and has been accompanying Yan Xifan all the way to fight. The two looked at each other and smiled, Lu Pingfei left, the fireworks blooming in the sky, Yan Xifan showed a satisfied smile.

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