Chapter 3: Buddy

It was already at night, and the daily outpatient clinics of the hospital were not in work. The driver Zhang took out his cell phone and made a call. Soon a group of doctors in white coats hurried over.

This doctor is always aloof. When is he so careful with this little driver?

Gu Xiqiao squinted as the doctor used tweezers to clean up the rubble. He didn’t have much guesswork about this. They met right away, and it was estimated that there would be no chance of seeing each other after they got out of the hospital. Thinking of this, she felt relieved.

What she didn’t expect was that the driver was asking her family’s contact information?

Gu Xiqiao raised her head, her eyes were clear and bright, her soft black hair slid down her shoulders, and she looked very well-behaved, “It’s okay, it’s just a broken skin. You go first. I’ll be myself later. go back.”

Call Gu’s family? Su Wan’er couldn’t wait to strangle her, Gu Zuhui didn’t see her completely, Gu Xijin cared about her on the surface, but she wanted her to die in her heart? There is no difference between calling this call and not calling it back. I was hit by a car. This left the title of a disaster star in the hearts of the Gu family, and they would not even send a servant.

Under the light, the girl’s face was exquisite and beautiful, her white face still showed a sickly paleness, and her depleted body looked very pitiful.

Before Lao Zhang could reply, the nurse who cleaned her wound couldn’t help but speak, “How can you not find your parents if you are injured like this, girl, are you in conflict with your family? Adolescence is rebellious, I understand, go back and admit something wrong. , Parents are all Knife Mouth Tofu Hearts. They are tired from work every day, so don’t worry about them all the time…”

She talked a lot, but kept going, and the noise made Gu Xipon’s brain hurt.

Are the nurses so enthusiastic these days?

“My mother is dead,” Gu Xiqiao glanced at the nurse and suddenly said, “My father has no time to care about me.”

“Ah, I’m sorry.” The nurse stunned, realizing that she had said something that shouldn’t be said, and instantly made up another million-word family ethics drama. She looked at Gu Xiqiao with sympathy.” then you……”

Gu Xiqiao’s eyes were dark and quiet. He ignored her, continued to organize his thoughts, and returned to the age of eighteen. He had an unreliable system on his body and was hit by a car as soon as he came back. Why is it a little unlucky to get up?

She couldn’t figure it out, and only stretched out two green fingers to rub her temples.

The little nurse thought for a while, but couldn’t help but open her mouth. This was a trainee nurse who had just left school. She was inexperienced, simple and lovely, and she still had a little self-righteousness in her heart. She felt that she had to dissuade an adolescent from getting lost. Of lamb.

But isn’t this self-righteous kindness poking a knife in people’s hearts?

Now even Lao Zhang couldn’t stand it anymore, he was going to stop the little nurse.

However, before he had time to say anything, he heard a slight “squeak” and the tall and tall figure pushed the door in. As he walked, the room fell into a cold fog, and the air was full of invisible pressure.

The nurse felt a damp and cold behind her, and an inexplicable sense of fear crawled up from her spine. She closed her mouth unconsciously and accelerated the speed in her hand, and then she almost shivered out.

When the door was closed, he couldn’t help but raise his eyes and saw the silhouette like a carved jade.

He stood there, long and straight, his whole body was unbelievably graceful, but the whole body was filled with spirit, which made his heart palpitating.

From this angle, the man’s handsome eyebrows are picturesque, and the elegant eyebrow peaks seem to fade the coldness on his face, highlighting a warm beauty.

Never seen such an outstanding man, the little nurse was a little startled.

Jiang Shuxuan saw that Gu Xiqiao’s wound had been treated, and he picked it up to check. There was no expression on his cold-lined face, but a pair of thick ink-like sword eyebrows were twisted, like a calm lake. , His eyes were extremely deep, shrouded in a layer of cold snow, even if not angry, few people would dare to look directly.

After a long time, he will hand it to Lao Zhang to get the medicine.

Lao Zhang wanted to contact the little girl’s family at first. After all, it was wrong to let the little girl be alone in the hospital at night, but the little girl looked stubborn and uncooperative at all.

He was anxious for Mr. Jiang downstairs. After all, his task tonight is to send him to the airport. If something goes wrong, he can’t afford it. Now Mr. Jiang has come up by himself, and he didn’t mean to blame himself. , This calmed his heart, and went out to get medicine.

When there were no more people in the ward, Jiang Shuxuan turned to Gu Xiqiao.

He looked at her, and his clear eyes were shining brightly with lights.

After a long time, he said, “Who are you?”

Jiang Shuxuan’s eyes seemed to be penetrating, able to see the deepest thoughts in people’s hearts.

He knew that his car had hit someone, but this was no longer what he expected from the beginning. He was also in the car at the time. With his perception, he didn’t notice anyone in front of him. The girl’s mental power was also It was huge, so big that he was a little afraid.

With such a high level of mental power, the children in the Bizhi clan are many times more genius. Those people have found out what they are interested in, so they let this girl appear in front of him?

It’s not that there is no such possibility, Jiang Shuxuan will inevitably take a look at her.

A cold voice came from the top of his head, and Gu Xiqiao raised his head and looked at the questioning man with a puzzled look.

His eyes were as clean as a childish, clear and transparent, looking to the end.

Jiang Shuxuan was speechless for a while, he couldn’t help but coughed lightly with his fist against his lips, concealing his sudden embarrassment. A child with such clear eyes would never look like that kind of person. He suddenly raised his eyes to her. A lot of favorability, “I mean, since you don’t want to go home, then go to my house for a few days.”

There are many children who have conflicts with the family, but a sensible and well-behaved child suddenly chooses to run away from home. How much wrongdoing did he choose to make this choice? Jiang Shuxuan felt a little so uncomfortable.

Gu Xiqiao raised his eyebrows in surprise, and just wanted to say no, only to feel a shadow in front of him, and then his body lightened.

Before she could react, she was hugged by a pair of iron walls, and she was picked up easily, with a clear breath lingering in her nose.

She raised her eyes in amazement. From this angle, she could only see the exquisite and cold jaw of this person. She thought, this person must be dictatorial, and would not even give people a chance to say a word of rejection.

Moreover, his eyes were deep and dark, but they were warm.

Gu Xiqiao pursed his lips slightly, and his long eyelashes drooped slightly, hiding his emotions.

The person in his hand was almost weightless, even a rifle was heavier than her. Jiang Shuxuan frowned slightly, remembering the examination report just now. Physical weakness, anemia, minor concussion, and severe wounds are so different from those of his age. Is it big?

How did this grow up?

Gu Xiqiao was still in a trance, the system in his mind suddenly said, [ding! The system has detected that this man has good intentions and is an upright young man, and has been automatically added to the friend list. 】

Friends column? She got a new skill, immediately closed her eyes and immersed herself in the system space, studying the friend bar that suddenly appeared.

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