Chapter 2: Meet

“Hey, that’s weird.” The few dudes shook their heads, only when they drank too much, staring at the thin figure that went further and further, with regret on their faces.

It’s really a pity that such a beautiful person could not catch up with him.

Gu Xijin looked at the expressions of these people, and the hand holding the wine glass was slightly white. From the day Gu Xiqiao came home on the first day, she knew that the person was a scourge, but it was nothing more than a face. The beautiful vases of the world will eventually become other people’s playthings.

After thinking about it for a while, Gu Xijin was relieved, but the dark eyes were still hazy.

The girl next to her couldn’t help but fight the injustice for her, “A Jin, your heart is too big, right? She is your sister? She looks like a fox and she looks like a fox. At first glance, it is not a good thing. Grandpa Gu is really relieved. bring back.”

The origin of Gu Xiqiao is not a secret in the eyes of these people. Most people know that she is the offspring of a **** star, or came from the country. The whole person has an earthy taste, afraid of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. I haven’t touched the side, a veritable straw bag.

“What are you afraid of, but a silly girl from the country should let her know that N City is different from their mud ball in a few days!”


Yes, N City is completely different from what she thought. She has realized this with her own life. Gu Xiqiao twitched her mouth and looked at the brilliant building behind her sarcastically. Suddenly there was chaos–

“Hey Ajin, what’s wrong with your clothes!”

“Ah—” A shrill, frightened female voice pierced the night sky.

Gu Xiqiao stretched his waist, his eyes were cold, and his clothes burst out of the air. It was really a good ability.

The servants who passed by knew that the hostess took back an illegitimate girl. Not only was this illegitimate girl not grateful, she was so gloomy as a dead mother every day, it was really bad luck! They glanced at the illegitimate girl in disgust, and then hurried towards the house.

How could these people understand that an illegitimate daughter who was not seen, suddenly appeared in a place that was out of place with her, was deliberately rejected by a family of people, and when the hostess was deliberately trying to kill her, she was always careful , Sanguan lived a very righteous life how firm her heart should be.

Gu Xiqiao didn’t mind, she was a humble illegitimate girl, and she had seen enough of these servants’ practice of holding high and stepping on low in her previous life, and she couldn’t make any ripples in her heart.

Quietly out of the place where she could not breathe.

However, she actually came back, back to the age of eighteen, this year she just looked back home.

Gu Xiqiao stopped and raised her hands eagerly. The slender and white fingers in front of her eyes. Although there were thin calluses on the palms, they did not compromise the beauty. They were a pair of intact hands. She suddenly laughed softly. Not everyone So lucky.

A dazzling light came from the front suddenly.

【caveat! There is danger three meters ahead, please avoid within 0.01 seconds, or use 1 point to buy a dodge card! 】

There was a piercing and long brake sound on the silent and sultry night.

The driver hurriedly got out of the car and saw the little girl’s heart chuckle. He hurried to catch the plane. This road was usually uninhabited. When turning the road, he did not expect that there would be people in the middle of the road. He was shocked and stepped on the brake. Unexpectedly, it still hit.

But it wouldn’t be so bad, right? And she didn’t avoid the car lights so bright, did she deliberately touch porcelain?

The driver looked suspicious.

Gu Xiqiao came back slowly, she saw the driver’s eyes clearly, did not say anything, got up slowly, her face was cold, without a trace of pain.

For this system that can only sell cute for the time being, she is very sad, “You told me that there is danger ahead when the car is in front of you? If I can avoid it in 0.01 seconds, am I still a human!”

[Host, this system is still at the lowest level 0 and is still very weak. I need my host’s host to do more tasks, and then upgrade and improve the system’s functions, then there will be no similar incidents! ] The system was crying, but it was also very wronged.

“What do you want!” Gu Xiqiao narrowed his eyes and thought.

This car appeared so strange, how could she be so unlucky? Didn’t even have time to flash?

Despised system: […] 嘤嘤嘤!

Her back was straight, her eyes half-squinted, and the white and slender legs were exposed in the air. At this time, the fleshy wound on the knee was still bleeding, the flesh turned out, and there was faint gravel. Stuck in it, the white skin lined the purple wounds so terribly.

The driver uncle saw the injury clearly through the headlights, and was stunned for a moment. Is the injury so bad?

Under the headlights, her face was a little dazed, but the delicate and picturesque outline was still visible, her long eyelashes curled into a pretty arc, clean and delicate, but the occasional coldness in the slightly squinted eyes made the driver look slightly.

I fixed my eyes and saw that the girl’s eyes were clear, clear and beautiful, no different from a child of this age.

He rubbed his eyes, and felt that this girl didn’t look like a girl who came to touch porcelain, and touched porcelain in the rich district. Isn’t it boring? Thinking of these, he communicated with the people sitting in the back of the car, and after a few words decided to send the girl to the hospital.

Gu Xiqiao tried to lift her leg, and a piercing pain came from her leg. Although she was a rough countryman, she was never short of her adoptive mother on weekdays, and she did not do much work. Learning crafts from the grandfather next door, she was also spoiled in the ravine, and she felt pain when she was suddenly injured.

But no matter how painful, there is no pain when the fingers are crushed.

Gu Xiqiao’s eyes were still clear. She calmly analyzed the current situation. This road is very long and it is a wealthy area. Taxis will not be allowed in, so she got in this low-key car without much thought. Luxury car.

As soon as the car door was closed, a huge mental force rolled over her.

Gu Xiqiao’s face turned pale for an instant.

She stayed in the virtual space of the system for a long time. During this period, she studied countless books and naturally knew some national arts. At this time, she was crushed by the mental power that even the person who had lived for two lives could not match her.

She only felt that her mental power had been hit by an unprecedented shock, and her brain felt like a torn pain!

If this person uses one more effort, she is likely to suffer from mental damage and become an idiot!

The system in the virtual space turned into a human form, widened with unbelievable eyes, suddenly woke up, and immediately pinched with both hands to set up an isolated space for Gu Xiqiao.

Feeling the pressure on his body disappeared like the tide, Gu Xiqiao’s nerves relaxed slightly, leaving seven points of vigilance.

The figure in the back seat suddenly raised its head, and a pair of deep eyes appeared in the dim car seat, as if there was a substantial light directly on Gu Xiqiao’s back. Gu Xiqiao was isolated by space and did not feel this. Road eyes.

The car arrived at the hospital soon, and Gu Xiqiao got out of the car almost like an escape, dripping with cold sweat on his body. The feeling of being close to death was too frightening.

The uncle driver saw her walking around and hurriedly came down to help her.

After they left, the rear window slowly rolled down, revealing a cold figure.

He was wearing a clean white shirt, his slightly raised eyes were filled with cold cold light, and there was no slightest emotion in his pupils. The bridge of his nose was strong, and the thin lips were gently pressed. The smooth lines of his face could see this. People are extremely handsome.

The white and slender fingers moved slightly, and a stream of light flashed in his ink eyes. He squinted, and after a while, put down the book on his leg, opened the car door and walked into the night.

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