Chapter 1: Rebirth

In the dark room, a figure was faintly visible curled up in the corner.

Suddenly the door was opened, and a white light lit up in the room. The woman **** in the corner moved. She slowly raised her head, revealing a white jade-like face, and her clear ink eyes were slightly narrowed. But it can hook away the soul of the person, and the pale lips are slightly pursed, showing a gentle touch.

After a while, she lowered her long eyelashes and drew a shallow shadow under her eyelids, hiding the indifference in her eyes.

The woman outside the door was walking in slowly, her gentle face looked very strange in the light.

This woman is Gu Xijin, the eldest of the Gu family. She has a keen sense of finance. Every decision she makes can bring Gu family to the next level. After only three years of taking over the Gu family, she has been regarded as a myth by the entire financial world. Let the Gu family of the second-rate family develop into an international first-line family.

Not only that, there are also Gu Xijin’s handed down works from the outside world. Each of her oil paintings has been received at international exhibitions. The most talented painter in China has no regrets for her paintings… She is the perfection in everyone’s hearts. Thousands of people are flocking to it!

Thinking of this, Gu Xiqiao suddenly smiled, and tears were almost coming out of his smile.

The perfect daughter in front of her is her elder sister, a half sister who has excellent affection.

From the day when Gu Xiqiao returned to Gu’s family, she knew that she was an illegitimate daughter, and she didn’t care about his wife’s liking. She realized that Madam Gu didn’t like being protruding herself. She grabbed her edge and hid behind Gu Xijin to help her. Step up to the peak.

The world only knows the eldest lady of Gu’s family, but they don’t know that Gu really does all this from an illegitimate daughter in a dark corner!

In front of outsiders, Gu Xiqiao was just an ordinary illegitimate girl, who didn’t understand anything.

And Gu Xijin is a perfect daughter praised by everyone, a natural business wizard.

Gu Xiqiao doesn’t care about the judgments of outsiders. She is a person who is easily moved. When she first came to Gu’s house, she was anxious. Only Gu Xijin was kind to her. She knew the gratitude to her and helped Gu Xijin wholeheartedly and never complained. .

She worked hard and worked hard to make the Gu family climb higher and higher.

But now, the group of people in the Gu family are going to abandon themselves to pave the way for Gu Xijin.

She Gu Xiqiao was abandoned as waste!

Ridiculous…really ridiculous!

“Why?” Gu Xiqiao stopped smiling suddenly, staring at Gu Xijin with deep eyes.

Gu Xijin slowly squatted down and stopped her eyes on Gu Xiqiao’s hands. Gu Xiqiao originally had a pair of very beautiful hands, with long and slender fingers, distinct joints, and lustrous and smooth, but now, the broken fingers are broken.

“The Gu family has raised you for so many years, shouldn’t you do something for us?” Gu Xijin’s eyes were cold, then she covered her lips, her beautiful eyes were clearly full of viciousness, “Tomorrow is my wedding with Brother Xia. Before that, of course you will settle down first, sister, if not, my heart will be really uneasy.”

Xu felt that Gu Xiqiao would never turn around again, and Gu Xijin did not hide her malice.

She is afraid, afraid that the secret of her body will be exposed someday, afraid that the current aura no longer belongs to her. Outsiders only know the beauty of her surface, but they don’t know that she is ridden by this kind of nightmare day and night. So, only Gu Xiqiao Abandon, she will feel at ease!

Not to mention that Gu Xiqiao just finished writing a plan, which is enough for Gu’s family to operate for ten years.

The Gu family is already at the top, and Gu Xiqiao’s role can only reach here, and leaving it is considered a major concern for her.

“You know I hate your calmness the most. What’s so arrogant about you. It’s just a dog raised by our Gu family. Jin Yu is nothing but tattered goods in it!” Gu Xijin raised her foot and stepped on it. Her **** hands, until the fingers that had stopped bleeding bleed again, she let go of her feet, high above her face, with undisguised irony, “We don’t care for idlers, and you are considered by that person. I’m saving for Gu’s family!”

As soon as the heavy door closed, the room suddenly became dark.

Gu Xiqiao didn’t make a sound, and his expression didn’t even fluctuate.

She looked out of the faintly lit window, and for a long while, the corners of her mouth curled up, and her clear eyes were so dark that she had already begun to understand, how could there be so many reasons?

It’s just that her Gu Xiqiao has never been cared by these people.

The integration she thought she thought was just a fake created by Gu Xijin deliberately.

That night, there was a big fire in the Gu family mansion. Gu Xiqiao died. I heard that even a whole body was not found. For these, people from outside just sighed. They are more concerned about the strategizing N city’s first daughter, Gu Xi Jin.

It’s just that what happened next exceeded everyone’s imagination.

The Gu family suddenly fell into an economic crisis. Miss Gu’s family tried to turn the tide, but she was in a mess, without a trace of rules, and eventually lost to a small company that was not well known.

This incident caused an uproar among all the people who watched the fire from the other side. They also smelled a different smell under the turmoil. Why did Miss Gu Er died and Miss Gu could not do anything? Can’t even fight for a small business? Did all the magic tricks of the past feed the dog?

Then, Miss Gu’s bribery and smuggling various criminal evidence was revealed and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The once glorious Gu family finally turned into dust. Everything came off guard, making everyone stunned.

Standing in the void, Gu Xiqiao looked at the scene in front of him, faintly dispelling the external situation reflected by the void mirror.

She stood in the void with her eyes low and thought, she was dead, she set a fire to burn herself to death, but what she did not expect was that she was still conscious after death, this is a vast void, her soul body I was imprisoned here, unable to leave.

Thinking of this, she stretched out her hand, and a wooden table and a wooden chair appeared in front of her. There were a pile of ancient books scattered on the table. She opened it and calmly read the book.

There is no day or night in the void, only endless scrolls. She doesn’t know how long she has spent here, until one day, a cold voice suddenly came in her mind, [The conditions have been reached, the system is starting… 】

Opening her eyes again, she saw a soft face.

The smooth black hair is close to the cheeks, and it hangs down naturally on the chest. The long eyelashes cast two fan-shapes on the eyelids, and then the chin is crystal clear as snow, and the lips are the color of peach blossoms, immature. The youthful age lightened her overly gorgeous face a little, but it was difficult to hide her grace.

Gu Xiqiao closed the faucet, and the rushing water stopped abruptly. She slowly raised her head, revealing a pair of clear and bright magnificent eyes. The long curly eyelashes trembled and the turbulent eyes instantly became calm.

[Beauty Bridge, congratulations on coming back! 】

“Yes, I’m back.” Gu Xiqiao took a piece of paper and wiped her fingers dry one by one. Her voice was dry and hoarse, with a sense of vicissitudes.

The void is systematically transformed into a human form, supporting the chin, [Beauty Bridge, do you want to start the mission? 】

“Turn on.”

【Ding! The daily mission is successfully opened! The random mission is successfully opened! The hidden mission is successfully opened! Level 0 mall successfully opened! Congratulations to Bridge Beauty! 】

Gu Xiqiao lazily kicked off the large-size slippers on his feet, and picked up a cotton skirt casually. The white jade feet landed on the mottled and bright carpets, with an imposing beauty and ultimate temptation.

The ordinary cotton dress and canvas shoes were unexpectedly suitable for her. Gu Xiqiao stared at herself in the mirror for a long while, narrowing her eyes slightly, the cold light in her eyes disappeared.

Today is May 1st, 2015, which is also the day of Gu Xijin’s coming-of-age ceremony. Gu Xiqiao slowly walked downstairs, her slightly drooping eyelashes covering her eyes.

The chaotic group of boys and girls downstairs stopped at the same time, raised their heads and looked at the girls on the corridor in surprise, and the huge living room suddenly fell into silence.

The girl turned her head sideways, her silky hair slid down, concealing her beautiful face, only dimly revealing her beautiful side face and the jade-like snowy skin. The ordinary cotton skirt was worn by her with a different taste. , With her footsteps, flowers bloomed step by step.

Surrounded by the crowd, Gu Xijin wrinkled her brows, but soon raised a smile, stepped forward affectionately took Gu Xiqiao’s arm, tilted her head and introduced to everyone, “Everyone has heard it, this is My new sister, Gu Xiqiao.”

The key to the new sister is the word “new”.

After listening to Gu Xijin’s introduction, the faces of these young people were suddenly enlightened, and the eyes of Gu Xiqiao changed instantly.

Last month, the Gu family took back the illegitimate daughter who had been living outside with great fanfare, and became a joke in the upper class. This pheasant who got into the phoenix flock was incompatible with this noble class, and also with the beautiful and respectful Miss Gu. Jin couldn’t compare, like an ugly duckling among the swans, how many people watched the jokes during the time he came back.

The real version of Cinderella, but Cinderella is always Cinderella, no matter how good it looks, it is just a skin.

How can you compare them with the authentic and wealthy children who have received countless etiquette education since childhood?

When I saw the real person at this time, many people immediately went to strike up a conversation, but Gu Xiqiao just smiled faintly and ignored anyone.

The girl in white clothes next to this scene couldn’t help but sneer, and looked at Gu Xijin with a hatred of iron and steel, “They also look at your face and go here with good intentions. They are illegitimate breeds, but in the end they just give you shoes. What qualifications does she have to be proud of!”

Their voices were not deliberately lowered, and they were naturally heard by Gu Xiqiao.

Gu Xiqiao’s smile remained unchanged, her white fingers reflected in the red wine, and she looked very beautiful. She watched Gu Xijin slowly walk towards her, and the system’s voice rang in her mind.

【caveat! The system has detected that Gu Xijin’s favorability for you is -48, reaching the level of an enemy, and automatically marking it as a red dangerous person! 】

She lowered her head, the expression on her face covered by the hair on both sides, her lips opened up and her eyes were stained with evil.

Those magnificent eyes were dark and heavy, but there was no smile at all. They just squinted at Gu Xijin who was walking towards her, and then raised her hand to raise a glass to her, her clear eyes slightly bend: “Happy birthday, sister.”

After speaking, she put down the wine glass and walked out the door.

Her voice is clear and gentle, and her expression is indifferent. She is not so gloomy and humble as before. Could this be that Gu Xiqiao?

Gu Xijin didn’t react for a while, and walked out of Gu’s gate by Gu Xiqiao.

Seeing this, the white-clothed girl whispered to the group of dudes. Those dudes rarely saw such an exquisite, but also faintly moved. At the moment, a few boys chased after them, but the weird thing is that no matter how they go, they all go out. Don’t go to that gate.

Is this a ghost hit the wall? There was a chill on the backs of several boys.

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