Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 41 Plot (Recap)

Nan Sheng and Lin Heping confessed to each other beside the tent, wrote a paper card that they liked each other, and then hung them at the wind chime. Lin Heping was delighted to see him, but then he wanted to plead guilty to Chief Ma. Nan Sheng thought that he had an inescapable responsibility and simply accompany him.

Luo Chen couldn’t find Nan Sheng, so he went to the university library to look for Xiaoxi. However, Xiaoxi was dissatisfied because of Luo Chen’s secret love for Nansheng, so he didn’t want to talk more, so he left immediately. When Luo Chen saw this, he hurriedly blocked the way. Xiaoxi took the opportunity to kiss and confess Luo Chen. People around him kept talking. Luo Chen froze in place.

A Li successfully collected the payment and handed it to Chief Ma. When Lin Heping arrived, Chief Ma had already promised him and A Li to continue selling in the factory. A Li was jealous of Nansheng, and seeing Lin Heping was also cynic. Lin Heping chased it out alone and asked about the source of the payment. Li refused to explain, but instead accused Uncle Nansheng of implicating everyone. Lin Heping defended Nansheng everywhere. A Li immediately asked Lin Heping to hand over the power of cooperation finance to himself. Lin Heping knew that A Li had been working a lot for this matter, so he agreed, but he didn’t know that A Lishi borrowed it from Camel. If the money hadn’t come for A Li, he wouldn’t easily hand over the 50,000 yuan.

After calming down, Luo Chen went to find Xiaoxi again, only to ran into Xiaoxi and Xu Zhensheng privately. He was so angry that he knew that Xiaoxi had informed him, and the two broke up unhappy after a big quarrel. Nan Sheng heard that his uncle was arrested, but found that it was Lin’s mother who called the police. She was both shocked and sad. Due to Lin’s peace relationship, she could no longer argue, and simply hid in the house. Lin Heping went home and questioned Mother Lin. Mother Lin tried her best. After witnessing the whole process, Nan Sheng immediately said that she would pool the money back to A Li.

Since Xiaoxi refused to be a messenger anymore, Xu Zhensheng could only check all the next moves. Luo Chen followed Xu Zhensheng to the studio and learned from him the difficult situation of Nansheng. At first Xu Zhensheng refused to explain. Fortunately, Luo Chen was smart and threatened him with a handle in his hand, which made Xu Zhensheng only truthfully tell that Uncle Nansheng stole the money.

Luo Chen likes Nan Sheng, and naturally refuses to give up such heroes to save the United States. He is about to rescue Nan Sheng from the fire, and then secretly takes away his father’s paintings, and stops Nan Sheng from the campus, wanting her to sell the Tibetan paintings for money Give it back to Lin Heping. However, facing Luo Chen’s confession, Lin Heping turned around and left unmoved.

Fengshang Handicraft Factory has not paid wages for a long time. When the workers gathered to discuss, Chief Ma announced the transfer of Lin Heping and A Li. Lin Heping saw the concerns of the workers and interpreted the thoughts and opinions on product sales in public. His remarks aroused everyone’s interest and nodded in agreement. Unexpectedly, at this time, Luo Chen came suddenly, not only accusing Lin Heping of his own credit for his sales performance, but even the patterns on the handicrafts were drawn by him. Lin Heping hurriedly explained to everyone, but Luo Chen was so eloquent, Chief Ma saw that the two were facing each other and hurriedly dissolved the meeting.

Lin Heping made an appointment to meet Xu Zhensheng and questioned him face to face. After he satisfactorily what Luo Chen had said, he accidentally learned that Luo Chen had stolen home paintings to help Nan Sheng. It just so happened that the school was about to participate in the art competition, and the school leaders selected Luo Chen’s paintings for the competition. Since this portrait is Nan Sheng, and the signature is also called “The First I See You”, Nan Sheng is worried that once the painting is released, everyone will misunderstand the relationship between the two. , Hurried to find Professor Su Shan and pointed out that Luo Chen’s motive for painting was not pure.

As an art teacher, Professor Su Shan is naturally judged from the standpoint of painting. He admires this painting very much and would not agree to Nansheng’s request. Instead, he decided to represent the school in the competition. Lin Heping couldn’t get in touch with Nan Sheng, so when he sneaked into the school, he happened to run by a small stream. Xiaoxi told the truth and Lin Heping went straight to the school’s academic affairs office. He never expected to see Professor Su Shan recommend Nansheng to Professor Lu, and Professor Lu recommended Nansheng’s novel to the TV station. Seeing Nan Sheng’s joyful appearance, Lin Heping left dejectedly and went to the tavern alone to drink. A Li came to comfort each other, and the two encouraged each other to cheer for the future of self-made.

When Nan Sheng returned to the dormitory, it was midnight, and Xiao Xi was happy to learn that Nan Sheng was going to be an intern at the TV station. Lin Heping lay in the empty tent, and missed Nan Sheng more in his heart. He had a feeling of suffering from gains and losses, but all of this came from low self-esteem. In order to better match Nan Sheng, Lin Heping was determined to work hard and strive to bring them Nansheng has a better life.

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