Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 40 Plot (Recap)

Hansen heard someone in the room and called the door repeatedly. It was as small as panic when he saw it. Qiao Man was very anxious, Lin Heping got up to open the door, Qiao Man worried that the two would fight again as soon as they met. Xiaozhi hurriedly took Lin Heping into the bedroom. Qiaoman limped and ran to open the door, directly blocking Hansen outside. Hansen heard the unusual deliberate testing of Joe Man in the room, and Joe Man denied it.

When Hansen wanted to enter the house, Qiao Man was stunned and refused, lied that he did not want to affect his sleep as little as possible. Hansen didn’t pierce when he saw it, and left with Joman in his arms. The two walked to the corner of the corridor. Qiaoman stopped to ask Hansen where he was coming. Hansen expressed concern and suddenly proposed to Qiaoman to register for the marriage tomorrow. Qiao Man listened for a moment, and quickly refused. Hansen asked the question, Joeman pushed left and right, Hansen revealed that the man in Joeman’s room was Lin Heping. Qiaoman disconnected instantly.

Afterwards, Qiaoman pointed out that he did not want Lin Heping to meet with Hansen because he was worried about the two fighting. Hansen couldn’t believe it. Qiaoman angrily pointed out that it was Lin Heping who rescued him from the set. Hansen accused Qiaoman of the first person he thought of every time he was in danger, Lin Heping, and said that this was the place he was most worried about. Qiao Man couldn’t help but feel guilty. Hansen insisted on going to register tomorrow, and said that he would always wait for Joeman.

In the room, when he saw Qiao Man taking Hansen away, he quickly greeted Lin Heping to leave. Lin Heping walked to the door, so as to say that Qiao Man liked Lin Heping, and encouraged Lin Heping to think carefully and try again. Lin Heping listened thoughtfully.

Lin Heping returned home, seriously thinking about the small words, and mustered the courage to confess Qiaoman’s elopement. But the time seemed too late, Qiaoman returned to the room and saw the text message and couldn’t help but burst into tears, curled up on the ground sadly.

The magazine has already printed the book “Meeting Barcelona” in large quantities and plans to ship it soon. Luo Chen reported the matter to the agency, and the vice president was furious. Luo Chen promised to settle these tens of thousands of books.

Hansen specifically called Ann Kailun over and talked about the marriage registration. Ann Kailun was taken aback. Ann Kailun did not stop him, instead he wanted to talk to Hansen. Hansen thought Ann Karen was about to force Joeman to sign a prenuptial agreement, and immediately became angry.

An Kailun ignored it. He told Hansen that the board of directors of An’s Group had approved Yan Dong to formally buy shares. As An’s second largest shareholder, Yan Dong suggested that Li Pingge and Yipin merge to form a unified cultural industry company. In this way, Hansen and Lin Heping became colleagues. Hansen heard this and immediately objected. Ann Kailun knew that there were no permanent enemies and no permanent friends in the business field. Hansen refused to accept and got up and left.

Lin Heping kept his cell phone all night, but Qiao Man had no word. Mo Hui came to Lin Heping. Before Lin Heping mortgaged the property to help A Li pay off the debt, the other party has asked Lin Heping to pay off the debt within a time limit. Lin Heping fell into deep thought when he saw this, and Mo Hui suggested that A Li help. Lin Heping thought that before everything had reached that point, he took Mo Hui to the secret room and told Mo Hui to find a buyer for his collection. Every painting here has been collected by Lin Heping for many years. Mo Hui felt distressed when he saw this. Lin Heping said that she once lost a girl because of collection, but now she does not want to repeat the same mistakes.

Lin Heping only left the Bian Lighthouse for Qiaoman. Mo Hui saw that the location of the center of the secret room was still empty. He knew that Lin Heping’s most cherished Bian diary had not been found. Lin Heping said he knew it well. After Mo Hui left, Lin Heping called A Li and asked about the whereabouts of Bi An’s diary. A Li refused to admit it, but he didn’t know that Lin Heping had already found out about Brother Duo. Seeing this, A Li stopped quibbling. Lin Heping hoped that A Li could return the diary to himself. A Li was jealous that Lin Heping had always been unforgettable, Nan Sheng, but he was flabbergasted. Lin Heping did not hesitate to threaten to withdraw from Li Ping Pavilion, but A Li didn’t buy it, and immediately hung up the phone.

A Li hung up the phone and looked at Bi An’s diary, tears streaming down. She took out the lighter and wanted to burn the diary of the other side. Sheep Blue appeared in time to stop it. She advised A Li that if the Bi An Diary was burned, Lin Heping would leave A Li completely. Seeing this, A Li couldn’t help feeling aching, and Yang Lan quickly comforted.

Qiao Man did not reply to Lin Heping, and went out early in the morning to register for marriage. I didn’t know that Lin Heping had been waiting by his side long ago and questioned Qiaoman in person. Qiao Man took out his watch and returned it to Lin Heping, saying that he had considered it seriously and decided to marry Hansen. Lin Heping pointed out that the person Qiaoman loves is himself, why he has to go against his will. Qiaoman returned the watch to Lin Heping and blessed Lin Heping to get up and leave.

Lin Heping was reluctant to leave. Hansen came to pick up Qiaoman and saw Lin Heping’s reluctant eyes, and immediately said that the two were going to register for their marriage, justifying Qiaoman. Lin Heping was heartbroken.

Qiao Man and Hansen went to register their marriage, but were taken away by director Jin Ke to change the script. Hansen agreed magnanimously. Joe Man returned home to revise the script overnight. Lin Heping had been running around for a day, and returned upstairs and couldn’t help but miss Qiaoman. He met Qiaoman, but Qiaoman refused. Lin Heping had to go home. Qiaoman couldn’t help but worry about it.

Lin Heping took a long vacation. There is no outstanding designer in the company, and Ali couldn’t help furious when he saw this. Yan Dong is here. He urged A Li to be more patient with his employees, and announced the merger of Yipin and Li Pingge in person. Everyone was taken aback.

Yan Dong called A Li upstairs, and A Li quickly asked why. Yan Dong said that Yipin is currently the best partner. A Li blamed Yan Dong for not telling him in advance, Yan Dong thought it was unnecessary. A Li was very angry. Yan Dong believes that this is because A Li and Lin Heping made their own decisions. Seeing this, A Li was angrily sent off.

Lin Heping returned home, and A Li was cleaning up at home. Lin Heping has no mind to meet A Li. A Li took the initiative to take out Bi An’s diary and talked a lot with Lin Heping. Lin Heping was grateful that A Li understood him so much, but he still did not agree to stay at his home. Lin Heping put the diary back in place, but he missed Nan Sheng very much in his heart.

Lin Heping’s memory flew back to his youth. Nan Sheng kept calling his sister-in-law to inquire about her whereabouts. Lin Heping immediately seized the phone when he saw it, and judged that the little uncle was afraid to go home. Nan Sheng worried that Lin Heping would not be paid by Chief Ma. Lin Heping disagrees.

Nan Sheng’s foot was broken, Lin Heping quickly found the medicinal wine to help Nan Sheng massage. Nan Sheng was very happy looking at Lin Heping’s seriousness and couldn’t help but want to stay with Lin Heping for the rest of his life. Lin Heping immediately embraced Nan Sheng when he saw this, and the two young people who loved each other met to join hands for a lifetime.

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