Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 39 Plot (Recap)

With a full payment of 50,000 yuan, Nan Sheng returned to the dormitory to pack his things anxiously, and told Xiaoxi to ask for leave. The creek was unknown, so Nan Sheng told about the loss of the payment. Xiaoxi hesitated to tell Luo Chen about Xu Zhensheng’s stealing credit. Nansheng was very angry when he heard it, and Xiaoxi quickly interceded.

At night, Mother Lin waited anxiously in the yard. Lin Heping came back very late. Mother Lin regrets that she shouldn’t take her little uncle in. Lin Heping is worried about Nansheng’s safety, and Mother Lin can’t help but criticize Nansheng. Lin Heping called the dormitory, and Xiaoxi told about Nan Sheng’s return to his hometown.

As soon as Lin Heping heard it, he hurried to the station. Nan Sheng was paying homage to his father at the station. Lin Heping couldn’t bear this. Nan Sheng is very sorry, but Lin Heping does not want Nan Sheng to sink into self-blame.

Lin Heping looked at the picture of the lighthouse on the other side, thinking that Nan Sheng could not let go for a long time. Zhuo Yang came to Lin Heping and offered a letter of resignation. Lin Heping understood the situation. Zhuo Yang said he wanted to go back to his old business. Lin Heping expressed his understanding when he saw it.

Yan Dong came for the company theme for the next season, and A Li took out the recording of Hansen threatening Li Pingge in person. Yan Dong proposed to change the subject. When Lin Heping saw this, he immediately let go. Yan Dong was very angry when he saw this.

A Li advises Lin Heping not to lose his temper to Dong Yan. Lin Heping accuses A Li of exposing Hansen’s threat without authorization, but A Li disagrees.

Qiao Man came to Jin Ke’s studio as scheduled. Jin Ke’s personal assistant, Miaomiao, was very strong and aggressive. Upon seeing this, Qiaoman had no choice but to compromise. Qiao Man came to the set and Jin Ke was furious. The dramatist waited until the wind and the waves were calm before leading Qiaoman to Jin Ke. Jin Ke unceremoniously asked Qiaoman to go to the black room to change the script.

There was only one fan in the little black room, and Joeman couldn’t stand it a little bit, but the screenwriter reminded him that the audience was waiting for the script. Seeing this, Qiaoman had to bite the bullet and go into battle. Hansen called Qiaoman, Qiaoman couldn’t help complaining, Hansen suggested that Yipin could change the novel to make a novel, but Qiaoman had already sold the copyright to Jin Ke. Joe Man hoped that Hansen would not bother him.

Xiaoxi didn’t want to tell Luo Chen about this, so he and his colleagues found Jin Ke’s studio, but found that the door was locked. The colleague had left beforehand. Xiaoxi stayed alone and waited. After Luo Chen heard about this, he hurried over, Xiaoxi felt guilty when he saw it. Luo Chen understood Xiaoxi’s mood and didn’t blame him, and let Xiaoxi rest assured to leave the matter to himself.

Qiao Man sat in the small black room thinking hard and finally finished writing. The requirement of the last chapter is the encounter between the hero and the heroine. Qiao Man immediately had inspiration when he remembered the scene where she met Lin and Ping Basai.

At the magazine, Xiaoxi gave Luo Chen the receipt and agreement. Luo Chen saw that the author turned out to be Qiao Man, and immediately called Xiaozhi to find out the situation. Small enough to tell the truth.

Luo Chen hung up the phone, Xiaoxi heard that Luo Chen knew Qiaoman and decided that the matter was saved. Luo Chen told about the trouble between him and Hansen. Xiaoxi thought that finding Qiaoman would solve the matter. Luo Chen said that things are not that simple, but they have their own clever solutions.

Ann Kailun was very angry when he learned that Hansen had taken a large sum of money to buy paintings. Upon seeing this, Hansen expressed his insistence on buying the Beacon Lighthouse from Lin Heping, and pointed out that this was Lin Heping’s heart in buying Qiaoman. Ann Kailun advised Hansen to mature, or he would be led by the nose. Hansen didn’t care. Ann Kailun wanted to freeze Hansen’s finances, and Hansen ignored it.

Zhuo Yang moved to work with director Jin Ke. Jin Ke encountered a financial break in filming, and Zhuo Yang recommended Lin Heping. Lin Heping followed Zhuo Yang to meet with Director Jin Ke. Lin Heping thanked Jin Ke for his appreciation to Qiao Man. Jin Keshang raised the matter of investment straightforwardly. Lin Heping was taken aback when he saw this, and Zhuo Yang was a little embarrassed. Jin Ke hopes that Lin Heping will invest 10 million yuan. Lin Heping has some difficulties. He said that he can help Jin Ke contact other investors. Jin could see his eyebrows open and smile.

Jin Ke offered to call Qiao Man for dinner. Miaomiao said that he might have forgotten Qiao Man on the set. Lin Heping asked about the situation when he saw it. Jin Ke pointed out that the power would be cut off at any time after the set was closed. Lin Heping got up and left.

Qiao Man was happy when he finished editing the manuscript, but found that there was a power failure in the house. He quickly walked out of the small black room to check. He accidentally slapped his foot and hurriedly asked Lin Heping for help, but found that the mobile phone had no signal.

Lin Heping drove up quickly and found that the door of the crew was tightly locked. Lin Heping hurriedly asked someone for help. The janitor opened the door as he scolded. Lin Heping took the limping Qiao Man back home. When he saw it, he couldn’t help but fell back, Qiao Man was full of grievances. Qiaoman’s foot was broken, and Lin Heping personally helped Qiaoman massage, and Hansen happened to hear him outside the door.

The magazine had already pushed the “Meeting Barcelona” project forward. When Luo Chen saw this, he had to call Xiaoxi to discuss it, and Xiaoxi was still collecting money to plug the holes, and he was at a loss when he saw it. After thinking about it, Luo Chen decided to report the situation to the society first. When Xiaoxi saw this, he was panicked. Luo Chen said that there was nothing to do now. The creek had to do so.

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