Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 38 Plot (Recap)

On the university campus, Luo Chen kept Xu Zhensheng outside the dormitory all night. Early in the morning, Xu Zhensheng made an anti-wolf card to slander Luo Chen and inserted it on the campus, which attracted the attention of many students. Xiaoxi couldn’t help accusing Xu Zhensheng when he saw this. Luo Chen also came over when he saw this. He immediately had a conflict with Xu Zhen. Xiaoxi couldn’t persuade him anyhow. Soon, the school security took the two away.

Lin’s family, Nan Sheng is eating with his little uncle. Mother Lin came back sternly. Nan Sheng didn’t know why, Lin’s mother accused Nan Sheng of studying attentively, not managing family affairs, let alone being as useless as Lin Heping. Nan Sheng agreed timidly.

Lin Heping is back. The little uncle greeted Lin Heping enthusiastically for two drinks. Mother Lin took the bottle immediately. The little uncle was very dissatisfied, Mama Lin refused to show her face, Nan Sheng hurriedly hid the bottle. Lin Heping disagrees. Mother Lin thinks that Nansheng is doing Lin Heping’s good, and she can’t help but scorn him. When my little uncle saw this, Lin Heping and Nansheng had a conflict. Mother Lin was taken aback. Nan Sheng was about to go back to school. Lin Heping asked Lin Heping to send it off. Lin Heping refused, and Lin couldn’t help scolding. Lin Heping had to follow suit. After the two left, the little uncle drank comfortably, and Mother Lin was angry and left.

Professor Su called in Luo Chen to hate iron but not steel, Luo Chen disapproved. Professor Su pointed out that Nan Sheng already had a boyfriend, but Luo Chen arrogantly thought that Nan Sheng had confused his kindness with love, and he wanted to save Nan Sheng. Upon seeing the case, Professor Su ordered Luo Chen to write a written inspection and reflect on his own mistakes. Luo Chen insisted that it should not be the original intention. Professor Su was speechless.

Lin Heping drove to Nan Sheng by bike, driving fast. Get off at Nansheng halfway. Lin Heping took the initiative to apologize to Nansheng. Nansheng was concerned about why Lin Heping was frowning. Lin Heping thought that Nansheng could not help, and told about the piracy. Nan Sheng suggested that Xu Zhensheng help design. Lin Heping was worried about Xu Zhensheng’s skills, so Nan Sheng considered Luo Chen, and Lin Heping saw through Nan Sheng’s unhappiness. Nan Sheng took the initiative to kiss Lin Heping and confessed to his face. Lin Heping confided happily. The two silently in love finally came together holding hands. After that, Lin Heping sent Nansheng back to school, and the two young men allowed to roam happily in the breeze…

Lin Heping came to A Li and told him about Nan Sheng’s confession. A Li was dumbfounded. Lin Heping was very happy. But inexplicable melancholy arose in A Li’s heart. Lin Heping stated Nansheng’s suggestion. A Li was worried about Zhensheng’s technology, but Lin Heping was willing to believe in Zhensheng.

In the studio, Xu Zhensheng has had a headache for two days and has not finished his first draft. Nan Sheng urged anxiously. At this time, Xiaoxi ran to tell Nan Sheng that the school’s notice to punish Luo Chen had come down. When Xu Zhensheng heard of gloating, the stream immediately glanced sideways. Nan Sheng hurried to the bulletin board with Xiaoxi.

Nan Sheng saw the notice and understood that Lin Heping also contained a copy of it. It was very unfair to Luo Chen and decided to apologize to Luo Chen. Luo Chen happened to come, disapproving of the announcement. Luo Chen knew that Nan Sheng was forcing Xu Zhensheng to design a cartoon pattern, so he helped drive out the first draft, but Nan Sheng refused to agree. Luo Chen asked Nan Sheng to take away Qing Lin Heping’s feelings. Nan Sheng was even more reluctant when he saw this and got up and left. Luo Chen reluctantly forced him to Xiaoxi.

Xiaoxi chased Nan Sheng to the studio, but Nan Sheng still refused to agree. Xu Zhensheng couldn’t help but smile at the sight. Soon, he plagiarized Luo Chen’s first draft and brought the design drawings to Lin Heping. Lin Heping and A Li couldn’t help but look at each other with admiration.

In the evening, Lin Heping and A Li took the goods to the night market to set up a stall, and quickly solicited a large number of customers, and the two were very busy.

In the dormitory, Nan Sheng called home. Ms. Lin complained that Lin Heping was only concerned about making money all day long, and did not mention learning. Upon seeing this, Nan Sheng hurriedly helped Lin Heping intercede.

My little uncle has found a job, but he must attend training before starting the job, and the training fee is 500 yuan. The little uncle had no money in his hand and went home to ask Mama Lin to borrow money, but Mama Lin angeredly refused. Lin Heping happily returned home after buying ten boxes of goods. Mother Lin complained that his failure to do his proper job delayed his career. Lin Heping disapproved, and went back to the room and put the money in the drawer.

Lin Heping happily dated Nan Sheng. Nan Sheng drew a cartoon wedding photo to Lin Heping. Lin Heping was very happy when he saw it. The two young men had a great time. At night, my little uncle counted the lottery ticket, and the money in his hand had already been squandered. So he focused on Lin Heping’s money, and while Lin Heping was sleeping, sneaked into the house and took away Lin Heping’s hard-earned money.

Nan Sheng cared about Lin Heping, so he rushed back from school. Lin Heping was so happy that he wanted to show off the money. I didn’t know that I opened the drawer and found that hard-earned money was missing. Lin Heping was shocked when he saw this, and quickly called his mother to inquire. Mother Lin thought for a moment and analyzed that the little uncle had the greatest chance of taking it away. Nan Sheng couldn’t believe it.

Lin Heping and Nansheng looked around for their little uncle, who had long been gone. A Li came to find Lin Heping to go to the craft factory to check out. Nan Sheng said that the money might have been taken away by his little uncle. Seeing this, A Li couldn’t help but get angry towards Nansheng, and eagerly asked Nansheng to find his little uncle. Lin Heping blamed A Li when he saw it, but A Li disapproved. Nan Sheng hurried to find his little uncle.

Luo Chen wanted to know whether his design draft had received Nan Sheng’s favor, so he went to Xiaoxi to inquire. Xiaoxi told him that Xu Zhensheng had plagiarized his design draft, and Luo Chen immediately went to Xu Zhensheng to question.

Xu Zhensheng knew that Nan Sheng could not accept Luo Chen’s design, so he went back confidently. Upon seeing this, Luo Chen asked Nan Sheng if he knew about it, Xu Zhensheng said that he had obtained Nan Sheng’s tacit approval. Upon seeing this, Luo Chen decided to release Xu Zhensheng. After Xu Zhensheng left, Luo Chen uncovered the canvas, and Nansheng’s portrait was vivid. It turned out that Luo Chen fell in love with Nansheng at first sight.

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