Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 37 Plot (Recap)

When Lin Heping broke the auction house, Luo Chen came to claim compensation. A Li readily agreed. Xiaoxi finds Ben’s nest, but finds that Ben has moved. Xiaoxi hurriedly asked his colleagues to send over the location of Jin Ke’s crew and searched all the way.

Yan Dong came to the company. A Li hurried over. Yan Dong was very disappointed with A Li’s recent performance and directly expressed the board’s dissatisfaction with A Li. A Li was very angry when she saw this. Yan Dong hoped that A Li would do it for himself.

Lin Heping has a cold. Qiao Man stayed to take care of Lin Heping, cooked the porridge carefully, and prepared cold medicine. Lin Pingping looked at Qiaoman reluctantly. Qiao Man said about the novel, Lin Heping was very happy and immediately boasted. Qiao Man couldn’t help teasing.

Qiaoman got up and left when something happened. Lin Heping grabbed Qiaoman. Lin Heping knew that Qiaoman was reluctantly accepting Hansen and hoped that she could tell herself the truth. Qiaoman stared at Lin Heping struggling hard. Heping took Qiaoman into his arms, and Qiaoman struggled to break free and turned and left.

When Hansen returned home, Ann Karen stopped him. Hansen saw the prenuptial agreement on the table. Ann Kailun admired Joeman’s open-mindedness. Hansen was very angry when he saw it. He accused Ann Kailun of deliberately embarrassing Joeman. Ann Kairen argued for reasons. The agreement was torn to pieces. Ann Kailun pointed out that Hansen would be worthless if he left Angs, and Hansen left with anger. Zhu Ai and Zhu Fan saw it upstairs, Zhu Ai wanted to dissuade, Zhu Fan quickly stopped wanting to profit from it.

Yang Lan heard that the board of directors intended to replace A Li, and hurried to fight for A Li. A Li said that he would definitely put the sheep blue in place. He believed that he had also made a lot of money for Li Pingge over the years, and judged that the board of directors would not easily remove himself.

Xiaoxi was anxious to go to the crew, and met Luo Chen on the way. Luo Chen insisted that Xiaoxi accompany him to find Professor Su. Xiaoxi refused to agree and the two quarreled in the street, and they separated.

Hansen brought a box of cash to meet A Li, and he was about to redeem the Beacon Lighthouse. Seeing this, Ali couldn’t help laughing out loud. Hansen pointed out that this was a painting of his engagement with Joe Man. A Li said that he did not have this right, and pointed out that Lin Heping was planning to use the painting to expand the company’s business. Upon seeing this, Hansen threatened A Li severely. A Li had already prepared to play back the recording on the phone in person, and Hansen immediately provoke Lin Heping when he saw it.

Downstairs, Lin Heping took the necklace from the other side and made a special trip to wait for Qiaoman. Lin Heping knew that Qiaoman was about to work on Jin Ke’s crew and sincerely begged Qiaoman to accept the necklace. Qiaoman didn’t want to get involved in Lin Heping and A Li’s relationship, so he had to accept the blessing as a friend.

A Li made a special trip to send Luo Chen compensation. Seeing A Li’s loss, Luo Chen couldn’t help pointing at Sang Huai. A Li was very angry when she saw this. Luo Chen then fought A Li and jointly defeated Lin Heping. When A Lizi was willing, he immediately scolded Luo Chen for being wrong.

Luo Chen went to see Professor Su to participate in the company’s work design meeting. Professor Su broke his arm at the auction house last time. Luo Chen was very sorry when he saw this, and Professor Su couldn’t help but shrug. Luo Chen mentioned the design meeting. Professor Su said that he had talked to Hansen on the phone and Hansen agreed to temporarily shelve the development of Qianjiaobaimeitu. Luo Chen was surprised when he saw it.

Professor Su went to rest. Luo Chen hurried back to the company and questioned Hansen patiently. Hansen proposed to use the picture of the lighthouse on the other side as the theme. Luo Chen immediately had a disagreement. Hansen ignored him and wanted to drive Luo Chen away. Luo Chen left with anger.

Lin Heping is at work. When Mo Hui met, he told the news of A Li’s return. Lin Heping looked at the picture of the lighthouse on the other side and fell into contemplation again…

When Nansheng returned to the dormitory, Xiaoxi suggested that Nansheng call Lin Heping to explain. Nansheng is unclear. Therefore, Xiaoxi thinks that Lin Heping is justified as his brother to protect his sister. Nansheng can’t help but feel distressed.

Luo Chen was beaten by Lin Heping. Suspecting that it was Xu Zhensheng’s letter, he staggered into the dormitory to question. Xu Zhensheng tried his best not to entangle him and leave.

A Li finally convinced the people in the craft factory to be able to use the factory’s machines to process the finished product. She called Lin Heping all night but no one answered. The next day, he went directly to Lin Heping’s door. When Lin Heping talked about the fight with Luo Chen, A Li was worried and advised Lin Heping not to be impulsive.

In the school, Xu Zhensheng called out Xiaoxi, hoping to join Xiaoxi to deal with Luo Chen. Xiaoxi stopped listening. Xu Zhensheng pointed out that Luo Chen repeatedly intervened in the relationship between Nansheng and Lin Heping, which could easily cause trouble. The creek ate soft but not hard, and immediately got up to leave. Upon seeing this, Xu Zhensheng hurriedly changed his angle to solicit Xiaoxi’s opinion, and Xiaoxi happily agreed.

Lin Heping continued to set up a stall with A Li, and A Li prepared breakfast carefully. Nan Sheng came to Lin Heping to apologize. A Li quickly got up and reminded Lin Heping that Lin Heping was still angry at Nan Sheng to defend Luo Chen, and he was unwilling to pay attention to Nan Sheng. Upon seeing this, Nan Sheng accused Lin Heping of not repenting. Lin Heping immediately overturned the vinegar jar and left with A Li.

After that, Ali encouraged Lin Heping to pursue Nansheng, who did not dare to express his self-esteem without academic qualifications. Lin Heping followed Nansheng to the craft factory, but was scolded by Chief Ma. It turned out that the cartoons proposed by Lin Heping were combined with craftsmanship and did not notice the copyright issues of the cartoons. Chief Ma, worried that it would cause trouble to the factory, immediately ordered Lin Heping to implement it within the deadline.

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