Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 36 Plot (Recap)

Standing in front of the mirror, Qiao Man remembered Lin Heping’s words. She knew in her heart that the person she loved was Lin Heping, and she couldn’t help standing there in a daze. When I came here, I saw Joe Man admiringly. Qiaoman couldn’t help sighing with a hollow mind, thinking of the picture of the lighthouse on the other side. Small enough to advise Joe Man and Hansen to stay together.

Small enough to accompany Joe Man out. When Hansen saw this, he thought that the fairy went down, and he also thought of the picture of the lighthouse on the other side. Hansen wanted to take photos with them as a souvenir. From the lens, I found that Joe Man was in a bad mood. After taking the photo, he was so arguing that he wanted to post to Moments. When he saw it, Qiao Man quickly blocked him. Hansen disapproved, Qiao Man blocked him in every possible way. Hansen knew Qiao Man was worried. Seeing Lin Heping’s sadness, Qiaoman did not dare to admit it. Hansen stared at Qiaoman. Qiaoman was immediately angry and wanted to return the wedding. He hurriedly ended the scene when he saw it. Hansen went back and changed his clothes and left alone.

Qiaoman hid in the dressing room in a wedding dress, as small as sitting on the ground with him. Qiaoman pointed out that he still cares about Lin Heping and does not know what to do. Small enough to advise Joe Man to make up his mind, follow his heart and don’t do things that he regrets.

Lin Heping returned home while looking for A Li, and Lin’s mother was very healthy. Lin Heping seldom goes home, and Ms Lin couldn’t help teasing when she saw this. Blame A Li for intervening in Lin Heping and Nansheng’s relationship. Lin Heping blamed himself. Mother Lin hurriedly stopped when she saw this.

A Li was not as fragile as he thought, but went to the prison to visit his brother Xu Zhensheng. It turned out that Xu Zhensheng was in jail without telling Lin Heping. Xu Zhensheng couldn’t help getting angry when she saw her sister. A Li missed her brother very much.

Xu Zhensheng thought that A Li was living well now. A Li said that Lin Heping had another Qiaoman who was exactly like Nansheng beside him. Xu Zhensheng advised her sister to stop and not be stubborn to the end. A Li firmly disagrees. Upon seeing this, Xu Zhensheng turned and left immediately.

Hansen called Lin Heping to buy the Bi’an Lighthouse. Lin Heping refused. Hansen vowed to make Lin Heping send the painting back by himself. Upon seeing this, Lin Heping felt that there must be something wrong with Hansen and Joe Man.

Qiao Man received a call from Lin Heping and came to Li Pingge. Upon seeing this, Mo Hui hurriedly told about A Li’s departure, Qiao Man disagreed. Yang Lan saw Qiaoman scolding him face to face, and blamed Qiaoman for A Li’s departure. Qiaoman immediately pointed out that Yang Lan was very angry with A Li and framed He Jianfeng. Yang Lan Qijie was speechless and wanted to do it, Mo Hui quickly stopped. Qiaoman ignored him and turned and walked into the company.

Yang Lan grabbed Mo Hui, and Mo Hui saw Lin Heping coming, so he hurriedly sought rescuers. Qiao Man was invited by Lin Heping, and Lin Heping asked Yang Lan to find himself. Yang Lan immediately fought for A Li. Upon seeing this, Mo Hui hurriedly protected the lord.

Lin Heping came to the office, Qiao Man was sitting on the table. Lin Heping talked about Hansen’s plan to buy back the Beacon Lighthouse, and Qiaoman pointed out that it was raised in the bridal shop. Lin Heping was a little angry when he heard that, and immediately scolded Hansen as a hooligan. As soon as Qiaoman heard the fire, he was right to accept Hansen more firmly. Qiaoman got up to leave, and Lin Heping grabbed it, seeking reconciliation again. Qiaoman cared about the close relationship between Lin Heping and A Li, and left without a word.

A Li ran to Lin’s house drunk and clamored for Lin’s mother to scold herself. Mother Lin was eating, and when she saw it, she drove A Li directly, and said that A Li shouldn’t drink so much wine. A Li had been used to it all these years, and couldn’t help but vomit bitterness to Mother Lin.

Professor Su agreed to be the chief consultant of Yipin. Luo Chen hurriedly reported to Hansen. Hansen admired Luo Chen’s good work and decided to speed up and hit Li Pingge as soon as possible. Luo Chen and Hansen finally reached a tacit understanding with the outside world.

Hansen was still depressed about Qiaoman’s refusal to post to Moments. Xiaozhi came over to advise, but Hansen didn’t listen, but he wanted to send the photo over. After a little thought, he understood what Hansen meant, and immediately forwarded it to the circle of friends. Xiao Zhi advises Hansen to take marriage seriously and not to be blindsided. Hansen ignored it. When he saw it, he got up and left.

Luo Chen finally reached an agreement with Professor Su at the auction house. Lin Heping came over. Luo Chen was going to say hello, Professor Su felt that it was not the time, and Luo Chen took the initiative to greet Lin Heping.

Lin Heping didn’t want to talk to Luo Chen. Luo Chen took out the photo of Qiaoman and Hansen on his mobile phone to deliberately provoke him, mocking Lin Heping for his own composure. Lin Heping suppressed his anger and stopped. Luo Chen added fuel to the fire and said that he was going to tell Qiaoman about Nan Sheng, and Lin Heping immediately raised his fist when he saw it. When Professor Su saw this, he hurriedly pulled the frame. Luo Chen was angry and overthrew Professor Su. Professor Su’s arm was injured.

Ann Kailun called Qiaoman without Hansen and came up with a prenuptial agreement. Qiaoman immediately refused. Ann Kailun explained it seriously, hoping that Qiaoman could accept it rationally. Qiaoman pointed out that agreeing to marry was not for Hansen’s property, and promised to resolve the matter with Hansen. An Kailun will wait and see.

Xiaoxi met Luo Chen for dinner, and Luo Chen hurried over. Upon seeing this, Xiaoxi questioned Luo Chen fighting with others. When Luo Chen saw this, he had to tell the auction house. Xiaoxi accused Luo Chen of targeting Lin Heping everywhere, saying that he could no longer believe in Luo Chen, so he turned and left with anger. Luo Chen was furious.

Lin Heping entered the police station. When Zhuo Yang saw this, he hurriedly came to Qiao Man. He was so small that he couldn’t help but telling him. Qiao Man couldn’t help but picked up the bag and followed Zhuo Yang.

Before Qiao Man and Zhuo Yang went to the police station, they met Lin Heping outdoors. Zhuo Yang left after seeing the situation. Qiaoman quickly asked the reason. Lin Heping looked listless and wanted to tell Qiaoman about Nansheng, but Qiaoman had no time to listen. Lin Heping was drunk, Qiao Man quickly helped him go home.

The two returned home. Qiaoman intends to give Lin Heping cold medicine. Lin Heping drooped his head, tears streaming down, and felt extremely sorry for Nan Sheng in his heart. Seeing this, Qiao Man couldn’t help sympathizing, and Lin Heping hugged Qiao Man tightly.

Lin Heping was sick and took leave. Luo Chen came to Liping Pavilion to find Lin Heping. Upon seeing this, Zhuo Yang couldn’t help but ridicule, and immediately drove Luo Chen away. The two sides are arguing, and A Li is back. Yang Lan was overjoyed and quickly reported the situation. Upon seeing this, A Li invited Luo Chen into the office.

Jin Ke posted a movie poster of “Meeting Barcelona” on the Internet. People at the magazine saw it and quickly told Xiaoxi. Xiaoxi hurriedly contacted Ben but couldn’t get through. Xiaoxi quickly took out the author’s phone number left by this book, and the other party was indeed empty. Seeing this, Xiaoxi hurried to find Ben.

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