Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 35 Plot (Recap)

A Lixing hurriedly told Lin Heping the news that Hansen was about to marry Qiaoman, but Lin Heping ignored it. A Li Shu Luo Lin Heping can no longer intervene in Qiao Man’s feelings, teasing face to face.

Lin Heping couldn’t help but showdown with A Li in person, saying that he couldn’t like A Li. Upon seeing this, A Li grabbed Lin Heping and did not hesitate to threaten Lin Heping with death. Upon seeing this, Lin Heping picked up the wine bottle on the table and slammed it on his head. The blood on the top of his head was instantly bloody, and he begged A Li to move quickly. from.

Lin Heping and A Li quarreled loudly in the room. It was so small that I could hear it clearly on the other side. She quickly told Qiaoman, Qiaoman disagrees, think it is normal for the couple to quarrel. I remember that Lin Heping was not married, and I felt that Qiaoman valued A Li’s presence too much. After thinking about it, Qiao Man said that A Li had given birth to Lin Heping. It was so small that I was surprised. Qiaoman wanted to move out of this place as soon as possible, so small that he had a disagreement with Qiaoman because of his financial interests.

Early in the morning, Lin Heping went to work with gauze on his head, and he happened to meet Joe Man downstairs, who was surprised when he saw this. Lin Heping saw that Qiaoman was hesitant to speak, but stopped up and left. After that, Qiaoman met A Li, who pointed out that Lin Heping had deliberately injured himself when he heard that Qiaoman was about to get married. Qiaoman was taken aback. A Li hoped that Qiaoman would stay away from Lin Heping and leave the rest to himself.

When Lin Heping came to the company, Mo Hui quickly told him that Dong Yan had been waiting for a long time. At this time, Professor Su called to terminate the contract with Li Pingge and apologized to Lin Heping. Lin Heping expressed understanding.

Qiao Man was not at ease when he returned home, so he sent Lin Heping a message to comfort him. Lin Heping said that it would proceed in accordance with the contract, and Qiao Man was very angry.

Xiaozhi met Qiao Fang on the way to work. Qiao Fang heard that Xiaozhi was dragging Hansen to see his parents. She was worried that Xiaozhi would take Hansen away, so she stopped Xiaozhi to understand the situation. How could Xiaozhi dare to admit to Hansen? Feelings, Qiao Fang was relieved immediately upon seeing this.

Hansen is about to go to work, Ann Karen stopped him, insisting that Joe Man and Hansen make a pre-marital property agreement. Zhu Fan thought that An Kailun was going to divide the property for Hansen, so he called his sister Zhu Ai to sit down. When Zhu Di met, he blamed An Kailun for being eccentric and pressing on every step of the way. Ann Kailun was confused. Upon seeing this, Hansen hurriedly defended An Kailun, and Zhu Di accused Hansen upon seeing this.

Upon seeing this, Hansen proposed to leave Anshi Group with Yipin Culture. Ann Kailun quickly blocked. Hansen did not want to pester to work and left. Zhu Di is not forgiving. An Kailun pointed out that the future trump card of the Anshi Group is the culture of relying on products. At this time, let Qiaoman make the premarital property agreement for the company’s interests. After hearing this, Zhu Di suddenly realized that Zhu Fan was going to chase Hansen back.

Zhu Fan chased Hansen to the downstairs, but Hansen ignored it. Zhu Fan helped his sister to intercede, but Hansen blamed Zhu Fan for having trouble with him. Zhu Fan was puzzled. Hansen questioned that Zhu Fan bewitched An Kailun to ask Qiaoman to make a prenuptial agreement. Zhu Fan denied it, thinking that the prenuptial agreement could be used to test Qiaoman’s feelings for Hansen. Hansen immediately refused, saying that he would not let anyone bully Joe Man. Anyone who wants to block his marriage with Joe Man is his eternal enemy.

Xiaoxi took a fancy to Joe Man’s novel “Meeting Barcel”, and negotiated with the company to buy the copyright. Xiaoxi and Ben have known each other for many years. When the two met to discuss business, they thought the price was not high, but Xiaoxi felt that Qiaoman’s reputation was not obvious, at most he was an internet writer. Ben hesitated and finally agreed. Xiaoxi asked to see Qiaoman, but Ben was cunning.

Lin Heping proposed to expand the company’s new business with the theme of Bi’an Flower, which was well received by Yan Dong and others. When A Li saw this, he immediately opposed it. Yan Dong and others felt that the prospects were very promising and expressed their support.

The company plans to go public next month. Yan Dong and others pin all their hopes on Lin Heping. Lin Heping is under great pressure. Upon seeing this, A Li immediately indicated that he would withdraw from the project, and Dong Yan hoped that Lin Heping could persuade A Li not to be arrogant.

Lin Heping used the contract to invite Qiao Man back to work and told Zhuo Yang to call. Zhuo Yang hesitated and didn’t want to go, and said that he planned to reconcile with Yang Lan. Lin Heping was taken aback and teased Zhuo Yang. Instead, Zhuo Yang advised Lin Heping to accept A Li. Lin Heping insisted not to accept A Li. Unexpectedly, A Li heard these words.

Qiao Man went to see the great director Jin Ke. Jin could buy Qiao Man’s novel at a price of 500,000 yuan. Qiao Man had forgotten Ben’s instructions and quickly signed the agreement. Qiao Man happily told Qiao Fang the matter, and the two came out to meet and share happiness. Jin Ke quickly called Qiao Man the money, and Qiao Man was happy. She immediately wanted to give Qiao Fang a sum of money to repay the mortgage. Qiao Fang said that she had borrowed money from Hansen. Qiao Man was very anxious when she heard it, but Qiao Fang disapproved. Qiao Man refused to give up, Qiao Fang had to agree to return the money to Hansen as soon as possible.

Here, Ben also received a million cheque from Xiaoxi, and Ben was very happy. Xiaoxi asked him for Joeman’s phone number, but Ben was cunning.

Lin Heping intends to develop the lighthouse on the other side, but none of the company’s designers can come as scheduled. Lin Heping was in a hurry. At this time, Zhuo Yang anxiously took a note and came over. It turned out that A Li ran away for Lin’s anger and wanted to find life and death. Seeing this, Lin Heping went all over the street looking for A Li. Lin Heping returned home and found that A Li’s clothes were gone, so he quickly called Yang Lan. He ordered Yang Lan to go back to A Li’s house. Yang Lan had already rented out the house for A Li, and he thought it was impossible. Lin Heping urged Yang Lan to quickly ask relatives and friends. A group of people was so busy that they turned their backs.

Xiaoxi helped Luo Chen obtain the copyright of Qiao Man’s novel. Luo Chen disapproved, and told Xiaoxi to find the next home and sell it as soon as possible.

Qiao Man stayed at home, reminding her that it was time to try the wedding dress. Qiaoman was suddenly at a loss. Little to an uncharacteristically encouraged Joe Man to bravely move forward, Qiao Man was surprised when he saw this.

As small as he accompanied Qiao Man to the bridal shop, Hansen congratulated Qiao Man and was about to be promoted as a writer. Joe Man was very happy. Qiao Fang had returned the money to Hansen, and Hansen felt that Qiao Fang was too far-sighted. Qiaoman hurriedly rounded the field. Even though she didn’t want to be a light bulb, Qiao Man invited her to stay and help her advise. As a result, the two chose the wedding dress together. Qiao Man put on the top wedding dress from the bridal shop. Looking at himself in the mirror, Qiao Man remembered Lin Heping’s words. Ann Kailun once again urged Hansen to take Joman to make a prenuptial property agreement, and Hansen refused.

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