Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 34 Plot (Recap)

Xiaozhi bought a bunch of gifts out of his pocket and took Hansen to see his parents. My parents liked it very much when they saw it. Hansen deliberately moved closer to Xiaozhi’s parents in accordance with Xiaozhi’s instructions. How did he know Xiaozhi’s mother asked about it. Hansen was disconnected. Hansen didn’t want to be embarrassed to find an excuse to leave, but Xiaozhi quickly blocked him. Hansen didn’t agree. . She had no choice but to take out the house, tickets, and children to praise Hansen in front of her parents. Hansen was speechless when he saw this.

After Hansen left, Xiao Zhi persuaded his parents to go home early. I didn’t know that Xiaozhi’s mother planned to stay in Beijing to take care of Xiaozhi and Hansen. When Xiaozhi heard panic, she quickly found an excuse to persuade her. Xiaozhi’s father also persuaded her, and Xiaozhi’s mother agreed with a little thought. Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief.

After thinking about it, Li decided to ask Qiaoman to take the initiative. When the two came to the lake, A Li took out the hospital certificate in his mobile phone, lied that he had had children with Lin Heping, and begged Qiaoman to leave Beijing and stop appearing in Lin Heping’s sight. Qiaoman heard the mess, and ran away.

A Li returned to the company desperately, deeply regretful. She knew that she was taking the risk, and she was worried that Lin Heping would be furious when she knew this. Seeing this, Yang Lan quickly comforted A Li.

Qiaoman was shocked by what A Li said, and ran to Hansen’s house in despair, and proposed to Hansen in person. Hansen was shocked when he saw it. Qiaoman refused to say the reason, his eyes were dull. Upon seeing this, Hansen knew that Joe Man must have been hurt, and immediately hugged Joe Man heartily. Qiao Man embraced gently.

Professor Su is now famous, and many companies are rushing to invite him. Luo Chen went to the studio to find Professor Su, and hired Professor Su as an art consultant with a high salary. Professor Su is an example of others, and he does not want to step on two boats. He said that although there are some conceptual differences from Lin Heping, the matter does not stop there. Luo Chen expressed understanding.

The two were talking, Lin Heping came over, and he guessed that Luo Chen’s purpose was not pure, and the two would inevitably pinch a few words when they met. Upon seeing this, Professor Su quickly dismissed Luo Chen. Lin Heping came this time just to retain Professor Su. Professor Su and Lin Heping put their hearts together. One is a partner and the other is their own student. It is difficult for Professor Su to be caught in the middle. Lin Heping expressed his willingness to respect Professor Su’s opinions.

Hansen is getting married with Joe Man. After Zhu Fan gave Hansen the ring, he told Ann Kailun excitedly. Ann Kailun was surprised when he heard it. He immediately took out his mobile phone to notify the lawyer to draft the prenuptial agreement. Upon seeing this, Zhu Fan hurriedly showed great hospitality, but An Kailun did not buy it.

Afterwards, Ann Karen found Hansen and told Hansen that he must sign a prenuptial agreement with Joe Man. Hansen assured that Joe Man was not a greedy person, but Ann Karen was worried, and Hansen agreed when he saw it.

In the restaurant, Hansen packed the audience and romantically confessed to Joe Man to marry him, and Joe Man emotionally agreed. Hansen kissed Joe Man affectionately and cherished this moment, because it took too long to wait for this moment.

The wedding dress will be tried tomorrow. Hansen told Joe Man carefully. Lin Heping saw this scene. At night, Lin Heping handed over Qiao Man for questioning. Qiao Man pretended to be calm and took out the ring for Lin Heping to watch, but Lin Heping disapproved and pointed out that Qiaoman was deceiving himself. Qiaoman ignored it. Lin Heping wanted to keep Qiaoman with the contract of Bi’an Lighthouse, but Qiaoman ignored it.

Qiaoman didn’t believe it, so he went home to look for the contract and found that it turned out to be true. When he saw it, he asked Qiaoman whether he liked Lin Heping or Hansen. Qiaoman wondered that everyone asked the same question, and said that this was something that every discerning person could see. Qiaoman didn’t want to be the third party of Lin Heping and A Li, but when he saw it, he immediately attacked Hansen and left angrily. . Qiaoman hesitated upon seeing this.

A Li once again forced Hansen to take Qiaoman away. As his fiance, Hansen returned a message to warn A Li. A Li was very happy when he saw this, and quickly told Lin Heping that Hansen was going to marry Qiaoman.

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