Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 33 Plot (Recap)

Nan Sheng ran to the school office. The person in the Security Department had already reported to Professor Su. Professor Su learned about the situation from Nan Sheng. Nan Sheng was only willing to say what happened to the wall, but the person in the Security Department did not agree.

On the basketball court, Xiaoxi ran to tell Luo Chen the matter. Luo Chen left his teammates and went straight to the school office, claiming in front of everyone that he and Nan Sheng were boy and girl friends. Professor Su couldn’t help being angry.

Nan Sheng quickly explained, but Luo Chen pulled him away. The two left the school office. Nan Sheng knew that Luo Chen did this to protect himself. He hoped that Luo Chen would not say this in the future. Luo Chen said that he would not give up easily and would definitely stick to it for a lifetime.

Xu Zhen skipped class frustrated. He told Lin Heping about Luo Chen’s pursuit of Nansheng, but Lin Heping disapproved. Lin Heping knew that Xu Zhensheng had skipped class, repeatedly scolded Xu Zhensheng, and scolded Xu Zhensheng back to school. After learning about it, A Li admired it greatly.

After Luo Chen returned, the students in Zhang Luo’s studio helped him pursue Nansheng. Everyone shouted with great fanfare downstairs in the female dormitory. Nan Sheng was sitting in the dormitory writing a review, and was shocked when he heard the voice downstairs. Xiaoxi urged Nan Sheng not to speak out, otherwise the school will aggravate the punishment.

Xu Zhensheng ran to the school office to complain to Professor Su and told about Lin Heping’s relationship with Nansheng. Professor Su couldn’t help but frowned. The security department arrested Luo Chen. Professor Su understood the situation. Luo Chen made a vow to Nansheng. Xu Zhensheng accused Luo Chen of misbehavior. Luo Chen was anxious to go back. Professor Su was very angry when he saw this.

Luo Chen was punished and wrote a humorous review book and posted it in the school. The classmates read and discussed it.

When Lin Heping sorted out the goods, he found that the goods were all jagged goods, so he thought of putting cartoons on handicrafts for sale. A Li was full of praise when she saw it. After that, the two came to the craft factory together, hoping to use the technology in the factory to combine handicrafts with cartoons, but they were expelled from the factory.

Xu Zhensheng told Lin Heping about Luo Chen’s pursuit of Nansheng. Lin Heping burned his butt and came. He climbed over the wall and entered the campus. He happened to see Luo Chen showing off to his classmates. Lin Heping waved his fist and passed towards Luo Chen. Luo Chen sat on the ground with blood from the corner of his mouth, Nan Sheng and Xiao Xi rushed over when they saw this. Nan Sheng blamed Lin Heping for doing it. Lin Heping fought hard for reasons, but Nan Sheng did not agree. Lin Heping thinks this may be the growing gap between him and Nan Sheng…

Qiao Man came to Lin Heping and told him about his stay in Beijing. Lin Heping was very happy to see this. Qiao Man said he wanted to pay his sister’s mortgage. Lin Heping invited Qiao Man back to work at the company. He planned to give a few more ideas on the theme of The Lighthouse on the other side. Qiao Man pointed out that he had finally settled with Li Pingge and he would definitely not go back. She advised Lin Heping not to use the Bi’an Lighthouse to prevent A Li from getting angry. Lin Heping has his own opinions. Lin Heping hoped to continue to be friends with Qiao Man, Qiao Man smiled gently.

When Xiaozhi’s parents learned that Xiaozhi had secretly returned to China, they came to Beijing angrily. Small enough to meet my parents at the restaurant. Xiaozhi’s mother sullenly didn’t pay attention to Xiaozhi, Xiaozhi quickly apologized by serving tea and handing water. My father is very understanding.

After that, Xiaozhi’s mother began to force marriage. In a hurry, Xiaozhi lied that Hansen was his new boyfriend. Xiaozhi’s mother learned that Hansen was an overseas Chinese in Spain, so she had to meet Hansen before leaving. It’s as small as seeing a headache.

At night, A Li went to the bathroom and saw Lin Heping sleeping soundly, so he sneaked to Lin Heping and took a group photo with his mobile phone. She quietly sent it to Hansen, hoping that Hansen would help herself take Joeman away.

Hansen was sleeping, and Zhu Fan happened to see the photo from A Li. Zhu Fan awakened Hansen. Hansen saw that he was going to look for Joe Man. Zhu Fan quickly stopped him and persuaded him to let A Li deal with Qiao Man so that Qiao Man could retreat.

In the early morning, A Li went to work, and happened to meet Joe Man who was running in the morning. A Li was surprised to see Qiao Man’s calm and calm, so he asked Hansen. Qiao Man was puzzled when he saw it, and A Li said he had filed a lawsuit against Hansen. , Qiaoman ignored the situation.

Joe Man is looking for a new job online. I was really worried about how to let my parents meet Hansen. Qiaoman wanted to call Hansen when he saw it, but he quickly stopped him when he saw it. Qiaoman was puzzled. As small as he couldn’t help fighting Hansen’s injustice, Qiao Man felt as small as a little weird, and as small as he went away angrily.

Qiao Fang went to Hansen to borrow money. Hansen gave Qiao Fang the bank card without saying a word. Qiao Fang said that he would repay the money as soon as possible. Hansen’s bank card password is Qiaoman’s birthday. Qiao Fang was very moved when she saw it. She was very optimistic about Hansen and Qiaoman and encouraged Hansen to work hard to recover Qiaoman. Hansen knew that Qiao Man had left Li Pingge, and hoped that Qiao Fang would persuade Qiao Man to come to work with Yipin. Qiao Fang responded.

Qiaoman was looking for a job online. Lin Heping came over and said that he had arranged for Qiaoman, but Qiaoman was unwilling to accept it. Lin Heping hoped that the two could get back together, but Qiao Man thought that Lin Heping regarded himself as the shadow of Nan Sheng. Lin Heping denied it immediately, but Qiao Man believed in his own eyes and turned Lin Heping away. Lin Heping got up and left.

A Li was busy with the company’s affairs, but Lin Heping was nowhere to be seen. Professor Su’s beautiful and charming picture was taken away by Yipin, and Yan Dong was very angry. A Li ordered Yang Lan Rulun to invite Professor Su over.

It was Lin Heping who rejected Professor Su’s beautiful and charming picture. Now Professor Su is very famous in the circle, and people in the circle talk about Lin Heping. Luo Chen collected the actions of Li Pingge all the time, and planned to hire Professor Su to be a consultant for Yipin. Hansen agreed.

In the company, Xiaozhi was forced by his parents to ask Hansen to be a fake boyfriend again. Hansen was really powerless, and Xiaozhi carefully prepared Hansen medicine for colds and begged. Hansen reluctantly agreed upon seeing this. Small enough to be happy.

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