Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 32 Plot (Recap)

Hansen was taken aback when he saw Nan Sheng looked exactly like Joe Man. When Xiaoxi came, Luo Chen quickly introduced. Hansen wondered why there was a portrait of Nansheng hanging in the bar. Xiaoxi and Nansheng were the best girlfriends in college, and the most important reason was that Luo Chen was obsessed with Nansheng.

Hansen stared at the photo for a long time. He urged Luo Chen to collect the photos, otherwise he could not continue to cooperate, and reminded Luo Chen to be optimistic about Xiaoxi not to talk nonsense, and not to treat Qiaoman as Nansheng. Then left in a hurry.

Qiao Fang called Qiao Man downstairs. Qiao Fang apologized for what happened today, Qiao Man had already let go. Qiao Man asked about the blood relationship between the two, Qiao Fang thought for a moment and blamed Qiao Man for his cranky thinking. Qiao Man quickly acted like a baby.

Qiao Fang wanted to buy a house in Beijing, but he didn’t have the money and wanted Qiaoman to share the burden with him. Qiaoman wanted to return to Barcelona and was a little worried. Qiao Fang was unhappy when she saw this. She knew that Qiaoman must be away from here for Lin Heping. She advised Qiaoman not to lose the entire forest because of one tree, and suggested Qiaoman stay in Beijing together. She hoped to borrow money from Hansen to pay a down payment, and Qiao Man became even more anxious when she heard it. Qiao Fang thinks that Qiaoman and Hansen are one family sooner or later. Qiaoman heard that he was not in the dispute.

Xiaoxi has always loved Luo Chen, but Luo Chen has been reluctant to accept it all these years. Before Hansen left, he called Xiaoxi Luo Chen’s girlfriend, but Luo Chen did not refuse. The stream was very happy when he saw it. Luo Chen and Xiaoxi discussed taking off the photos of Nansheng. Xiaoxi confessed to Luo Chen again. Luo Chen hoped that Xiaoxi would give himself some time, and Xiaoxi agreed.

Lin Heping sat on the sofa and looked at the Bi An Flower Necklace, his thoughts returned to the past again. Lin Heping once also gave Nansheng a necklace of Bianhua. From A Li’s mouth, Nansheng learned that the necklace was very valuable, so he returned the necklace to Lin Heping. Lin Heping was puzzled when he saw this.

When A Li came back from buying vegetables, he saw the Bianhua necklace on the table and couldn’t help but mock Lin Heping. Lin Heping advised A Li to move quickly. A Li said that he had rented out the house to repay Lin Heping’s money. Lin Heping didn’t care about this. He wanted to drive A Li away, but A Li reluctantly refused to agree.

At night, Lin Heping was walking alone outdoors, watching the lights of thousands of houses in the distance, his thoughts flying again…

Lin Heping and Nansheng drove a tricycle to the Fengshang Handicrafts Processing Factory to purchase goods. The tricycle ran out of steam on the road. Lin Heping had to push Nansheng and the goods home. Nansheng worried that Lin Heping would be angry if Lin Heping knew that Lin Heping did not study well. Lin Peace is disapproving.

A Li’s small commodities are often snatched by a few rogues in the hutong, so A Li has to ask Thorin to help him take it back repeatedly. Upon seeing this, Nan Sheng worried about Lin Heping’s safety. Lin Heping was comforted and followed A Li without hesitation.

Lin Heping had a fight with people for A Li, but there was not much left of A Li’s goods burned by the rogues. A Li was heartbroken, and Lin Heping hurried to comfort. After that, A Li took Lin Heping back to his rental house. Life is not easy. In order to let Zhensheng go to university, A Li sold the house left by his parents, so he had to rent a house with only 15 square meters. Lin Heping cared about A Li upon seeing this. A Li was very pleased.

Nan Sheng took the goods home. Lin’s mother quickly asked when she saw it. Nan Sheng had to confess to Lin Heping’s business affairs. Lin’s mother repeatedly scolded him, and Nan Sheng quickly consoled her. My little uncle came back and gave Lin Heping a helping hand. Mother Lin was very impatient, so Nan Sheng hurriedly moved things and unloaded the goods.

The school issued a new entry and exit order. Xiaoxi and Luo Chen saw it, and Luo Chen knew that Nan Sheng had gone home today, so he quickly called Nan Sheng. Nan Sheng was outside helping others to make up classes. He was very anxious when he received the news. Luo Chen met outside the Nan Sheng school wall when he saw this.

When Lin Heping returned home, my little uncle was checking the lottery ticket. Lin Heping returned home with a happy face, but the little uncle hurriedly stopped. It turned out that Ms. Lin had just cursed Lin Heping and went to bed.

Luo Chen led Nan Sheng over the fence and entered the campus. Unexpectedly, it was discovered by the security guard just after landing. Luo Chen took Nan Sheng and ran away quickly. The two were walking in the moonlight. Luo Chen wanted to pursue Nansheng, but Nansheng was silent. Luo Chen suggested that he could help Nan Sheng obtain the qualification of an auditor in the Department of Fine Arts. Nan Sheng was very happy when he saw it.

Lin Heping was very worried when he learned that Nansheng had returned to school in a hurry, so he quickly contacted Nansheng. No one answered Nan Sheng’s phone, Lin Heping hurried to the dormitory, Xiao Xi answered the phone and told him that Nan Sheng had not returned.

Lin Heping hurriedly called Zhensheng and hurried to the school on his bicycle. Xu Zhensheng came to the campus and was very annoyed when he saw Luo Chen and Nansheng in the moonlight. After Nansheng left, Xu Zhensheng called Luo Chen away. When Nansheng returned to the dormitory, Xiaoxi hurriedly relayed Lin Heping’s call to Nansheng. Nansheng quickly called Lin Heping back. Lin Heping was relieved to go home.

Luo Chen followed Xu Zhensheng back to the dormitory with a grimace. Xu Zhensheng warned Luo Chen not to get involved in the relationship between Lin Heping and Nansheng. Luo Chen disapproved, mocking Xu Zhensheng for being born at his own expense. Xu Zhen was angry and almost started to move.

Xu Zhen returned home in anger, and her sister no longer wanted to go to school. Seeing this, A Li scolded loudly, Xu Zhensheng was so stubborn and uncomfortable. A Li slapped Zhensheng in a hurry, and Xu Zhen left with anger.

The security picked up Nan Sheng’s student ID and reported the matter to the teacher in a jealous manner. Rumors spread across the campus. Xiaoxi hurriedly ran to tell Nansheng that the teacher wanted to talk to her. Nansheng heard what happened and rushed all the way to the school office.

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