Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 31 Plot (Recap)

Shelley forced Joeman and Hansen to rejoin, and Hansen immediately stopped when he saw it. Shelley persevered to the end, Qiao Man agreed for Lin Heping. Qiao Man walked away angrily. Hansen chased him out. Qiao Man accused Hansen and Shelley of smashing. Hansen was very angry when he saw this and said that Lin Heping could be resolved at any time. Qiao Man saw it and went back fiercely.

Lin Heping intends to use the name of an old artist for publicity. A Li insisted on opposing it when he saw it. Lin Heping explained with confidence. After that, Qiaoman came to Lin Heping. Seeing that Qiaoman’s face was not good, Lin Heping thought that Qiaoman was still upset about Shelley’s affairs. Lin Heping hurriedly comforted him. Qiao Man proposed to break up in person. Lin Heping was taken aback when he heard it and quickly asked why. Qiaoman pushed left and right block just because he refused to tell the truth. Lin Heping judged that Qiaoman had other secrets. Qiao Man left in tears, and Lin Heping was heartbroken.

Lin Heping’s proposal received good response and the board of directors’ support. Lin Heping led his subordinates to work hard all night, and finally got the endorsement. A Li brought breakfast, but Lin Heping had no appetite and got up and left. When Auri saw this, it was unclear. Zhuo Yang told Lin Heping and Qiaoman about the breakup, and A Li was surprised and delighted when he saw it.

Qiao Man told Qiao Fang about the breakup. Qiao Fang stopped Hansen and encouraged Hansen to go back to Qiao Man again. Hansen believes that this is not a victory. Qiao Fang disagreed and encouraged Hansen blindly.

Ben and Qiaoman’s novels are getting more and more popular. Someone wants to buy out the copyright of the novel. They meet Qiaoman for a discussion, and Qiaoman is as angry with him as if he had taken gunpowder. Ben looked surprised.

Luo Chen kept staring at Li Pingge and found that Li Pingge had quietly changed his spokesperson, and couldn’t help but gloat. Xiaoxi immediately scolded Luo Chen when he saw this, mocking why he fell in love with Luo Chen. When Luo Chen heard the dead skin kicking his face and wanted to find Hansen, Xiaoxi knew that Luo Chen had another crooked idea, and immediately left a cruel message.

Ann Kailun learned that Master Su Shan’s paintings were on fire recently through Shelley, and went to Hansen to discuss the company’s development strategies. Hansen sat alone in the room with limited thoughts. Ann Kailun advised Hansen to bring Joeman to the auction to find direction. Hansen was a little embarrassed when he heard that, An Kailun encouraged Hansen to chase Joman back.

Downstairs, Lin Heping met Joe Man who was running. Lin Heping sighed that Qiaoman had healed so quickly. Qiaoman feels that staying here instead of deceiving every day, it is better to go back to Barcelona and live a happy life. Lin Heping felt uneasy when he saw this.

Master Su Shan’s beautiful and charming pictures are on fire in the circle. Upon seeing this, Zhuo Yang hurriedly reported to A Li. Upon seeing this, A Li quickly notified Lin Heping to go to the auction house and get the painting anyway.

Lin Heping met Qiaoman as soon as he went out. Qiaoman advised Lin Heping that he should not give up Master Su Shan’s beautiful pictures. Lin Heping was stunned to take Qiaoman to the auction house.

Luo Chen called Hansen again to discuss business, and the two also came to the auction house. Luo Chen introduced the identity of Master Susan to Hansen. Hansen was overjoyed. Master Susan had already heard of Yipin Company, and Hansen hurriedly said.

Lin Heping caught a cold after staying up all night, Qiao Man quickly found out the cold medicine and charged Lin Heping. Lin Heping wants to make peace with Qiaoman. Qiao Man politely refused. The two came to the venue, and the auction had already begun. After a round of competitions, only Hansen and Lin Heping were left to compete. In the end, Hansen got the beautiful picture with a high price of 3.8 million.

Luo Chen unexpectedly saw Qiao Man next to Lin Heping, thinking that Nan Sheng had returned, and his eyes widened. He walked straight to Qiaoman and asked, Qiaoman was unclear, so he was confused. Lin Heping pulled Qiaoman away when he saw it. Luo Chen wanted to chase it out, but was stopped by Hansen.

Lin Heping took Qiaoman out of the auction house. Qiaoman questioned why everyone regarded himself as Nansheng. He asked Lin Heping about Nansheng’s situation. Lin Heping refused when he saw that, reminding Qiaoman to ignore Luo Chen’s. madman. Lin Heping was in a bad mood, and left Qiaoman.

Qiao Man stood there and thought of Anthony’s words, and then thought of Lin Heping’s question about his relatives, and he was puzzled. Hansen and Luo Chen sat down. Hansen observed that Luo Chen knew Lin Heping very well. He asked Luo Chen about Nan Sheng’s situation. Luo Chen was in a deep mood. Hansen knew that Luo Chen and Lin Heping had formed Liangzi because of Nansheng, and they laughed at themselves. Hansen was curious about Nan Sheng’s appearance, and Luo Chen agreed to take Hansen to a place.

Lin Heping failed to get Professor Su’s beautiful and charming picture, and Yan Dong was very angry when he learned about it. Professor Susan came to Lin Heping. Yang Lan quickly reported to A Li. A Li told Yang Lan to treat Professor Su well. The group accompanied Professor Su to dinner.

Joe Man returned home. Xiao Zhi happened to see Qiao Man’s novel on the Internet, and quickly congratulated. Qiaoman disagreed, saying that he would return to Barcelona as soon as possible, hoping to find a house and move out as soon as possible. Seeing this, he quickly dissuaded him. At this time, Qiao Fang came and called Qiao Man away. Luo Chen took Hansen to the Bi An Hua Bar, where Hansen saw Nan Sheng’s photo and found it incredible.

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