Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 29 Plot (Recap)

Lin Heping successfully demonstrated Li Ping Pavilion’s Tiangong series at the exhibition. Hansen accepted Tong Xin’s invitation, Yipin became a partner of the organizer, and Hansen became the honorary reviewer of the exhibition. Mo Hui hurriedly reported to Lin Heping after learning of the incident, worried that Yipin would target Li Pingge. Lin Heping didn’t believe Hansen would do this. At this time, A Li came over and pointed out that Hansen was targeting Li Pingge. Lin Heping did not receive the exact news, and returned to the lounge anxiously.

Zhuo Yang also came to report the matter. Lin Heping told him to find out the matter as soon as possible. Soon, Zhuo Yang came over with the organizer’s leaflet. He found out that Hansen had accepted Tong Xin’s invitation before joining, and he saw that Hansen, the judge, was added temporarily. Seeing this, Lin Heping thought deeply.

After the exhibition, Hansen will go to rest. I met Joe Man on the road, and Joe Man was surprised to learn that Hansen was also the judge. Hansen quickly stopped the inquiry, but Hansen became official and refused to tell him. Qiao Man sneered.

Hansen ignored Qiaoman, Qiaoman called Xiaozhi to question. Xiaozhi said that this is Hansen expressing love to Joe Man. Qiao Man worried that Hansen was deliberately targeting Li Pingge, but he was so small that he defended Hansen happily. Qiao Man was so angry that he hung up the phone angrily.

A Li ordered Yang Lan to buy a bunch of gifts, intending to bribe the judges. Lin Heping stopped immediately upon seeing this. He believes that things are not beyond the reach of the situation. Upon seeing this, A Li immediately quarreled with Lin Heping. A Li asked Qiaoman to persuade Hansen to present the award to Li Pingge. Lin Heping hurriedly stopped him when he saw this. He believed that the current situation was prematurely defeated.

Qiao Man heard the dispute between the two outside the door and turned to find Hansen. Qiaoman pointed out that Hansen was a reviewer and hoped that Hansen would not deliberately target Li Pingge. Hansen was dissatisfied when he heard it, and felt that Joman was very dissatisfied with this deliberate derogation of his personality. The two were entangled, and Lin Heping received the news. Upon seeing this, Hansen deliberately mocked Lin Heping’s nepotism and said that he would control the review results. Lin Heping was so angry that he wanted to do it, and Qiao Man desperately pulled away.

When the two came to the door, Qiao Man criticized Lin Ping Ping for recklessly trying to do it. Lin Ping was worried that Hansen would take Qiao Man away. Qiao Man immediately enjoyed it.

A Li took Yang Lan to give a gift to the chairman of the jury, Tong Xin, hiding from Lin Heping, but Tong Xin refused. Tong Xin knew that Li Pingge was strong enough, and A Li’s move was a bit redundant. Upon seeing this, Li pointed out that Hansen and Li Pingge had a feast, and worried that Hansen would make a trick. Upon seeing this, Tong Xin turned away and left.

A Li and Yang Lan returned to the lounge. Yang Lan worried that Lin Heping would be angry when he knew that A Li had bribed Tong Xin. A Li couldn’t take care of that much. Dong Yan came over temporarily. As soon as he entered the venue, he knew that Yipin was also the organizer of the exhibition, worrying that Hansen would be embarrassed by Li Pingge. Seeing this, A Li added more energy and explained Lin Heping’s relationship with Qiaoman. At this time, Lin Heping just came back. Dong Yan patted Lin Heping on the shoulder and hoped that Lin Heping would do it for himself.

When Lin Heping saw this, he knew that A Li had told him about Qiaoman, and he was a little angry. A Li disagreed. At this time, Qiaoman hurried over to tell the two that Shelley couldn’t come to the house temporarily. Lin Heping and A Li became nervous as soon as they heard. The game was about to start, but Shelley released the pigeons, and A Li questioned that Joe Man deliberately hacked Hansen to straighten Li Pingge. Lin Heping thought for a while and immediately got an idea.

Tong Xin led the judging team to vote, and Li Pingge and the fashion company were in a stalemate. Tong Xin couldn’t help looking at Hansen, hoping that Hansen would decide this sacred vote. At this time, someone came to report the situation. Hansen and Tong Xin ran out quickly.

It turned out that Lin Heping publicly announced his withdrawal from the competition at the press conference. This is tantamount to a slap in the face of the jury. Tong Xin and Hansen called Lin Heping. Hansen accused Lin Heping of deliberately trampling on others to promote himself as shameless, Lin Heping accused Hansen of deliberately stopping Shelley, Hansen couldn’t help laughing. Lin Heping accused Hansen of joining the jury temporarily for just trying to pinch Li Pingge’s neck and pointed out that Qiaoman no longer needs to be caught in the middle. Upon seeing this, Hansen and Tong Xin stopped staying.

Joe Man sat alone in the corner in a daze. Hansen saw him take the initiative to say hello. Qiao Man is also complaining about Lin Heping. Hansen took out the review results when he saw it, and Joe Man was taken aback. It turned out that Li Pingge won the first prize of this award after unanimous review. Qiaoman wanted to quickly tell Lin Heping, Hansen pointed out that Li Pingge had retired from the game. Hansen pointed out that Lin Heping’s move seriously damaged the reputation of the jury and made the entire competition meaningless. Qiaoman was very sorry when he saw this.

Lin Heping’s move has gained a large number of people’s hearts on the Internet, and Li Pingge’s fans are increasing. Seeing this, A Li was very happy and called the staff to celebrate. Lin Heping knew that he had ruined a long-prepared exhibition, and felt a little regretful in his heart. Qiao Man did not attend the celebration party, she called Lin Heping to meet. After Lin Heping came over, Qiaoman gave Lin Heping the list of winners. Lin Heping saw that this was Hansen’s hindsight. Qiaoman was very angry when he saw it. Qiao Man had prepared for the competition for a long time, and was annoyed that Lin Heping did not discuss with him, so he decided to withdraw from the competition. Lin Heping quickly apologized for this. Qiao Man left angrily.

Li Pingge had a victory this time, and Yan Dong was very happy. Yang Lan came over to inform A Li that someone had taken a fancy to A Li’s house. A Li decided not to sell the house for the time being, and arranged for Yang Lan to rent out the house, and wanted to stay in Lin Heping’s house for a long time. A Li’s bank loan has not been approved yet. But Lin Heping’s loan came down first, and A Li told Yang Lan to use Lin Heping’s loan to repay the hole first, so as not to have long dreams at night.

Ann Kailun was furious when he learned of the events at the exhibition and caught Hansen’s approval. Xiaozhi felt warm and caring for Hansen. Upon seeing this, Qiao Fang quickly found an excuse for Hansen and Qiaoman to get together.

Lin Heping went to the jewelry store to choose a necklace from the Lighthouse on the other side for Qiaoman. Looking at the necklace, Lin Heping recalled Nan Sheng again in his heart. Qiaoman has ignored Lin Heping for several days. Lin Heping didn’t want to let the cold war go on, so he held the necklace and guarded downstairs. Lin Heping took the initiative to apologize, Qiaoman pointed out that Lin Heping did not believe in himself, let alone his friends. Lin Heping didn’t take it seriously. Qiaoman was extremely disappointed.

At this time, Hansen drove up and said that he would take Qiao Man to attend Qiao Fang’s birthday party. Upon seeing this, Qiao Man left Lin Heping and left. Qiao Man knew that her sister’s birthday was not today, and she really didn’t understand what medicine she sold in the gourd. At this time, a burst of ancient Barcelona melody came, and Qiaoman and Hansen immediately thought of the beauty of Barcelona. Hansen hoped that the two would go back to the past. Qiaoman quickly changed the subject after hearing this.

Tong Xin has been Shelley’s good friend for many years, and Lin Heping’s move to Tong Xin suffered the most. So Shelley called Lin Heping. Tong Xin reprimanded Lin Heping for his unreasonable propositions, leading to the destruction of his many years of hard work, indicating that he has forged an enmity with Li Pingge. Tong Xin left angrily. Shelley said that he would terminate the contract with Li Pingge, but Lin Heping hurried to stay, but Shelley refused mercilessly. Shelley said that he would send the painting back as soon as possible, and Lin Heping decided to come personally.

Qiao Man took a gift to celebrate Qiao Fang’s birthday. Qiao Fang forced Qiao Man to marry Hansen in public, but Qiao Man left angrily when he saw this. Qiao Fang picked up the bottle and drank wildly. A birthday party makes a fuss.

Lin Heping moved back from Shelley to the painting of the lighthouse on the other side. Watching the painting Lin Heping’s thoughts fly again…

Luo Chen liked Nansheng, so he took Nansheng to his studio and taught him how to paint. Nan Sheng entered the studio for the first time and was extremely curious about everything. Luo Chen took Nansheng to paint an oil painting, and Nansheng took it back to his dormitory to show it to his friend Xiaoxi.

In order to help his little uncle rent a house, Nan Sheng went to Luo Chen’s studio to be a model. That day Nansheng went to work in the studio again. It happened that Professor Su asked Luo Chen to deliver goods to a handicraft factory. The factory was closing down due to poor management. Luo Chen didn’t want to go, so Nansheng volunteered.

Lin Heping kept Nan Sheng and A Li running around to earn money, sleeping and sleeping. Nan Sheng knew that Lin Heping’s desire to earn money was swelling. Although she forced Lin Heping to work hard to take the university entrance examination, in order to help her uncle rent a house, she helped Lin Heping match up with the factory.

Lin Heping followed Nansheng into the Fengshang Handicraft Factory and negotiated with Chief Ma in person. Chief Ma did not believe in Lin Heping. Lin Heping patted his chest when he saw it. Upon seeing this, Chief Ma agreed to give Lin Heping ten boxes of goods to try. After the two came out of the factory, Nan Sheng complained to Lin Heping for bragging. Lin Heping felt that everything needed to be motivated.

Lin Heping’s thoughts returned to reality and immediately ordered Mo Hui to convene a meeting with the creators of the Tiangong series. Lin Heping went back downstairs and found that Qiao Man was worrying downstairs. Qiao Man worried that her sister often imposed her thoughts on herself. Lin Heping took the initiative to talk about her experience with her mother when he saw it, and pointed out that this is another kind of affection from his family. Qiaoman was relieved upon seeing this.

Mo Hui called. Lin Heping wanted to go back to the company. Qiaoman asked quickly. Lin Heping pointed out that Shelley was about to terminate the contract. Qiaoman couldn’t hear him. He immediately turned around to look for Hansen. Lin Heping didn’t understand the situation, so he quickly stopped. .

When Lin Heping came to the company, Professor Su and the masters were already waiting. Professor Su doesn’t understand what Lin Heping means? Masters have heard about the Shenzhen Art Exhibition. Professor Su believes that only product quality is the foundation. Lin Heping readily agreed and suggested using the names of the masters for publicity. After listening, the masters agree very much.

Upon seeing this, Yang Lan quickly notified A Li, and A Li hurried to the company. Mo Hui hurriedly stopped when he saw this. Qiaoman thought it was Hansen who instigated Shelley to terminate the contract, so he called Hansen overnight. Upon seeing this, Hansen took Joe Man to find Shelley. Shelley accused Lin Heping of harming the interests of many people. Qiaoman argued for reasons, and he did not hesitate to expose the scars of the product to maintain Lin’s peace. When Shelley saw Hansen’s injustice, he asked Qiaoman and Hansen to reconcile.

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