Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 28 Plot (Recap)

A Li took the name of Lin Heping’s fiancee and brought all the staff to celebrate Qiao Man. Qiaoman was taken aback when he saw this. A Li wants to make friends with Qiao Man in public. Joe Man was at a loss. A Li embraced Qiaoman in public.

After the crowd dispersed, Lin Heping called A Li away. He asked why A Li did this? A Li said he was unwilling to be robbed of Lin Heping. Lin Heping accused A Li of disregarding Qiaoman’s feelings. A Li said that he would do everything for Lin Heping.

After get off work, Lin Heping met with Qiao Man downstairs. Lin Heping met Qiao Man to participate in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition. Qiao Man readily agreed. After that, the two lovers in love hugged affectionately. This scene happened to be seen by A Li, who walked step by step and mocked the happiness of the two people based on their own pain, and even threatened Lin Heping by suicide. Upon seeing this, Lin Heping chased A Li away. Qiaoman felt extremely sad when he saw this.

Luo Chen came back from a business trip and found that Yipin had officially opened, and he was very angry. He came to Yizheng and asked Hansen to kill the donkey, and Hansen pointed out Luo Chen’s ambitions and sneered. Luo Chen believes in his own merits, and Hansen points out that he is the boss. Luo Chen left angrily.

Luo Chen returned to the magazine, and the editor of the magazine learned that the cooperation between Yipin and the magazine had failed. He criticized Luo Chen publicly, and Luo Chen would give out performance by the end of the deadline, otherwise he would leave. Luo Chen was so angry.

Qiao Fang officially joined Yipin Company, and Hansen welcomed the staff with a grand welcome. Qiao Fang admired Hansen in person and pointed out that Hansen was Qiaoman’s best destination. Hansen was a little embarrassed when he saw this, and his expression was so small that he was moved.

Shelley deliberately introduced Tong Xin, the organizer of the Shenzhen Art Exhibition, to Hansen. Yipin has just been established, and Hansen has no idea how to participate in the exhibition. Tong Xin said that he is looking for partners everywhere and intends to expand the art exhibition. With Shelley’s encouragement, Hansen agreed.

Qiaoman returned home and found a large pile of cardboard boxes thrown at the door. Xiaozhi is packing up at home. Qiaoman asked quickly. Qiao Man was taken aback by the fact that Qiao Fang was moved away. Qiao Man was shocked and angry when she said that Qiao Fang had joined Yipin. Xiaozhi pointed out that Qiao Fang was doing this for Qiaoman’s good, and Qiaoman said that emotional matters would not be manipulated by anyone.

A Li didn’t return all night, Lin Heping looked around and finally found A Li sleeping by the lake. Lin Heping gently covered A Li with his coat. A Li woke up. Lin Heping hoped that A Li would not do this again, and A Li shook off Lin Heping’s hand and expressed that he would give up on himself. Lin Heping advises A Li not to be too obsessed. A Li knows all of Lin Heping’s past, and thinks that only he is the most suitable for Lin Heping. She pointed out that Lin Heping only regarded Qiaoman as Nansheng, and even did not hesitate to inform Qiaoman about Nansheng’s threat. Lin Heping thinks Qiaoman will stick to love.

After A Li left, Lin Heping was immersed in memories again. Nan Sheng stayed at Lin’s house and was admitted to university. Soon, the uncle Nansheng was unemployed and came to Beijing to look for a job. Mother Lin was very angry. Lin Heping called Nan Sheng back home for this reason. Nan Sheng begged Lin’s mother to take in her little uncle for a few days, and Lin’s mother agreed.

A Li runs an art shop under the sponsorship of Boss Chen. Unexpectedly, it has become a misfortune in people’s mouth. Boss Chen’s original partner came to the door and made a noise in the shop. Upon seeing this, the neighbourhoods gathered around to watch the excitement, and A Li desperately drove away Boss Chen and his wife. After Xu Zhensheng learned of the situation, he took a kitchen knife to go to Boss Chen desperately, A Li desperately blocked him, Xu Zhensheng blamed her sister for her own depravity. The landlord boss came to urge the rent again, and A Li was so busy and exhausted.

Lin Heping accompanied A Li to drink in the tavern. A Li’s heartache Zhensheng did not understand. Lin Heping accompanies him to comfort him and help Xu Zhensheng to speak nice things. A Li was grateful to Lin Heping for his warm companionship, and it was from that time that Lin Heping entered A Li’s heart deeply. Nan Sheng witnessed this scene with his own eyes.

The next day, Lin Heping went to A Li and said to his face that he would repay the ten million for A Li, in return for his support. Upon seeing this, A Li accused Lin Heping of being unkind. Lin Heping pointed out that A Liheng had already deteriorated between him and Qiao Man, and hoped to use this ten million to end it. After Lin Heping left, A Li was so angry that he swept away the tabletop.

Yipin intends to use the Shenzhen Art Exhibition to support the company. Ann Kailun appreciates Hansen’s proposal and says he can help. Hansen said he has personal connections. Ann Kailun knew that it was Shelley and appreciated it very much. Hansen admired Joeman’s vision more, and couldn’t help himself when he mentioned Joeman Hansen. Ann Kailun encouraged Hansen to be serious and courageous. Everything is human. Hansen silently agreed.

Lin Heping didn’t go home all night. Qiaoman got up early to go to work, and A Li chased after him and asked about Lin Heping’s whereabouts. Qiaoman denied it with a mischievous smile. A Li Yin and Yang curiously pointed out that Qiao Man and Lin Heping had no future. Qiaoman was confused.

When Lin Heping stayed at the company, Zhuo Yang found it when he came to work. Lin Heping accidentally told about the sale of A Li’s house, planning to mortgage his house to pay off the debt for A Li. Zhuo Yang advises Lin Heping and A Li to do so, so that they can better pursue Qiaoman. Lin Heping admired it very much.

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