Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 26 Plot

Lin Heping was very upset when he heard this. He refused to exchange Qiaoman as a commodity. Hansen immediately refused Shelley’s endorsement for Li Pingge.

Qiao Man took Qiao Fang to Xiaozhi, Xiaozhi started gossiping straightforwardly, and Qiao Fang embarrassed that Wen Jing had driven him out. Qiao Man pointed out that He Jianfeng had left the house to Qiao Fang and encouraged Qiao Fang to return to the house as soon as he heard it. Qiao Fang said that he would be content as long as he checked the false accounts.

Lin Heping took Qiaoman to find Shelley. Shelley was losing his temper over the greasy food. Qiaoman cleverly gave Shelley a bottle of fruit juice. Shelley admired it very much, and digs up the corner to ask Qiaoman to be his assistant. Qiaoman agreed upon seeing this. Lin Heping tactfully refused. Shelley hoped that the two would go back and consider it seriously. Lin Heping picked up Qiaoman and left. The two came to a secluded place. Lin Heping blamed Qiaoman for not understanding Shelley’s violent temper and agreed, worrying that Shelley would join forces with Hansen to poach Qiaoman. Qiao Man smiled brilliantly and said that for the future of the company, he could be wronged for a period of time to ensure that he would love Lin Heping. Lin Heping had to compromise upon seeing this.

A Li took Yang Lan to He’s house to find Qiao Fang, only to find Wen Jing was living here. Wen Jing was unwilling to talk to the two of them. Yang Lan said there was something to tell Wen Jing. A Li pointed out that He Jianfeng’s false accounting is well known, and the board of directors is very angry and will be held accountable soon. Wen Jing didn’t believe her life and death, and A Li suggested that she could sell the real estate to block the hole. Wen Jing was immediately unhappy when she heard it. A Li pointed out that a legal route might be taken. Wen Jing was a little jealous when she heard that He Jianfeng left his will, and suspected that the money was in Qiao Fang’s hands.

A Li and Yang Lan were shocked when they saw this. The two left He’s house. A Li quickly called Lin Heping and told Lin Heping about the will. Lin Heping didn’t want to be nosy, and told A Li to leave the false accounts to himself. After A Li hung up the phone, he told Yang Lan not to disclose his will to the public for the time being, thinking it was a good opportunity to cleanse himself.

Hansen went to Shelley, only to find that Joe Man was there. Shelley introduced Joeman’s assistant status. Hansen was taken aback. Qiaoman was a little embarrassed when he saw this. Shelley saw the subtlety between the two, and found an excuse to leave Joeman and Hansen alone.

Qiao Man poured a cup of tea for Hansen, hoping that Hansen would promise Shelley to endorse Li Pingge. Hansen refused to face. After that, the two went to the restaurant to drink together. Hansen didn’t understand why he was inferior to Lin Heping? Qiaoman has always regarded Hansen as a boyfriend over the years, and can’t accept Hansen. Qiao Man expressed that he fell in love with Lin Heping at first sight, and it felt like he had known each other in his previous life. Hansen was heartbroken.

Lin Heping went to Qiao Fang to discuss false accounts. Qiao Fang turned it away. Wen Jing dared to question why Jianfeng made false accounts for Qiao Fang. The two almost moved their hands at the door. A Li came to Qiao Fang for debts and came over. Qiao Fang didn’t want these people to enter the house, so Lin Heping invited them into his home.

A Li talked about the fake accounts and deliberately led Wen Jing to ask why Jianfeng did the fake accounts for Qiao Fang. Wen Jing once again challenged Qiao Fang. Qiao Fang didn’t believe that He Jian Summit had falsified the accounts. A Li disagreed and offered to sell the house. hole. Wen Jing immediately objected, pointing out that A Li chased her to sell her house to pay off the debt. The three people quarreled violently.

When A Li was leaving, he met Qiao Man downstairs. Gleefully asks Qiao Man to persuade Qiao Fang to sell the house to block the hole. Qiaoman didn’t rush to argue with reason and ignore it. After A Li left, Lin Heping came over. Qiaoman asked the company about the fact that the company had hammered out false accounts. Lin Heping immediately admitted that Qiaoman was angrily said that he would check it out with his sister.

Hansen listened to Qiaoman’s feelings for Lin Heping and returned to the company to drink again. Seeing this, I couldn’t help but blame it. She hurriedly gave Hansen a glass of clear water, but Hansen was drunk and dimly regarded Xiaozhi as Joeman, and hugged Xiaozhi tightly. Hansen whispered his affection for Joe Man, so small that he was uncomfortable after hearing it, and wanted to push it away. Hansen refused to let go, until seeing it, slowly lowered the water glass in his hand and gently hugged Hansen.

Qiao Fang saw He Jianfeng’s cell phone during his lifetime and intuitively told her that there must be evidence of fraudulent accounts. But the phone was locked, and Qiao Fang asked Qiao Man to find someone to unlock it. Qiaoman worries about privacy in his mobile phone, but Qiao Fang believes that innocence is more important than privacy. Qiaoman euphemistically advised her sister not to continue to adulterate false accounts. Qiao Fang agreed. After the phone was unlocked, the two found evidence of A Li’s fraudulent accounts in the phone. So Qiaoman quickly told Lin Heping.

A Li and Yang Lan meet. Yang Lan asked about the meeting between A Li and Qiao Fang. A Li believed that the most important task now was to force Qiao Fang to sell the house to plug the hole. If there was a trouble in the court, the incident would happen.

Lin Heping took Qiaoman to the house to check the information on the phone, and it was all messages from A Li asking He Jianfeng to make false accounts. Lin Heping couldn’t believe it and begged Qiaoman not to announce the matter for the time being, and he wanted to confirm it to A Li himself.

Hansen woke up and was moved to learn that Xiaozhi had taken care of him for the night. Xiaozhi advised Hansen to let go of his paranoia towards Joe Man and be a friend, and take the first order of Lin Heping for the development of the company. Hansen couldn’t accept it, and he prepared clothes for Hansen carefully, hoping that Hansen would accept his suggestion. Hansen couldn’t turn the corner.

Director Yan convened the board of directors, and Lin Heping hurriedly showed up until the meeting was over. Lin Heping called A Li away in public. When the two came to the office, Lin Heping asked if He Jianfeng’s fraudulent account was instigated by A Li. A Li quickly quibbleed, and Lin Heping took out a USB flash drive to question him and said he wanted to make it public. Seeing this, A Li grabbed Lin Heping and refused to let go, begged hard, and admitted to embezzling public funds. A Li hopes that Lin Heping can believe in his unintentional mistake. In Lin Heping’s heart, there was a gap in his trust in this rosy partner.

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