Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 25 Plot

Hansen met Qiao Man for dinner, Qiao Man did not appear, but Qiao Fang came uninvited. Hansen was disappointed when he saw this and couldn’t help but leave. Qiao Fang hopes that Hansen can take care of Qiaoman for the rest of his life. Hansen said that he has done his best. Qiao Fang instructed Hansen to be a simple and decisive man. This is Qiaoman’s ideal object. He advised Hansen to work harder, Hansen Hope suddenly ignited in his heart, and Qiao Fang decided to order Qiao Man to see Hansen.

Here, Lin Heping personally cooked delicious pizza, and Qiao Man was surprised and delighted when he saw it. Lin Heping personally fed Qiaoman a few bites. After a while, Qiao Man received a call from Qiao Fang, very upset. After Lin Heping learned of it, he advised Qiao Man to care about Qiao Fang. Qiao Man said that He Jianfeng’s affairs had not yet settled. Lin Heping said that he would find out the facts as soon as possible. Qiao Man decided to see Hansen after hearing this.

A Li went to the bar to drink alone, and happened to meet Luo Chen. Luo Chen sneered at A Li upon seeing this. A Li stunned back unceremoniously. When Luo Chen saw this, he planned to leave. A Li stopped Luo Chen with some thought, and Luo Chen was a little surprised. A Li asked Luo Chen about the smearing of Li Pingge. Luo Chen quibbleed eloquently. A Li pointed out the strong evidence that Lin Heping questioned Luo Chen. Luo Chen couldn’t help but scolded him, and once again mocked A Li’s wishful thinking towards Lin Heping. A Li saw it on the spot. When he poured wine on Luo Chen’s face, Luo Chen suppressed his anger and mobilized the relationship between Lin Heping and A Li face to face. A Li grabbed Luo Chen by the neckline and wanted to pursue it to the end. At this time, Xiaoxi hurried over to pull the two away, persuaded A Li and drove Luo Chen away, Luo Chen departed angrily.

Qiao Man went to see Hansen and found that Qiao Fang had already left. Qiaoman turned to leave, Hansen plucked up the courage to propose to Qiaoman again, Qiaoman refused in person. Hansen couldn’t accept it. Qiaoman said that he had chosen Lin Heping. Hansen accused Qiaoman of breaking his promise and betrayed him. Tears burst into his eyes. When Qiaoman saw this, tears flowed out. Hansen staggered away with a full face of blame.

The sad Hansen was accidentally hit on the ground by a waiter serving wine. Hansen fiddled with the broken wine bottles on the ground to find Lin Heping desperately. Qiaoman stopped in front of Hansen in tears and wanted to use his life to maintain Lin Heping. The corners of Hansen’s eyes were moist and accused Qiaoman of being too cruel, saying that he would not accept Qiaoman and Lin Heping together, let alone forgive him . Throwing away the wine bottle in his hand and drew away.

A Li was drunk in the bar, Xiaoxi informed Lin Heping, and Lin Heping went to the bar on the other side. Lin Heping came to the bar and asked A Li why he wanted to do something with others? A Li smiled bitterly, and vomited the feelings that he had in his heart for Lin Heping. Lin Heping said that it was impossible to accept A Li, and A Li refused to forgive.

The walls of the bar were filled with photos of Nan Sheng, and when Ari saw this, he stepped forward and knocked over the photos of Nan Sheng. Lin Heping knew that A Li had drunk too much and planned to send A Li home. A Li accused Lin Heping of pretending to care about herself and refused to follow Lin Heping back. Lin Heping didn’t know what to do. Xiaoxi took the initiative to take care of A Li when he saw it. Lin Heping had to leave. Before leaving, he called Yang Lan.

Yan Dong is here. Mo Hui quickly notified Lin Heping, and Lin Heping hurried over. Yan Dong was very dissatisfied. Online public opinion and Shelley’s endorsement issue made Yan Dong worry about the company’s current situation. Lin Heping pointed out that online smears are man-made operations, and they will surely find out who is behind the scenes as soon as possible. Shelley’s endorsement is still in progress, begging Yan Dong to give himself more time.

At this time, Team Leader Ma brought his men over. Yan Dong asked him to expose the issue of the false account to his face. Team leader Ma pointed out that everything came from He Jianfeng. Yan Dong asked Lin Heping what he meant. Lin Heping said that he would handle it impartially. However, He Jianfeng has passed away. That black account is unavoidable and worrying. Yan Dong said that he would not let his hard-earned money go to waste.

Dong Yan intends to use gangs or legal means to demand debts from He Jianfeng’s family. Lin Heping felt a bit too much. He advised Yan Dong to let him try to see if he could persuade He Jianfeng’s family to repay the debts. Yan Donglue thought about it and agreed.

Lin Heping took Yang Lan and took A Li to the office. A Li stayed overnight in the office when Yang Lan hurried over. A Li was surprised how he got to the office? Yang Lan told her what happened, and A Li smiled bitterly and Lin Heping now disliked herself so much. Yang Lan told Yan Dong and Team Leader Ma about the audit. A Li was surprised why Yan Dong didn’t notify him? Yang Lan quickly comforted A Li.

Lawyer Li returned to China and learned that He Jianfeng had passed away, so he hurried to find Qiao Fang. He took out a will to Qiao Fang in person. It turned out that He Jianfeng had long left the family property to Qiao Fang. Qiao Fang burst into tears and refused to accept it. Attorney Li advised Qiao Fang to accept the reality, and Qiao Man hoped that Attorney Li could give her sister some time to accept all this slowly.

Luo Chen worried that Xiaoxi would tell Lin Heping about the evil things he had done, so he went to the bar to find Xiaoxi. Xiaoxi glanced through Luo Chen’s small abacus and said that he would not let Luo Chen go on wantonly. When Luo Chen saw this, he immediately spoiled, and Xiaoxi was very angry when he saw this.

In the company, Hansen was indulged in broken love and couldn’t help himself. He was drinking alcohol alone. It was so small that he was heartbroken when he saw it, and he encouraged Hansen to show off the manhood he used to fight on the 21st Street in Barcelona and cheer up. Hansen curled up on the ground and wept bitterly.

After washing, A Li changed into clean clothes and went to Lin Heping to find out the news. A Li blamed Lin Heping for sharing a relationship with him. Lin Heping unceremoniously accused A Li of being too indulgent. If he continues, he will call Xu Zhensheng back from abroad. When A Li saw this, he was silent. A Li asked Yan Dong for the purpose of coming to the company. Lin Heping told He Jianfeng’s fraudulent accounts and left angrily. When A Li saw this, he took a deep breath.

Wen Jing came from Shenzhen. Qiao Man and Qiao Fang were overjoyed. Qiao Fang took out He Jianfeng’s will, Wen Jing pointed at Qiao Fang’s nose and scolded as soon as she saw it. Qiao Fang quickly explained, Wen Jing turned a deaf ear, and stood up with anger. Qiao Fang went to La Wenjing and Wen Jing pushed Qiao Fang hard. A handful. Seeing this, Qiao Man couldn’t help protecting her sister, Wen Jing immediately scolded the sisters Qiao Fang and opened the door to drive them out of He’s house. Qiao Man didn’t want her sister to be bullied by Wen Jing in this way, so she did not leave. Upon seeing this, Qiao Fang got up and left alone. Joe Man followed closely behind.

Lin Heping went to Hansen for Shelley’s endorsement. When Zhu Fan saw this, he couldn’t help but sneer. Lin Heping ignored it. Hansen invited Lin Heping into the office. As soon as Lin Heping said the matter, Hansen immediately rejected Lin Heping with Li Pingge’s online scandal. Lin Heping argued for reasons and pointed out that this incident was caused by Zhu Fan. When Hansen saw this, he sat down and pointed out that Yipin had already paid a large amount of compensation, and pointed out that Qiaoman had chosen Lin Heping. Lin Heping was proud of his love. How could he let Lin Hepingyu and Bear Paw have both? When Lin Heping saw this, Hansen asked Hansen to break up with Qiaoman.

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