Good Wife 好妻子 Episode 14 Recap

Li Jiaxing saw Zheng Yanan saying that he had found a very good job and returned a stack of money to Zheng Yanan. Zheng Yanan believed that what he said was true. Lin Tianming sent Li Jiayu downstairs to the lawyer, and lent Li Jiayu a large amount of attorney fees. The lawyer bluntly said that with her current financial ability, it would be more difficult to get back the custody of her daughter, so she suggested that Li Jiayu could have a stable job and income . He Haoze received a call from Attorney Cui, informing Li Jiayu to entrust a lawyer to handle the matter of the extension of the divorce case, and decided to recover the custody by legal means. He Haoze felt that this matter was too incredible. Even a woman who did not have litigation fees can ask a lawyer . Attorney Cui suggested that He Haoze meet with Li Jiayu alone, and agree with the conditions she proposed as much as possible, and understand the lawsuit as soon as possible, which is good for everyone.

Zhou Xinyan came to the office to find He Haoze, and accidentally learned that lawyer Cui had something to do with him. He Haoze came to Li Jiayu’s supermarket to find her. Li Jiayu clearly told him that he would return to Ruirui’s custody, and he agreed to sign the divorce agreement as long as He Haoze admitted that he and Zhou Xinyan had done bad things to themselves. He Haoze felt that her thoughts were very ill, and deliberately rebuked Zhou Xinyan for being an extremely bad attitude as a store clerk, and left with anger.

Zhou Xinyan accused Da Jiu of why he did not pay close attention to Li Jiayu. Now that Li Jiayu has sought a lawyer to apply for an extension of the divorce proceedings, Da Jiuyi thinks that Li Jiayu is too powerful. Whether it is a lawyer or a man is a good hand. Da Jiu told Zhou Xinyan that Li Jiayu and Lin Tianming had a very close relationship, and that the coffee shop she used to work in was also opened by Lin Tianming. This shocked Zhou Xinyan and decided to double down on Li Jiayu and fight with her to the end.

Da Jiu introduced General Manager Hong to Li Jiaxing, deliberately exaggerating the return on investment in front of Li Jiaxing, and at the same time let Li Jiaxing also invest some money in. However, Li Jiaxing suffered from the lack of capital investment and could only do it. However, the project ’s very high return rate did indeed Let Li Jiaxing be very excited.

The next day, Li Jiayu asked Li Jiaxing what he is doing, but Li Jiaxing asked Li Jiayu if he had any money. When he learned that Li Jiayu’s cup of water and salaries did not matter, he directly told Li Jiayu that he had not said so. Soon after, Da Jiu brought Li Jiaxing to General Manager Hong ’s resort, and deliberately guaranteed 3 million to Li Jiaxing with his own funds. Da Jiu first saw Li Jiaxing in the suit. Immediately, General Manager Hong made a wink. The two were in front of Li Jiaxing. Acting performed a large set.

Lin Tianming took Nanny and Ruirui to wait for Li Jiayu in Tianxin Park. Ruirui seemed to like Lin Tianming very much. The scene of mother and daughter meeting was extremely warm. The nanny thanked Lin Tianming for the arrangement. Lin Tianming also gave Rui Rui a mini mobile phone and told her to hide the mobile phone so that she could call Li Jiayu when she missed her mother. Rui Rui asked Li Jiayu how long it would take to be with her mother. Li Jiayu comforted Rui Rui and she would agree with Rui Rui as soon as possible. Ruirui felt that Lin Tianming was better than his father, and the nanny also told Li Jiayu that Lin Tianming went to Hefu many times to find her.

Li Jiayu is very grateful to Lin Tianming for what he has done for himself, and feels that he owes him too much. Lin Tianming told Li Jiayu that he only cares about her life. Let her not forget the agreement with Ruirui. Li Jiayu decides the relationship between the two, and she will respect her ideas. Lin Tianming, who paid so much for himself, moved Li Jiayu so much that he took the initiative to hug him. Someone was behind them. Someone was secretly photographing their every move.

Li Jiayu intends to send his mother to the hospital for regular check-ups. Li Jiaxing gave Li Jiayu a large sum of money, but Li Jiayu was a little confused as to where Li Jiaxing had so much money. Just wanted to ask clearly, Li Jiaxing was fooled. Li Jiaxing went to work in the company of Da Jiu, and General Manager Hong came to the house and told Li Jiaxing that the Da Jiu Juan model had run away, requiring him to pay off his three million within three days. Afterwards, President Hong found Da Jiu and told him that Li Xuejun had been scared away, and the two had a dispute over the proportion of Li Jiaxing to pay back the money. Li Xuejun, who had never experienced this before, was helpless and could not help crying.

Zhou Xinyan met with Li Jiayu and told Li Jiayu that she was too selfish. If her relationship with Lin Tianming was announced, it would cause a financial earthquake. In order to make the situation more serious, Zhou Xinyan came to the police station to report Li Jiayu’s theft, which was soon reported to Lin Guodong. Lin Guodong was very angry with Lin Tianming and questioned Lin Tianming whether he knew that Li Jiayu was a married man. He felt that this was too shameful, so he let him go abroad to avoid the limelight, but Lin Tianming refused Lin Guodong and told him the company The rumors are never true.

Zheng Yanan took his resume to join the Maru Group, which made his father a little embarrassed. Li Jiayu came to the Maru Group and wanted to find Lin Tianming, but he was taken to the cafe halfway by Zheng Yanan. Zheng Yanan accused Li Jiayu of being too selfish and completely disregarding Lin Tianming’s situation, and this kind of scandal would trigger a stock price plunge. Push it to the stinking ditch. Li Jiayu also felt that he was too selfish. Before taking into account his own pain, he accepted Lin Tianming’s help. His brain was in the air, and Lin Tianming called.

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