Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 24 Plot

Shelley agreed to a three-month trial period for Yipin. Hansen was extremely happy. Mo Hui and Zhuo Yang went to send the paintings, and when they saw this, they told about Li Pingge’s request for Shelley’s endorsement. Therefore, Hansen made a small request to Shelley upon seeing this, hoping that Shelley would leave Li Pingge’s endorsement to his own disposal. Shelley immediately agreed.

I went to see Qiao Man and the two discussed He Jianfeng’s affairs. I was even concerned whether Qiao Man notified Wen Jing? Qiaoman said that he had bought a direct flight to Shenzhen and decided to go to the meeting alone. It’s as small as a sigh of emotion.

Lin Heping went to Yipin to talk about endorsements. Zhu Fan deliberately sat in the company to show off. Lin Heping was unwilling to talk to a villain like Zhu Fan, and decided to go to Yipin to find Hansen.

Hansen and Luo Chen celebrated the signing of the contract together. Hansen decided to use Shelley to knock on Li Pingge. Luo Chen quickly blocked him. Hansen realized that Luo Chen had been targeting Li Pingge. Luo Chen quickly justified himself.

After that, Zhu Fan came over and added to the jealousy about Lin Heping’s not buying him. Hansen immediately decided to fight to the end.

A Li sent sheep to comfort Qiao Fang on the bright side, but actually went to ridicule Qiao Fang. After Lin Heping heard about this incident, he ran to the company angrily to question him, and A Lier admitted without beating.

Qiao Man went to Shenzhen and told the news of He Jianfeng’s death euphemistically. Wen Jing was frightened and her fetal gas moved.

Wen Jing entered the delivery room, Qiao Man was so frightened, he hurriedly went to Lin Heping for help. Lin Heping is talking with Yan Dong. Seeing this, A Li answered the phone, and Qiao Man had to tell the news of the premature birth quietly, hoping that the company would send someone to support him. Upon seeing this, A Li refused in cold blood. Director Yan was very angry when he learned that Lin Heping had not signed Shelley. Lin Heping promised to take Shelley’s endorsement.

Qiaoman had to call Xiaozhi, Xiaozhi quickly told Hansen, Hansen flew to Shenzhen with Xiaozhi as soon as he heard. Lin Heping returned to the office and found that A Li was holding his mobile phone. A Li told Wenjing about the premature birth. Lin Heping immediately took the high-speed train to Shenzhen. Hansen took Xiaozhi to the hospital, just to see Lin Heping with Qiaoman, Hansen became jealous when he saw it.

Wen Jing gave birth to a boy. Qiaoman told her about the false accounts. Wen Jing lives and does not believe it. Lin Heping came to visit Wen Jing, and Wen Jing assured that He Jianfeng was not a sneaky person. Lin Heping said that the company has sent a full investigation. After leaving the hospital, Joe Man blamed himself. Lin Heping is comforted.

Hansen couldn’t catch up with Joe Man, and became decadent. Hansen felt shameless to comfort him, and he picked up a bunch of grilled fish and asked Hansen to eat. Hansen had an idea, and suddenly understood that a man must incarnate a magnet, so that he could hold a woman’s heart firmly.

In order to thank Li Pingge, Brother Duo specially told A Li about the whereabouts of Bianhua’s diary. A Li was very happy when she saw this.

Tomorrow is He Jianfeng’s funeral. Qiao Man hopes to do something for her sister, Qiao Fang hopes not to see anyone from Li Pingge tomorrow, Qiao Man hesitates to maintain Lin Heping, Qiao Fang accuses Lin Heping and A Li of entanglement, and pedaling on two boats. Qiao Man said that he and Lin Heping were just colleagues. Qiao Fang told Qiao Man that he couldn’t see the facts. He advised Qiao Man to either return to Barcelona or go to work in Reliance. Qiaoman was speechless.

Luo Chen wrote another post about Heihua Li Pingge, but he didn’t want to be discovered by Xiaoxi. Xiaoxi advised Luo Chen to turn his head back, but Luo Chen paranoidly refused. Xiaoxi warned Luo Chen severely.

Soon, the post of Heihua Li Pingge appeared again. Li Pingge’s popularity is indignant. Upon seeing this, A Li immediately found Lin Heping to discuss countermeasures. Lin Heping guessed that it was Luo Chen, so he called A Li to the office.

A Li followed Lin Heping to the office. Lin Heping told A Li what he was guessing. He didn’t believe it at all. He firmly believed that it was Hansen. He counted the actions of Zhu Fan and others and advised Lin Heping to leave Qiaoman quickly. Lin Heping didn’t understand why A Li kept doing Aimed at Hansen, but his instinct told him that Hansen was not a villain, but A Li did not believe that Luo Chen, an educated person, would do such things with no bottom line. The two argued over each other. A Li warns that Lin Heping will one day be affected by Joe Man.

Xiaozhi saw the black post on the Internet and immediately reported to Hansen. Hansen was taken aback, and he quickly analyzed it with Xiaozhi, guessing that Luo Chen did it, but he couldn’t believe it.

After that, Luo Chen came, and the approval of Yipin Cultural Industry has been down. Luo Chen and Hansen celebrate together. When Hansen tried Luo Chen’s black post, Luo Chen pretended to be surprised.

When Qiao Fang returned from He Jianfeng’s funeral, she stood at the window in a daze. Lin Heping bought a plane ticket for Qiao Fang to relax, but Qiao Fang didn’t appreciate it. She asked Qiaoman to tell Lin Heping that she would keep watching Li Pingge.

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