Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 23 Plot

Lin Heping was not in the mood to talk to Luo Chen, and Luo Chen laughed at Li Pingge’s being discredited. Lin Heping guessed that Luo Chen must have done it, and Luo Chen was very arrogant. Upon seeing this, Lin Heping almost started with Luo Chen.

Professor Su came out, Lin Heping and Luo Chen had been grudges for a long time. Professor Su sent Luo Chen away. Lin Heping sat down with Professor Su. Lin Heping said his intention. Professor Su knew that Shelley had already asked Professor Su about Li Pingge. Professor Su said that he could help Lin Heping with the line and suggested that Lin Heping reluctantly cut his love and send Shelley a collection. Lin Heping reluctantly agreed upon seeing this.

Qiao Fang and Qiao Man rushed all the way to the rehabilitation hospital, Qiao Fang went straight to the front desk to inquire about He Jianfeng’s whereabouts. At this time, a group of doctors rushed to the emergency room with a patient, Qiao Fang and Qiao Man turned their heads and found that it was He Jianfeng. The doctor thought they were from Li Pingge, and couldn’t help but blame them. Upon seeing this, Qiao Fang was distraught.

Hansen and Xiao Zhi went to Shelley with big bags. Before Hansen spoke, Shelley knew what Hansen meant, and Shelley promised to give Ann Kailun a face. When Hansen saw this, his heart was mixed. Shelley asked about the relationship between Ann Kailun and Hansen. According to the facts, Hansen had repeatedly thought about it. Hansen suggested that he did not want to go through Ann Kailun’s back door. Shelley was a little surprised when he saw this, and smiled and said that he had only promised to give Hansen one. Opportunity, did not promise him. Hansen was extremely happy when he saw it.

Qiao Man and Qiao Fang stayed outside the emergency room, and the doctor came out and gave a critical illness. Qiao Fang begged the doctor to treat He Jianfeng. A Li found Mo Hui who was always following her, so she called to question. She told Mo Hui that he had already told Qiao Man about He Jianfeng’s whereabouts. Mo Hui was dubious. A Li took Mo Hui to the rehabilitation hospital. He Jianfeng’s life or death in the emergency room is unknown, and Qiao Fang is angry and angry with A Li. A Li came with Mo Hui, and Qiao Fang rushed to fight A Li. At this time, the doctor came out to inform He Jianfeng that He Jianfeng had passed away. Qiao Fang heard it like petrification, after slowing down, pulled out his leg and rushed into the emergency room.

Hansen and Xiaozhi went to see Shelley’s shooting. Shelley is very dissatisfied with the photographer’s technique. When Hansen saw this, he nominated himself. Shelley was dubious. Hansen admitted that he had different talents and hesitated to take a gamble on signing a contract. Shelley agreed. Hansen took out a panoramic picture that was secretly taken, and Shelley took a look. Hansen and Xiaozhi were very happy to see this.

However, just when the two were happy, Lin Heping came over. Shelley had already received a call from Professor Su Shan, raised his foot and walked with Lin Heping. Hansen was speechless when he saw this.

Lin Heping decided to give Shelley a pair of valuable morning flowers, but Shelley did not feel the paintings, but fell in love with the Beacon Lighthouse. Upon seeing this, Lin Heping tactfully refused. Shelley raised his foot upon seeing this and left.

He Jianfeng passed away. Qiao Man took her sister home, but didn’t know Qiao Fang told the driver to turn around. Qiaoman was speechless when he saw this. When Lin Heping came out, Qiaoman accused Lin Heping and A Li of inhumanity. Lin Heping was puzzled. Qiao Man accused A Li of secretly transferring He Jianfeng, allowing He Jianfeng to die alone. He accused Lin Heping of pretending to be confused, and protecting A Li for the benefit, saying that he would find out the author of the bad debt. Lin Heping was shocked when he saw this. Qiaoman went straight upstairs.

Yang Lan took a large amount of cash and valuable gifts to bribe Wen Jing again, deliberately discrediting Qiao Fang in front of Wen Jing, Wen Jing told about Qiao Fang’s abandonment of He Jianfeng when he went abroad, and questioned that Qiao Fang might be for He Jianfeng’s house. Yang Lan suddenly felt emboldened.

Qiaoman went home and packed his clothes, planning to go with her sister. When he saw this, he thought that Qiao Man was going to be discharged from the hospital, Qiao Man told the news of He Jianfeng’s death. I was surprised when I saw it and quickly comforted. Qiaoman advised as small as to cherish the present. I regret Lin Heping and A Li but don’t know how to cherish them. Small to comforting.

Lin Heping questioned A Li about the death of He Jianfeng. A Li quibbleed. Lin Heping believes that Qiaoman will not blame A Li for no reason. A Li froze and refused to admit it. Seeing this, Lin Heping did not want to make waves again, and asked if he would send someone to inform Wen Jing? A Li said that she had already sent Lamb to go. When Lin Heping heard this, he was mostly relieved.

Qiao Fang returned to He Jianfeng’s house and cried alone in the house. Xiao Zhi came with Qiao Man, and the two knocked on the door for a long time, Qiao Fang was stunned and refused to open the door. Xiaozhi and Qiaoman just stayed outside the door all night.

Lin Heping took Mo Hui to He Jianfeng’s house, only to find that Qiao Man was sleeping in front of the house. When Qiaoman told what happened, Lin Heping was worried and called the door quickly. Qiao Fang still refused to open the door. Lin Heping lied that he had found the person who made the false account. Qiao Fang opened the door immediately, but he passed out before asking a few questions.

Li Pingge, A Li was scratched on his forehead by Qiao Fang, and he put a band-aid on him and went to work. People in the company talked about it. Upon seeing this, Zhuo Yang jumped out to defend A Li. A Li turned around and began to blame everyone for sabotage. Mo Hui came back. He told Lin Heping to take care of the sisters Qiao Fang. He felt sorry for the two sisters Qiao Fang Qiaoman. A Li scolded severely when she saw this.

Xiaozhi returned to the company and told Hansen about the death of He Jianfeng, Hansen was taken aback. I always thought that Hansen knew about it. When Hansen saw this, he wanted to comfort Qiaoman, so small that he thought that the Qiaoman sisters needed the quietness most now, and rationally advised Hansen. Hansen thought he was Joeman’s backer and went straight out.

Sheep Blue is back. She reported the matter to A Li, and A Li was relieved. It turned out that A Li didn’t tell Wen Jing about He Jianfeng, she had to wait until the limelight passed.

After Yan Dong learned the news of He Jianfeng’s death, he went to the company and found A Li to understand the situation. Yan Dong said that he would not let the ten million yuan go in vain and decided to send a new accountant to re-audit. A Li felt uneasy when he heard it.

Hansen didn’t want to let Li Pingge bully the Qiao Fang sisters, so he drove to find Lin Heping. When facing Lin Heping down a challenge to declare war, Lin Heping promised that he would not shoot himself in the foot.

In the restaurant, Hansen invited Joe Man to dinner. Qiaoman has been taking care of her sister, often staying up all night very haggard. Hansen hoped that Qiaoman would leave Lipingge and formally invited Qiaoman to work at Yipin. Qiaoman said that he would not leave without detecting false accounts. Hansen wanted to check the accounts with Joe Man, but Joe Man refused. Qiaoman missed Basse. Hansen proposed that the time is right to accompany Joe Man back to Barcelona. Qiaoman was under pressure.

Lin Heping was worried that A Li was involved in making false accounts, but A Li denied it. Lin Heping decided to believe in A Li again, and took Mo Hui and Zhuo Yang to the home’s secret room, and asked them to take down the Bianhua lighthouse and send it to Shelley. Mo Hui was taken aback when he saw this. Lin Heping promised to let Shelley appreciate it for a while. Director Yan invited a new audit team to formally settle in Liping Pavilion. A Li has a guilty conscience.

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