Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 22 Plot

Qiao Man thought for a while and decided to directly ask Yan Dong for help. Yan Dong came to Liping Pavilion. A Li was surprised when she saw this. Yang Lan asked quickly, and Yan Dong said that Qiaoman had an appointment.

So Yan Dong and Qiao Man went to the meeting room. Qiao Man talked about the relationship between He Jianfeng and Qiao Fang, and promised to help He Jianfeng take responsibility. Yan Dong agreed to negotiate with A Li about He Jianfeng’s whereabouts. Seeing this, A Li suppressed his anger in his heart.

Qiao Man told Qiao Fang that Yan Dong had agreed to find He Jianfeng, and Qiao Fang was very excited. Under the banner of Dong Yan, A Li came to Qiao Man with an overlord treaty. Qiao Man saw that A Li had pushed the responsibility of He Jianfeng to his sister Qiao Fang, and immediately scolded him. Lin Heping approached and asked, Qiaoman threw the letter of guarantee to Lin Heping and left angrily.

Hansen took Xiaozhi to see Shelley, not wanting to be turned away as a movie fan. After that, Hansen tried a way to get into the guest room and accidentally learned that Shelley had studied in Barcelona. Hansen and Shelley hit it off. He Cheng wanted to be seen through by Shelley’s assistant at a glance, Shelley immediately became sensitive and sophisticated, but Hansen was unwilling to chat with such Shelley and got up to leave.

Lin Heping blamed the Ali Overlord’s treaty, and fought for Qiaoman. When A Li saw this, he felt heartache and counted his deep love for Lin Heping. Lin Heping blamed A Li for having changed. A Li wept and said that all this was for Lin Heping. He pointed out that if Joe Man did not sign the letter of guarantee, it was impossible for him to tell the whereabouts of He Jianfeng.

Qiao Man took Qiao Fang back home. Upon seeing this, Lin Heping took the initiative to greet Qiao Fang, Qiao Fang became emotional when he saw this, and clamored for Lin Heping to tell the whereabouts of He Jianfeng. Lin Heping quickly explained when he saw this. Qiaoman also pointed out that Lin Heping did not know. Qiao Fang didn’t believe it and wanted to fight Lin Heping desperately. Qiao Man desperately stopped before pushing Qiao Fang into the house. Qiaoman said he would explain clearly for Lin Heping.

Lin Heping found the medicine for Qiao Fang and knocked on the door. Seeing this, Qiaoman blocked the door and confronted. Lin Heping pointed out A Li’s excesses and hoped that Qiaoman would believe in A Li once. Qiao Man fights the injustice for his sister and points out that he has given A Li a chance long ago. He said that he would definitely find He Jianfeng, and find out the 10 million false accounts. Lin Heping does not want Qiaoman to be involved in Li Pingge’s economic problems. Qiaoman thought that Lin Heping was deliberately protecting A Li and left angrily.

At this time, A Li called Lin Heping, who accused her of the overlord clause. A Li unexpectedly admitted her mistake. Lin Heping bought angrily and went back.

Hansen learned from Luo Chen that Lin Heping was also planning to sign Shelley, so he went to Lin Heping. Lin Heping was in a bad mood and had nothing to say, but Hansen chattered and declared war. Upon seeing this, Lin Heping accused Hansen of not being too proud. Hansen disagrees.

Qiao Man calmed his sister to plan to eat, but turned around to find that Hansen had cooked a large table of dishes. Joe Man couldn’t help but admire Hansen. Hansen was overjoyed. When she came back, she happened to see this scene, and she suddenly felt lost and turned to leave.

Xiaozhi hugged the street lamp by the side of the road for one night, but Hansen and Qiaoman happily had a gourmet dinner. Hansen, who was very nervous, saw Xiaozhi lost and confused, and said that he did not want to be two people. Light bulb, and pointed out that this light bulb is sick. Hansen has always been so careless and understandable.

Shelley learned that Lin Heping was also a collector and wanted to see Lin Heping’s private collection very much. Lin Heping took Qiaoman to the hotel. Shelley told her about the matter. Lin Heping advised her not to look at them because the paintings were not for sale.

Shelley took out those black rumors from Li Pingge on the Internet, and Lin Heping said that they were all rumors. Shelley thought that Lin Heping had made small moves several times and was insincere, and immediately ordered to see off the guests. When Qiao Man saw this, he accused Lin Heping of stealing the chicken and was not going to lose money. Lin Heping thought of asking Professor Su Shan for help.

Yang Lan received a notification from the hospital that He Jianfeng was critically ill. Yang Lan hurriedly told A Li, and A Li thought a little bit, and asked Yang Lan to inform sister Qiaoman first. Yang Lan was puzzled, but still did.

As soon as Qiao Man entered the house, he was criticized by Qiao Fang. Qiaoman received the news from Yang Lan and quickly told her sister. As soon as Qiao Fang heard that he was leaving to go to the hospital, Qiao Man felt that things were not that simple, but Qiao Fang loved him.

Hansen was still worrying about Shelley’s affairs, Xiaozhi couldn’t help but laugh at Hansen when he saw it. Hansen aroused ambition when he saw it, and immediately bet Xiaozhi and vowed to take Shelley.

Lin Heping went to see Professor Su Shan for help. Unexpectedly, Luo Chen was also there. Luo Chen taunted Lin Heping and said that Po Li Ping Pavilion had been blackened. Lin Heping suddenly became alert when he saw this.

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