Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 21 Plot

After Nansheng’s request, Lin’s mother finally agreed to give Mr. Yao three days to find a job. Nan Sheng was very grateful.

As soon as A Li got rid of Boss Chen’s entanglement, he met the landlord chasing rent. Upon seeing this, Xu Zhensheng couldn’t help but abandon his sister, Lin Heping immediately blamed it.

Lin Heping accompanied A Li to drink together. A Li wasted many years of youth for Zhensheng, but when Zhen grew up, she disliked her sister. A Li was heartbroken and poured her sorrows through wine. Lin Heping grabbed the bottle quickly and thoughtfully wiped tears for A Li. A Li was moved. Unexpectedly, Nan Sheng saw this scene. And Lin Heping gradually became A Li’s only spiritual support.

Qiao Man was very busy with Shelley’s affairs in the company, Lin Heping came to ask, Qiao Man was still angry that Lin Heping did not speak for himself, so turned around and left. Qiao Man returned home, originally sent a message, intending to post his article on the Internet, waiting for Bo Le. He said that he would find a job tomorrow and work steadily. Qiaoman agreed very much.

Lin Heping came to look for Qiaoman, and she put on a mask and opened the door to prevent Lin Heping from looking for Qiaoman. Lin Heping deliberately made a loud noise at the door. Qiaoman came out lazily, and Lin Heping asked Qiaoman to go out with him, but Qiaoman was too lazy. Lin Heping was puzzled. Xiaozhi pointed out that Lin Heping maintained A Li’s nostril. Lin Heping left angrily when he saw this.

Qiao Fang couldn’t wait, so she went to Liping Pavilion to find A Li alone. Yang Lan just ran into it and quickly blocked it for A Li. Qiao Fang didn’t want to eat this set, and just sat down and waited for A Li. Yang Lan hurriedly informed A Li, but A Li had already arrived at the door of the company.

A Li brought Qiao Fang to the office, and Qiao Fang asked for He Jianfeng in person, pointing out that A Li’s motive for transferring He Jianfeng was not pure. A Li stood up with excitement when he heard it, and led Qiao Fang to the army and ordered Yang Lan to see off the guests.

Hansen intends to enter the cultural industry, but the wine business has just started and funds are limited. Hansen went to Ann Kailun for sponsorship. Ann Kailun was very pleased to see Hansen’s progress and decided to agree to sponsor. Hansen was overjoyed, but Ann Kailun’s condition was that Hansen’s cultural film and television must be signed by the star Shelley. Hansen answered in full.

Qiao Man sneaked out of the house in a fresh dress. Unexpectedly, Lin Heping had been eyeing it long ago. Lin Heping adhered to Qiao Man and went to an auction, Qiao Man was taken aback. Lin Heping told her Shelley’s greatest hobby is collecting. Qiaoman looked at the venue and found Shelley and Professor Su Shan were sitting on the same table. She immediately understood that Lin Heping asked Professor Su.

At the auction, Shelley saw an oil painting, and Lin Heping deliberately bid up the selling price. Shelley finally bought a work starting at 30,000 yuan at a high price of 500,000 yuan. After the auction was over, Lin Heping and Qiaoman stood at the door of the venue and made a special trip to wait for Shelley. Shelley was very angry when he saw it. Lin Heping took the initiative to declare his identity and explain his intentions. Shelley got up and left with disdain. Upon seeing this, Qiao Man accused Lin Heping of shooting himself in the foot. Lin Heping thought that Shelley would definitely come back to find herself.

A Li went to find Lin Heping, and Mo Hui hesitatingly told about Lin Heping taking Qiaoman to the auction. A Li was very angry. As soon as Lin Heping came back, A Li stopped Lin Heping to question, and Lin Heping unceremoniously went back. A Li got up and left.

Lin Heping took Qiaoman to dinner. Qiaoman saw the interview with Shelley on TV and couldn’t help but laugh at Lin Heping again. Lin Heping disagreed, and instead mocked Qiaoman’s imminent unemployment. Qiaoman was not afraid. Lin Heping pointed out He Jianfeng and Qiaoman immediately compromised.

Small enough to send materials to Hansen. Hansen asked about the progress of signing Shelley. Hansen was taken aback when he talked about Lin Heping and Shelley grabbing a painting. He wanted to know what happened, so he planned to ask Qiao Man about it. But thinking that Qiao Man was busy with He Jianfeng, he didn’t know it, so he thought hard. How do I know the inside story of Li Pingge? Xiaozhi looked panicked when he saw it, but Hansen suddenly realized that when he saw it, he offered a high salary and lure Xiaozhi to ask Zhuo Yang.

Xiaozhi sent Zhuo Yang the news of the meeting. Zhuo Yang ran out. So small as to pretend to be shy about Lin Heping and Shelley’s relationship, Zhuo Yang stammered and did not dare to say. As small as he pretended to be angry and turned to leave, Zhuo Yang explained Li Pingge’s plan to sign Shelley. As small as he heard, he left immediately.

Zhuo Yang returned to the company and saw Qiao Man coming, so he quietly told Qiao Fang about A Li. Upon seeing this, Qiao Man hurriedly called her sister. Na Chengxiang Qiao Fang rushed around to find He Jianfeng and passed out in the hospital. Qiao Fang was undergoing an infusion, and the nurse answered the phone. Upon seeing this, Qiao Man hurried to the hospital.

When the sisters met, Qiao Man felt distressed and blamed her sister for not caring about her body. How could Qiao Fang take care of herself now, complaining that Qiao Man was covering Lin Heping and A Li. Upon seeing this, Qiao Man hugged his sister distressedly and swept it down. After leaving the ward, Qiao Man called Director Yan.

Xiaoxi saw Ben’s article on the Internet and admired it very much, so he went to discuss with Luo Chen about taking the copyright, but Luo Chen disapproved.

In the hotel, Shelley regretted the high-priced paintings. She told her subordinates to investigate Lin Heping and Li Pingge.

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