Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 20 Plot

Hansen shows off his cooking seriously. It was so small that I couldn’t help being fascinated by it. The appearance of Lin Heping broke even the little cranky thinking. Upon seeing this, Hansen deliberately showed his affection, and Lin Heping turned around and left.

After Qiaoman settled Ben’s matter, he went directly to the airport to meet Qiao Fang. The two came to Shenzhen to find Wen Jing, He Jianfeng’s aunt, and Wen Jing couldn’t help sarcasm when he said what he had come from. Qiao Man quickly appeased Qiao Fang and said good things for Qiao Fang.

Qiao Fang broke Li Pingge’s motives to his face and hoped that Qiao Man would expose Li Pingge’s purpose. Qiao Man hesitated, Wen Jing didn’t think he got up and left. Upon seeing this, Qiao Fang accused Qiao Man of deliberately acting for Lin Heping, and then left angrily. When Qiaoman saw this, he knew that he was not human inside and out.

Hansen and Xiaozhi kept the door open waiting for Joe Man to return. He was so hungry that he groaned, Hansen still said nothing to start the meal, but he groaned when he saw it. But Lin Heping could see clearly from the other side.

Qiao Fang returned home, still angry. Qiao Man didn’t get the exact evidence of Li Pingge, and he didn’t want to frame good people. Qiao Fang said that he would use the media to find He Jianfeng. Qiao Man quickly blocked him. Qiao Fang accused Qiao Man of maintaining Lin Heping and immediately drove him away. Qiaoman understood her sister’s mood very well and had to leave.

Qiao Man came to the company and met Lin Heping alone. She laughed at why she would let Xiang Wenjing’s chance to expose Li Pingge? It means that he must wait until He Jianfeng wakes up to let the truth come to light. Upon seeing this, Lin Heping quickly consoled him and advised Qiao Man not to let Qiao Fang get involved. Qiao Man thought that Lin Heping was defending A Li.

Hansen’s love meal was wasted, and he vented his anger to Xiaozhi, and he didn’t buy it. As small as an explanation, Hansen’s anger suddenly disappeared.

Wen Jing called Yang Lan and told them that the sisters Qiaoman had been there. Yang Lan told A Li about the matter. A Li angrily went to Lin Heping to question, but Lin Heping disapproved. A Li said that he would not disclose any news about He Jianfeng to him in the future.

Qiaoman met A Li in the pantry, and A Li sneered. Qiao Man said that he would not leave Liping Pavilion if he could not find He Jianfeng. A Li disagrees. Qiao Man waited to see how Yan Dong reprimanded A Li when he learned the truth. A Li finally couldn’t stand his temper.

Qiao Fang was very worried about He Jianfeng, so he went to ask lawyer Li for help. Attorney Li analyzed it carefully and asserted that Qiao Fang did not have any authorization to take care of He Jianfeng. Qiao Fang wanted to expose Li Pingge. Seeing that Qiao Fang could not produce evidence, Lawyer Li advised Qiao Fang to stand still. When Qiao Fang saw this, he was anxious and angry.

Hansen and Luo Chen formally signed an agreement to establish Yipin Luo Chen Film and Television. The two discussed together how to win the movie star Shelley.

Li Pingge also plans to take Shelley. At a meeting of the company’s senior management, Zhuo Yang formally explained Shelley’s experience and pointed out that Shelley is very demanding and difficult to reach. So, A Li threw the mess to Qiaoman. Qiao Man asked Lin Heping for help, but he didn’t know that Lin Heping actually agreed to what A Li did. Qiaoman was very angry when he saw this.

A Li was very surprised by Lin Heping’s behavior today, so he asked why. Lin Heping pretended to be calm to express the distinction between public and private. A Li was dubious, and as the company grew, she felt that Lin Heping became more and more difficult to control. Lin Heping advised A Li to find another good news, but A Li said that his heart had long been stolen. Lin Heping was silent. A Li turned and burst into tears. Qiao Man knew that Lin Heping wanted to take the opportunity to keep herself away from the company dispute, but she had other plans in her heart.

How Lin Heping wished he and A Li could go back to the past, couldn’t help falling into deep memories.

Back then, Xu Zhensheng was entrusted by Lin Heping to take care of Nansheng. Lin Heping and A Li joined forces to start a business, and A Li took Lin Heping to often set up a stall at the university gate. But Lin Heping was embarrassed.

Life is like a brook babbling. One day, Mr. Yao, Nansheng’s uncle, came here uninvited. Lin Heping invited Mr. Yao into the house. Mr. Yao said he wanted to stay in Beijing to work, and stay at Lin’s house for a while. Lin Heping could not refuse. But Mother Lin came back and learned about the situation. She immediately fought and scolded Nansheng’s father. Lin Heping hurriedly pleaded with him. Lin Heping told Lin Heping to call Nansheng home. After Nan Sheng returned home, Lin Heping asked Nan Sheng to quickly settle down with Mr. Yao. Nan Sheng decided to help his uncle.

A Li was found out by Mrs. Chen’s wife, Mrs. Chen found A Li’s shop and vandalized, and she cursed in the street. Seeing this, A Li immediately started fighting with Mrs. Chen. A Li desperately protected her cargo.

Nan Sheng saw this scene when he returned home and silently wrote down. She went home and told Lin Heping about the matter. Lin Heping hurried to A Li’s shop, and happened to run into a scene where Xu Zhensheng was looking for Boss Chen to settle accounts, and A Li fatefully stopped him.

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