Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 19 Plot

Zhuo Yang hugged in the company downstairs to seek reconciliation, to the public to count the shameless behavior of Zhuo Yang and Yang Lan, and the crowd debated. Zhuo Yang was lifeless and refused to let go, scolding Zhuo Yang and Yang Lan loudly. I didn’t know that Yang Lan just heard it, so he rushed into the crowd and pointed at Xiao Zhi to scold him, so small he would be afraid. He wanted to start with Yang Lan in public. Zhuo Yang was caught between the two of them and got angry. A Li went downstairs and saw the sheep hurried away. Lan, Xiao Zhi slapped Zhuo Yang severely when he saw it, and Zhuo Yang slapped Zhuo Yang aloud when he saw it. Xiao Zhi raised his hand and slapped Zhuo Yang and left angrily.

Qiao Man prepared Li Pingge’s propaganda plan and took it to Lin Heping for discussion. Qiaoman explained the steps of the plan carefully. Lin Heping thought that Qiaoman did it to protect Hansen, and was sad that Qiaoman did not consider his feelings. Qiao Man looked puzzled. Lin Heping pointed out that as long as Li Pingge broke out that An’s had ever imitated Li Pingge, the Internet illicit materials would be self-defeating. Qiaoman felt unbelievable, and accused Lin Heping of turning back.

Qiao Man believes that Lin Heping is also protecting A Li in the matter of He Jianfeng. Lin Heping disagrees, Qiao Man asks for the account book to confront him, Lin Heping said that he has never seen the account book. Qiaoman didn’t believe it, and accused Lin Heping of never considering his own feelings. After talking about the plan, he left angrily.

Zhuo Yang sat on the street in despair. Lin Heping went downstairs to see it, and advised Zhuo Yang to eat together. Zhuo Yang returned to China this time to find a chance to get back together with Xiaozhi. After Yanglan’s troubles, Xiaozhi would definitely not agree. Zhuo Yang was very sad. Lin Heping told Zhuo Yang to stay away from Xiaozhi and Yanglan, but Zhuo Yang was very reluctant.

Lin Heping advised Zhuo Yang to enter the Anshi Group. Zhuo Yang said that he had worked hard but was rejected every time. Lin Heping understood that it must be a small act. Therefore, he suggested that Zhuo Yang take advantage of An’s reception to ask Xiaozhi. Zhuo Yang was worried that he would offend A Li’s taboo, and Lin Heping promised to help Zhuo Yang take it. Zhuo Yang was very grateful.

Qiao Fang was cooking at home, and Qiao Man was in charge of reading books. He accidentally discovered the documents He Jianfeng had left Qiao Fang. Qiao Fang told the source of the documents. Qiaoman opened the file to view it. Qiao Fang analyzed that A Li’s secret transfer of He Jianfeng must have been a problem, and he blamed He Jianfeng for so many years. Qiao Man quickly comforted her sister.

The reception is coming soon. Hansen bought a beautiful evening dress and gave it to Joe Man, who took it home. Even when she saw it, she was full of praise. In order to make Qiaoman more shiny, she specially helped Qiaoman custom-made a diamond necklace. How did she know Qiaoman was deeply attracted by a flower necklace in the jewelry store.

When Zhuo Yang returned to the company, Yang Lan couldn’t help but sneer. Zhuo Yang categorically stated that he must recover his own happiness.

Guests gathered at the reception. Xiaozhi went to Hansen with the speech draft, hoping that Hansen would be familiar with the content as soon as possible, so that he would be confident on stage. Hansen disagrees. It was so small that it was helpless. At this time, Zhuo Yang appeared, as small as shocked and angry. Turned around and left, Zhuo Yang followed closely.

Qiao Man dressed in a long tail skirt was about to go to the banquet, Lin Heping showed up and stopped her. Lin Heping saw that the necklace on Qiaoman’s body was very unique. Qiaoman pointed out that the evening dress was also very beautiful, but Lin Heping thought that the red dress he gave could better set off this unique necklace.

Hansen had just stepped onto the stage to prepare a speech, and the speech accidentally flew away. Hansen was embarrassed when he saw this. Xiaozhi waited for people to squeeze sweat in the audience. Joe Man came, hiding behind the crowd, raising his fist to encourage Hansen. When Hansen saw this, he was very courageous, and took a sip of the small red wine, and improvised on the spot.

Hansen gave a speech on his own experience, thanked Joe Man for his importance to him, pushed the atmosphere of the venue to a climax, and won bursts of applause from many guests. After the speech, Hansen and Qiaoman met. Qiaoman was full of praise for Hansen. Hansen asked Qiaoman to encourage hugs. Qiaoman couldn’t bear to be disappointed and immediately agreed. Lin Heping saw this scene. Lin Heping felt a little sad, and immediately turned and left. Knowing that he shouldn’t always regard Qiao Man as a continuation of Nan Sheng, he secretly decided to forget Nan Sheng and start over.

The reception was a success. Hansen took half of the credit to Luo Chen. Luo Chen made a plan to enter the cultural industry, and Hansen agreed. Two aspirants decided to join hands to open the door to success.

Li Pingge, Qiao Man and several colleagues had tea and chat. A Li came to ask who had been to the wine tasting party yesterday, and everyone was silent when they saw it. Qiaoman stood up and challenged when he saw this, but Ali did not regard Qiaoman as a member of the company. Qiao Man laughed at A Li’s hiding and He Jianfeng did not dare to show others. However, A Li took out the power of attorney from Aunt He Jianfeng to confront Qiaoman, and pointed out that Lin Heping also knew about it, and deliberately provoke Qiaoman and Lin Heping’s relationship. Qiao Man was secretly angry when he heard that, at this moment, Lin Heping came over to inform A Li for a meeting. Seeing this, Qiao Man depreciated Lin Heping strangely.

Qiao Man got up and left. Lin Heping came to ask the truth. Qiao Man accused Lin Heping of preventing him from finding He Jianfeng. He didn’t want to be played as a monkey by Lin Heping anymore. Lin Heping was unknown. Therefore, Qiao Man asked for the whereabouts of Aunt He Jianfeng.

The people who resigned collectively at the beginning saw the fire in the wine industry, so they came back to seek employment collectively. Upon seeing this, Hansen couldn’t help but ridicule everyone and put forward harsh conditions. Everyone insisted on not changing their original intentions, but Hansen demanded that they be paid as small as usual. Everyone supported Hansen.

At the magazine, the editor-in-chief learned that Luo Chen would join forces with An’s and encouraged Luo Chen face to face. Seeing this, Xiaoxi stepped forward to congratulate Luo Chen, but Luo Chen said that he only cared about how to bring down Lin Heping. Xiaoxi advised him not to always have trouble with Lin Heping. Luo Chen was obsessed with it to the end, and Xiaoxi left angrily.

Qiao Man got the address of Aunt He Jianfeng, and asked her sister to go to Shenzhen with her. I didn’t know that Ben had called Qiaoman away by a rescue call. It turned out that Ben’s creditor blocked Ben and dragged Ben into the karaoke hall to death. Ben had no choice but to ask Qiaoman for help. Qiaoman couldn’t bear to see his death, so he had to put Ben’s debt on him.

At Qiaoman’s house, Hansen personally cooks and prepares a loving dinner for Qiaoman. The smell of onion was so big that Hansen couldn’t stop crying, and asked to open the door for ventilation. Lin Heping just saw it when he came home from get off work.

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