Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 18 Plot

In Qiaoman’s house, Hansen believes that it is reasonable for A Li to transfer He Jianfeng as a company unless he finds a relative of He Jianfeng and obtains a letter of authorization. Qiao Fang immediately remembered that He Jianfeng had an aunt who worked in Shenzhen. The crowd acted separately.

The magazine has been in a downturn in recent years. Luo Chen frequently arrives late and leaves early. Xiaoxi was indignant and accused Luo Chen of drinking water to think about the source. Luo Chen didn’t take it seriously.

Hansen blocked Lin Heping’s path. Questioned face to face. Lin Heping was originally unwilling to entangle Hansen. But Hansen wanted He Jianfeng’s whereabouts, and also talked about the relationship between He Jianfeng and Qiao Fang. Lin Heping promised to check it out himself, otherwise he would feel uneasy. Hansen disagrees.

Qiao Fang remembered that He Jianfeng had a phone number from her aunt Shenzhen, so she hurriedly searched for it. However, the sisters turned the house upside down, and they did not find their mobile phones.

At night, Joe Man went home. Lin Heping waited downstairs. Qiao Man ignored it, but Lin Heping reached out to stop him, Qiao Man refused to pay attention. Lin Heping explained once again that he did not know, but Qiaoman did not believe it. Lin Heping pointed out that Joe Man deliberately concealed himself. I hope Qiaoman believes in himself. Qiaoman feels that Lin Heping’s status is extraordinary and the suspicion is even greater. Then leave straight away.

Qiao Man returned home, as small as he was chasing drama at home, crying with his nose in a mess. Qiaoman listened to Xiaozhi’s plot and couldn’t help but think of Anthony’s words, so he asked Xiaozhi, Xiaozhi immediately complained and pointed out that Qiao Fang treated Qiaoman more than blood.

Hansen is tasting red wine at the company. When he saw it, he couldn’t help but complain. Hansen disagrees. Hansen was worried that Joe Man did not have a job, so he wanted Joe Man to work for the company. After hearing about Qiao Man’s return to work in Li Pingge, Hansen jumped high. Xiaozhi said that Qiaoman’s decision is beyond the reach of nine cows. Hansen was drunk and drunk.

At this time, Zhu Fan walked in and reported that someone wanted to see Hansen. Luo Chen came in black. Upon seeing this, Hansen immediately recognized Yuanjia Luzhao and wanted to do it. Luo Chen didn’t change his face, he felt guilty for his eyes higher than the top. Hansen is very curious about Luo Chen’s intention. Luo Chen hopes to join forces with An’s Enterprise to enter the cultural industry. When Hansen heard this, he expressed doubts. Luo Chen suggested that he could put a question to the test. Hansen offered to fry the red wine, and he could agree to Luo Chen. Luo Chen readily responded and turned to leave. Zhu Fan and Xiaozhi were unbelievable, and Hansen said that he was also acting every time.

Qiaoman returned to Li Pingge, and everyone secretly squeezed sweat when he saw this. Lin Heping was very happy when he saw this. Joe Man came to the company conference room. The crowd chatted enthusiastically around Qiaoman. Seeing this, A Li couldn’t help but go wild on the spot. Qiaoman sits firmly on Tarzan. Ali pointed out that Joeman had been fired from the company, and Joeman did not rush to respond. A Li questioned Qiao Man’s return for Lin Heping, Qiao Man thought that A Li was asking knowingly. Qiaoman heard that the company had a deficit of 10 million yuan. A Li pretended to be calm, but Qiaoman disagreed and warned Ali not to let He Jianfeng be in the dark.

Hansen wanted to see Qiao Man, so he came to Li Ping Pavilion and took the opportunity to initiate an invitation letter. Seeing this, Qiao Man immediately dragged Hansen out. Qiaoman scolded Hansen for his brainless actions, but Hansen hoped that Qiaoman would give up looking for He Jianfeng. Qiaoman became even more angry when he heard it. Upon seeing this, Hansen decided to look for He Jianfeng together, hoping that Qiao Man would not get involved again after finding He Jianfeng. Qiaoman thought of the complexity of the matter and flatly refused, but hoped that Hansen was just a bystander.

Xiaoxi accidentally found Luo Chen’s post smearing Li Pingge, and talked to Luo Chen. Luo Chen admitted the matter, but hated Lin Heping and expressed his desire to avenge Nan Sheng. Xiaoxi pointed out that Luo Chen and Nansheng had a fundamentally different path, but Luo Chen was obsessed with it.

Lin Heping held a company meeting to discuss with everyone how to resolve the smear. Qiao Man offered celebrity endorsements, and Zhuo Yang offered to tell the truth in front of the media. Lin Heping immediately objected. Qiaoman also rolled his eyes. Lin Heping ordered everyone to give a plan as soon as possible.

A Li showed He Jianfeng’s authorization letter to Lin Heping and proposed to drive Qiao Man away. Lin Heping agreed upon seeing this. But he hoped that A Li would hand over He Jianfeng. A Li did not want to tell each other, and even worried that the Qiaoman sisters had impure motives for He Jianfeng. Lin Heping hoped that Qiaoman and A Li would reach an agreement on He Jianfeng’s matter, and A Li reacted fiercely. Lin Heping believes that things will finally come to light. A Li left with a guilty conscience.

Luo Chen pioneered the idea of ​​red wine dating, and more and more people are paying attention to wine on the Internet. As small as he told Hansen the good news, Hansen closed his mouth happily, praised Luo Chen, and immediately agreed to invest in Luo Chen’s cultural industry.

Xiaozhi met Zhuo Yang on the road, and Zhuo Yang begged Xiaozhi to get back together, but Xiaozhi flatly refused. Zhuo Yang knelt on the ground under the crowd and hugged Xiaozhi tightly.

The company is off work. Qiaoman hasn’t left yet. Yang Lan returned from Shenzhen immediately, and A Li decided to give Yang Lan a celebration. Seeing Qiaoman still staring at the company, he couldn’t help but ridicule.

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