Workers – 做工的人

When a building is completed, the focus of attention is often on the investors, designers’ ideas, unique shapes, and cost of speech. Who cares about the “dangerous construction, idlers do not enter” iron fence surrounding the building. Where is the construction worker? Everyone has an endless story about the cement workers, welding masters, foreign workers, women workers, and construction workers on these sites.

Workers – 做工的人
Also known as: Zuo Gong De Ren, We, The Laborers
Genre(s): Drama
Country: Taiwan
Episode(s): 6
Broadcast: N/A
Release: May 10, 2020 – Jun 14, 2020
Starring: Christopher Lee, Alex Ko, Yu An Shun, Ke Li Miao, Simon Hsueh

Categories: Taiwanese Drama, TV Series

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