Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 17 Plot

The next day, Lin Heping stayed downstairs. When Qiaoman went out, Lin Heping stopped the way and confessed to his face. Qiaoman asked him if he felt that he and Nan grew up very much. Lin Heping did not answer, but bypassed the topic and talked about his attachment to Qiaoman. Qiaoman saw that Lin Heping hadn’t said a word for a long time before turning away. Counting ten thousand unwillingness silently in my heart.

Anthony couldn’t find Qiao Fang, so he kept pestering Qiao Man. Qiaoman slowed down the debt repayment, and Anthony took Qiao Fang to court because he was worried that he would get nothing. So Qiao Man went to the hospital to find Qiao Fang and talked about the matter. Qiao Fang was extremely helpless. But He Jianfeng is now inseparable from people. Qiao Fang has no time to care. Joe Man decided to ask Xiaozhi and Hansen for help.

Qiaoman specially invited Xiaozhi and Hansen to the restaurant for dinner. The two were very surprised. Hansen couldn’t help but gossip when Qiao Man said about his intentions. Qiao Man talked about the relationship between He Jianfeng and his sister, and Hansen and Xiaozhi obligedly agreed.

Hansen offered to go back to Spain to help, but Joe Man immediately refused, unwilling to delay Hansen’s wine promotion. In order to help Joe Man, Hansen and Xiaozhi quickly reached a tacit understanding.

Someone deliberately smeared Li Pingge on the Internet by using the return of pirated copies, which caused quite a stir in the society. Lin Heping didn’t know about it. A Li found it when she saw it. She judged that it must be Hansen. Lin Heping felt that he didn’t understand the situation and didn’t want to guess at others at will. A Li accused Lin Heping of being blinded by Qiaoman. Lin Heping was speechless. A Li left angrily, Lin Heping secretly questioned Luo Chen.

Lin Heping could not find Qiaoman, so he called Xiaozhi. He even told Lin Heping about Qiaoman’s whereabouts and warned Lin Heping to stay away from Qiaoman and not to hurt Qiaoman. Lin Heping’s mood is hard to calm down.

Qiao Fang and Qiao Man returned to Barcelona together. As soon as the sisters arrived at the door of the house, they met Anthony dressed as a clown. Anthony was aggressive, and Joe Man became angry. Anthony pointed out that the two sisters Qiao Fang and Qiaoman are not related. When Qiao Fang heard the scolding, she took Qiao Man away.

A Li thinks that the thing that discredited Li Pingge was done by Hansen, and went to see Hansen specially. Ali hopes that Hansen will delete the smearing posts on the Internet as soon as possible. Hansen heard it in a cloud of fog. Ali thought that Hansen was pretending to be confused, and warned Hansen to his face. Hansen hadn’t done it at all, and he didn’t want to pay attention to A Li. Exposed face to face A Li’s love for Lin Heping. As soon as he heard that, A Li scowled and left.

Qiaoman muttered in his heart after hearing Anthony’s words. When I returned home, I picked up the pictures of the sisters and checked them carefully, and couldn’t help asking Qiao Fang. Qiao Fang denied it and accused Anthony of deliberately arranging the relationship.

A Li bought a pile of bed sheets and quilts for Lin Heping, and left behind to set up a table of good dishes for Lin Heping. The two ate them in the house.

Hansen stared at He Jianfeng all day, boring and complaining. Xiao Zhi hurried to cook, planning to deliver food to Hansen, but found that the salt in the kitchen was gone, so he hurried to Lin Heping’s house opposite to borrow it, only to find that A Li was eating with Lin Heping, and A Li deliberately showed off in front of Xiaozhi who loves herself. , Xiaozhi left angrily. A Li returned to the room and raised questions about Hansen. Lin Heping immediately accused A Li of being reckless.

As small as going to the hospital to replace Hansen, Na Chengxiang happened to bump into Hansen skipping work. He was so small that he was speechless, and immediately ran into the hospital. Yang Lan has been monitoring He Jianfeng, seeing this, deliberately showed up and walked away.

Yang Lan found He Jianfeng’s only relative. The other person was a woman who was pregnant. The woman saw that He Jianfeng was seriously ill and was in a coma. She felt ashamed that she was powerless. Yang Lan took the opportunity to take care of He Jianfeng and came up with an authorization agreement. The woman was immediately grateful. After Yang Lan finished all the formalities, he quickly reported to A Li, and A Li finally relaxed.

Director Yan saw the black posts on the Internet and went to Li Ping Pavilion specifically. Director Yan pointed out the seriousness of this matter seriously. Lin Heping said that he has been looking for the black man behind the scenes as soon as possible, but Director Yan is still not satisfied.

Qiao Fang’s matter was resolved smoothly, and the two sisters returned to China as soon as possible. Qiao Man met Lin Heping as soon as he returned home. Lin Heping blamed Qiaoman for returning to Barcelona in silence, but Qiaoman disapproved. Lin Heping gave a far-fetched explanation, but Qiaoman ignored it.

Qiaoman returned home and found that he was staying at home leisurely. As little as he said about the sheep blue taking care of He Jianfeng, Qiao Man immediately noticed that the sheep blue drunk man meant not drinking.

Qiao Man ran to the hospital to check, but found that He Jianfeng had been secretly transferred. It turned out that A Li ordered Yang Lan to do all this. Qiao Man ran to Li Ping Pavilion and asked A Li. Where would A Li admit it and deal with it with a guilty conscience. Lin Heping immediately asked about this, but Qiaoman didn’t want to involve Lin Heping, so there is no comment. She immediately warned A Li to send him back to He Jianfeng as soon as possible, otherwise she would bear the consequences.

Qiao Man left angrily. Lin Heping chased after him and blocked the way. Qiao Man told Qiao Fang and He Jianfeng’s affairs, and pointed out A Li’s sneaky work. Lin Heping advised Qiao Man to believe in A Li. Qiao Man also questioned Lin Heping and insisted on believing in his own. eye.

Hansen went to Joe Man’s residence. Qiao Fang is worrying about He Jianfeng with Xiaozhi. Hansen was laughing and joking, so small that he accused Hansen of not being caught in the sheep blue trap. Hansen screamed at this, and the two quarreled in front of Qiao Fang. Qiao Fang was angry at the two.

Lin Heping returned to the company to question A Li. A Li said that He Jianfeng has a great relationship with Li Pingge and the company has the responsibility to take good care of him. Lin Heping asked about the whereabouts of He Jianfeng. A Li thought that Lin Heping was on Qiaoman’s side and would not tell him.

Lin Heping carried out his status as a shareholder of the company and forced it to suppress. A Li pointed out that Lin Heping was only responsible for production and had no power to intervene in other businesses. He hoped that Lin Heping would not leapfrog Lei Chi.

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