Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 16 Plot

Yang Lan quickly finished the explanation. Qiaoman’s work has not yet been sent. Upon seeing this, A Li directly announced that Yang Lan had won the competition. Upon seeing this, Lin Heping begged everyone to give Qiaoman some more opportunities. A Li deliberately pointed out that the time had passed. Lin Heping believed that the ultimate goal of the competition was to have good works, so there was no need to worry about time too much.

Upon seeing this, Professor Su took out a design drawing from his pocket, Lin Heping and Qiao Man were shocked when they saw it. It turned out that this was a copy of a drawing that Professor Su found under Qiaoman’s desk when he entered the company. Professor Su publicly praised the excellent design and creativity, and suggested that A Li adopt this drawing in a casual manner. Upon seeing this, A Li had to agree. Everyone applauded. A Li got up and left.

Joe Man won. Lin Heping specially bought champagne and cakes to celebrate. Everyone congratulated Qiaoman and shared the cake together. A Li came back and scolded everyone for sabotage. Upon seeing this, Lin Heping stepped forward to advise. A Li is plausible. Everyone put down their wine glasses and left quietly. Qiaoman walked up to A Li without fear. Lin Heping quickly advised A Li. A Li suppressed the anger in his heart and asked Lin Heping to visit the office.

Mo Hui didn’t find Qiaoman’s USB flash drive and was suspicious, so he checked the company’s clocking records and found that only Yang Lan had the earliest time when the USB flash drive was missing. Lin Heping knew it in his heart.

Hansen returned to the company after sending the invitation letter, so tired that his waist ached. When he saw it, he couldn’t help but ridicule. It was as small as to give Hansen the name list of the exhibitors, and Hansen looked at the full two-page list, exulting. Hansen was grateful for Joeman’s great idea, and ordered Xiaozhi to help order food and treat Joeman. He was so small that he didn’t fight anymore, protesting that he had also made an effort and was reluctant to do errands. Hansen began to dream of nympho again.

Lin Heping went to A Li’s office. The company’s situation has frequently appeared recently, and it has been questioned by many directors. A Li decided that Lin Heping didn’t see herself in this way. Lin Heping disagrees. A Li was very angry. Upon seeing Lin Heping accused A Li of sending someone to steal the USB flash drive, A Li was even more sad. Upon seeing this, Lin Heping further identified the doubt in his heart. With tears in his eyes, A Li gave the An’s Agreement with his official seal to Lin Heping, pointed out that Qiaoman’s two goals had been achieved, and demanded that Qiaoman be driven away. Lin Heping picked up the agreement and left without saying a word.

In the company, Ali heard that Qiaoman often stayed alone in a small exhibition hall, so he went to see Qiaoman. Joe Man is surfing the Internet with his computer. Upon seeing this, Ali accused Qiaoman of not doing his job properly during working hours. Qiaoman was not afraid of A Li’s disapproval. Upon seeing this, A Li accused Qiaoman of being an agent sent by An’s, and asked Qiaoman to leave as soon as possible, saying that he had notified Lin Heping. Qiao Man was very disgusted when he heard it, and pointed out that Lin Heping had invited him, and he also came to help sincerely. As long as Lin Heping agrees, he can leave at any time.

Lin Heping held the agreement to meet with Hansen. Lin Heping hopes that there will be no overlap in the future. Hansen proposed that Lin Heping let Qiaoman go. Lin Heping said that he did not force Qiaoman, but the loss caused by An’s to Li Pingge was huge and Qiaoman wanted to stay to compensate. Hansen clenched his fists and wanted to do it. Lin Heping pushed Hansen away without fear, pointing out that Hansen would have been in jail in Barcelona if he hadn’t had Joeman, and accused Hansen of simple mind and well-developed limbs. Hansen returned angrily.

Zhuo Yang came to the company for a while, but Lin Heping did not arrange a job for him. Zhuo Yang couldn’t stand it anymore, so he went to Lin Heping. Mo Hui is reporting to Lin Heping. When Zhuo Yang talked about his intentions, Lin Heping and Mo Hui immediately understood them. The two sang and made peace, and arranged Zhuo Yang to work at the company’s grassroots level.

Lin Heping returned to the company and heard that A Li had fired Qiaoman. I immediately went to find A Li. A Li aggressively believes that he has this power. Lin Heping said that the plan for the Shenzhen Fair was all based on Qiaoman’s idea. Now that Qiaoman is expelled, it will collapse. A Li retorted paranoidly, and Lin Heping got up and went to Qiaoman. A Li was so angry.

Qiao Man went to the hospital with food, Yang Lan followed all the way, Qiao Man and Qiao Fang went out to breathe, Yang Lan sneaked into the intensive care unit to check, accidentally found He Jianfeng who was unconscious. She quickly asked the nurse about He Jianfeng’s condition.

Hansen gave the agreement to Zhu Fan. Zhu Fan expressed his gratitude. Hansen sank his face when he saw it, pointed at Zhu Fan’s lesson, and gave a severe warning. After that, Xiao Zhi Hei came in. Hansen was surprised. It turned out that Xiaozhi learned that Zhuo Yang had also worked in Li Ping Pavilion when he returned home. Thinking of Zhuo Yang and Yang Lan’s past, Xiao Zhi was itch with hatred. When Hansen saw this, he couldn’t help teasing.

Qiao Man stopped Yang Lan at the door of the ward. She had discovered that Yang Lan was following herself a long time ago. Yang Lan quibbleed with guilty conscience. Qiao Man pointed out that Yang Lan was sneaky, showing the importance of He Jianfeng to his face, and warned Yang Lan not to play any ideas of He Jianfeng, otherwise she would not let her go.

Yang Lan hurried back to the company and told about He Jianfeng’s affairs. A Li told him to transfer all the responsibility to He Jianfeng, and let the company slow down first.

Qiao Man returned to the company to pack his things, and Lin Heping came to stay. Qiao Man hesitated to speak but almost said that Yang Lan was looking for He Jianfeng. Lin Heping was at a loss. Qiao Man said that Li Ping Pavilion had no place worthy of his nostalgia, and then left straight away.

Qiaoman met Hansen halfway, and Hansen was planning to send Qiaoman an invitation letter. Qiaoman said that he was fired. Hansen had planned to go to A Li to settle the account, but when he turned his mind, he realized that Qiaoman would never see Lin Heping again, so he immediately thanked him. Hansen invited Joe Man to be his cocktail party. Qiao Man was in a bad mood, and Hansen immediately kidnapped him morally.

Xiaoxi runs a bar and works part-time in Luo Chen’s wine company. Xiaoxi left because the boys and Luo Chen were unhappy last time, and has not forgiven Luo Chen. Luo Chen went to find Xiaoxi. Xiaoxi lied that the bar was too busy to get out. Luo Chen knew it was an excuse when he heard it, and immediately exposed it. Xiaoxi simply accused Luo Chen of focusing on Nan Sheng. Upon seeing this, Luo Chen pointed to Nansheng’s photo and had a quarrel with Xiaoxi.

Hansen wanted to take Qiaoman to the mall to buy something to celebrate. Qiaoman kicked Hansen as soon as she heard it. She didn’t want to waste money like this, saying that even if she bought it, she would realize it and return it to Anthony. Hansen immediately knew that Qiao Fang’s debt was on Qiao Man and wanted to help. Qiaoman didn’t want to drag Hansen, and lied that it would have been paid off long ago. Hansen sincerely wanted to help Qiaoman share the pressure, Qiaoman quickly changed the subject.

Lin Heping went to knock on Qiaoman’s door. Yang Lan brought the dumplings made by A Li himself. Lin Heping refused impatiently. When Yang Lan saw this, he immediately fought the injustice. Advise Lin Heping not to turn away from others even if he doesn’t like A Li. Lin Heping took it upon seeing this.

A Li went to the bar in Xiaoxi to drink. When Luo Chen saw it, he mocked and mocked Lin Heping on purpose. Upon seeing this, A Li was immediately angry. Xiaoxi saw it and scolded Luo Chen to leave.

Lin Heping returned to the house and heard the voice of Qiaoman going out. He hurried out to save Qiaoman, hoping that the two would cooperate to complete the Shenzhen competition. Qiaoman refused. Lin Heping confessed to Qiaoman to his face, but Qiaoman thought that Lin Heping had long been known as a master, and he didn’t want to be a mistress, so he went straight back to the house. Lin Heping stayed outside, thinking about the people and things around him, wondering if he was qualified to pursue Qiaoman. But he decided to get rid of these chaotic feelings first.

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